Tuesday, September 28, 2021

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Old Clinton CVS Site May Have New Activity in Early 2021

Clinton may soon have another development opportunity downtown. The lease between CVS and its landlord for its former store at 14 East Main Street is expiring in early 2021, freeing the property for a new tenant.

In May 2019, CVS opened its doors on its current location on the corner of West Main and Hull streets. Since then, the former location of Clinton’s CVS, about 100 yards down main street, has sat vacant.

Clinton residents have expressed concern and interest over the empty property in the heart of Clinton that many feel offers substantial potential for a new business to open. Some have been asking why the property has been sitting vacant for close to 18 months now.

The chance for a new use of the property will soon come as the lease between CVS and Ken Larson, the owner of the property at 14 East Main Street, terminates at the end of January 2021, according to Matt Blanchette, manager of retail communications for CVS.

Larson declined to discuss the lease with the Harbor News, saying it would be improper to talk about a property that is currently under lease. Blanchette said that there is no plan for CVS to renew the lease.

While the town itself often fields criticism about the lack of development on some sites, consultant planner John Guszkowski said that in the case of the 14 East Main Street location, there isn’t anything the town can do in regard to the lease and filling the space.

“The town is not party to the lease. I have no inside information as to the contents, dates, restrictions, or terms of the lease. We can talk about what zoning would allow and would not allow for the future of that building, but the lease is a private matter,” said Guszkowski.

“It’s in the B-3 Zoning District, which is a general business zone—retail, commercial, offices, personal services, etc.,” Guszkowski said.

The full list of potential uses as is currently zoned is available in section 27.2 of the town’s zoning regulations.

Since the current CVS has opened, the condition of the property at 14 East Main Street drew ire from some residents since it’s at the center of the town’s downtown and some felt its appearance reflected poorly on the town. However, there has been progress.

Resident Jane Scully Welch wrote to Larson and sent him pictures of the site and soon after the property was cleaned up. Similarly, resident Peggy Adler contacted CVS about removing the large sign that was on the property and the company promptly followed through with removing the sign.

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