Wednesday, September 22, 2021

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Caucus Choices Rout Republican Establishment Challenge in Guilford BOE Primary

Guilford Republicans resoundingly chose the party’s July 22 caucus choices in the Sept. 14 primary by a nearly three-to-one margin.

The candidates who won the Republican endorsement for BOEnon July 22 under the Truth in Education banner are campaigning against what they say is the teaching of Critical Race Theory (CRT) in Guilford. All five candidates retained their place on the ballot by substantial margins.

The candidates who successfully petitioned to call the primary ran under the Republicans for Education banner and have described the CRT issue as a false narrative.

Unofficial primary results are:

Timothy E. Chamberlain 1,275

Nick Cusano 1,273

Bill Maisano 1,269

Aly Passarelli 1,271

Danielle Scarpellino 1,265

Joseph Golino 460

Bill Mulligan 453

James F. O’Keefe 453

Ted Sands 432

Amy Sullivan 468

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