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Docker Guiding the Tigers as a Captain


Senior captain Shea Docker is playing a pivotal role at the forward position for the Hand field hockey squad this fall, helping the Tigers post a 6-2 record to date. Photo courtesy of Shea Docker

Senior captain Shea Docker is playing a pivotal role at the forward position for the Hand field hockey squad this fall, helping the Tigers post a 6-2 record to date. (Photo courtesy of Shea Docker )

Shea Docker is a three-year varsity starter for the Daniel Hand field hockey team, and she’s made her presence felt on the Tigers through hard work and her passion for the sport.

Six years ago, Shea decided to give field hockey a shot when her mother Trish Docker, a former goalie at Springfield College, encouraged her to play. Shea took a liking to the game right away and started working her way up the ranks, leading her to senior captain’s role for the Hand field hockey squad this fall.

“When I was in 6th grade, my mom mentioned to me playing for the intramural field hockey team,” says Shea. “I was hesitant at first, but clearly now, it’s the best decision I ever made.”

After helping Hand make the Class M state final last year, Shea is guiding the Tigers as a senior captain forward in 2020 and has helped them achieve a record of 6-2 thus far. While Shea feels happy to be playing, she says that the season has come with plenty of challenges as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It has been really difficult to play. There are a lot of people who don’t want sports to be happening right now,” Shea says. “It’s been hard to have a regular season with the other players on the team and really get to know them as well as recent years. Our team is staying strong through all this, and we are still playing our best games despite the issues.”

One of the biggest differences between this year and past seasons is that there aren’t any fans in attendance at Hand’s games. That silence in the stands is something that Shea and her teammates have had to get used to.

“Having no crowd has been probably hardest, because they motivate us and are there in support,” says Shea. “Not having them is like a hole in the system.”

Even with no fans in the stands, Hand is still seeing plenty of success on the field this year. Tigers’ Head Coach Sue Leckey knows that Shea’s dedication is one of the biggest reasons why Hand is having another great campaign.

“Shea is hard-working, passionate about the game, plays hard, encourages her teammates to play hard, and is consistently one of the last players to leave the field every day,” Leckey says. “Shea works hard on her game, plays indoor field hockey in the winter season, club field hockey in the offseason, and has really developed her skills and IQ for the game. She is a positive influence on the younger players, sharing her love of the game and her respect for their hard work. Shea has the respect of the team and is one of our inspirational senior leaders.”

Shea is constantly working on her technical skills during the offseason in order to become the best field hockey player that she can be. Shea is also a member of the girls’ lacrosse team at Hand.

“I play a lot of field hockey during the offseason and indoor with the Hand club team on hard courts,” says Shea. “I take all the tips coaches give us and always look at the field with an open mind.”

Shea recently committed to continue her field hockey career at Connecticut College. In the meantime, Shea and her Tigers’ teammates are looking forward to playing in the upcoming Southern Connecticut Conference Tournament, where a familiar foe may be awaiting them.

“My expectations for the rest of the season are to go into the tournament hungry and ready to win,” Shea says. “We have to have fun, but also play as hard as we can. But most importantly, beat Guilford.”

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