Monday, May 17, 2021

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Glorioso Brings Versatility to the Rams


Senior captain Anthony Glorioso has made his mark on both sides of the ball as a member of the Old Saybrook-Westbrook football squad. Photo courtesy of Anthony Glorioso

Senior captain Anthony Glorioso has made his mark on both sides of the ball as a member of the Old Saybrook-Westbrook football squad. (Photo courtesy of Anthony Glorioso )

Anthony Glorioso is the epitome of versatility on the football field. Anthony has made significant contributions for the Old Saybrook-Westbrook (OS-W) football team at the wide receiver, quarterback, and defensive back positions throughout the past few seasons. Anthony has also proved an exemplary leader for Rams, earning him the title of captain as a senior this year.

“I have been playing football since 8th grade, but have been a fan since I can remember. My dad is a big sports fan, and I followed in that sense,” says Anthony. “I couldn’t play sports earlier in my life due to heart issues, but after my surgery, football was one of the first sports I became physically involved in.”

Anthony suffered from a condition called supraventricular tachycardia (SVT) when he was a child. Due to SVT, Anthony couldn’t play sports or be too active, otherwise his heart would beat too fast and he would end up in the emergency room. Anthony had surgery to repair his condition when he was eight and, fortunately, he hasn’t had any issues since then.

“I couldn’t even be too active or have too much sugar, because it would make my heart beat too fast, and I would go back to the emergency room, where I found myself on multiple occasions,” Anthony says. “I eventually had surgery and feel fine to this day. Now, I have the urge to go outside and be very active every day. I can’t imagine myself if I was stuck in that situation again.”

Now a senior, Anthony is hoping for an opportunity to play football in any form during the 2020-’21 school year. Although the CIAC canceled the football season this fall, Anthony wants one last chance to compete alongside his brothers on the gridiron, be that in a 7-on-7 league or during the spring.

“My favorite aspect of football is the family,” says Anthony. “Whether it’s playing or watching, football is one of those sports that brings people together. Bonds are formed, and connections are made.”

OS-W finished with a record of 3-7 last year, but Anthony still took away several positives from the campaign. One memorable moment came when he stepped under center to play quarterback during the Rams’ 35-8 victory against Cromwell-Portland.

“My favorite moment from last season was receiving the game ball following our 35-8 win,” Anthony says. “Early into the first half, our starting quarterback [Jack McDowell] got hurt, and I had to step up to relieve him. I had the opportunity to march our team down the field on multiple occasions and then pulled the ball and ran in a touchdown of my own.”

When McDowell came back for the second half, Anthony moved back to his spot at wide receiver and caught a touchdown pass from McDowell to help solidify the win.

“In the second half, Jack returned and threw a slant touchdown pass to me,” says Anthony. “That’s one moment I’ll remember for a long time, and it means a lot more to me now with the current status of our football season.”

Anthony is also a member of the boys’ basketball and outdoor track teams at Old Saybrook. Whether he’s competing in the field or watching sports in his free time, athletics are a big part of Anthony’s life.

“I try to utilize my full potential. In my high school career, I have played football and track every year for fall and spring and, as of last year, I joined the basketball team for a winter sport, as well,” Anthony says. “I have the most fun when I am gathered with friends or family, and we vary from watching sports to playing pickup games on a court or field. I keep a basketball and football in my car with me at all times.”

Even though the CIAC canceled the tradition football season, Anthony is staying optimistic that the Rams will be able to take the field at some point before he graduates from Old Saybrook. Regardless of the outcome, Anthony has an encouraging message for the younger players who are coming up through the ranks.

“If I have any message for upcoming players, or even just the younger generation as a whole, it’s to take your opportunities when you have them, because you really don’t know what life can throw at you,” says Anthony. “The outcome of this year really makes me appreciate how much effort and involvement I had in previous years with football and my teammates.”

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