Sunday, June 13, 2021


Timothy Sullivan Scott


Timothy Sullivan Scott, 86, died Jan. 2, of complications from the COVID-19 virus. Until the last, he was a determined and gracious survivor of many physical setbacks. His parents were Dorothy Sullivan Scott and Lytton Scott of New York City and St. James, New York, where he grew up. He was the grandson of Dr. Eugene Sullivan, former president of Corning Glass.

Tim was a graduate of Salisbury School in Salisbury, The University of Virginia, and The University of Virginia Law School. He served three years in the U.S. Army. Tim found his career niche at Kent School in Kent, teaching English with his own unique brand of enthusiasm and style. He was known as a tough teacher whose classroom was filled with sparring and laughter. He prodded his students to look deeper and to have the courage to be confused. He coached cross country, ice hockey, and sailing with that same enthusiasm. Tim advised the Kent News, where he encouraged burgeoning writers and cartoonists. He also taught at and later became director of The Marvelwood Summer School.

Tim was an avid sailor who owned (too) many different kinds of boats over the years. A former commodore of The Madison Beach Club, he is credited with introducing the first Atlantic to the harbor. One of his earlier boats was named Assignment. The response to, “Where’s Tim?” could then be, “He’s on Assignment”. Always the teacher and would-be writer, Tim’s last request in his final months was for a computer. He wrote his memoirs and an essay aptly titled, The Second Season, about the joys of preparing your boat for the summer and putting it to bed for the winter.

Tim is survived by his wife, Anne (Toby) Davidson Scott; his son, Timothy S. Scott, Jr. (Stacy) of Kent; his stepson, Christopher J. deChabert (Katie) and their three children, Will, John and Jane deChabert of Madison; his niece, Kathy Buckley of Dedham, Massachusetts; his nephew Eldon Scott (Alex) of New York City and Southampton, New York; his sisters and brothers-in-law, Ellen and Bob Page of Stony Creek, Dede and Bill Wigton of Madison and Scotch Plains, N.J., Nancy and George Young of Madison, Tom and Sarah Davidson of Madison, and Polly Scott Maher of New York and Vail, Colorado and her two children, Lucy and Sam Scott, whose father was Tim’s brother, Eugene Scott. Tim’s brothers Eldon and Gene Scott predeceased him. He had many more nieces and nephews too numerous to name. He loved them all and never missed a chance to expand their vocabulary.

Inevitably, when asked how he was doing, Tim’s reply was, “Never had a bad day in my life.” In his memory give to your favorite school, read a classic, go down to the water, and enjoy the day.

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