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From Branford to East Haven: DelRosso Puts Her Experience to Work


After retiring as Branford’s Assistant Tax Collector in February, Anna DelRosso of Branford brought her years of experience to the Town of East Haven, serving as its new tax collector as of Sept. 28. Photo courtesy of Tina Hedley

After retiring as Branford’s Assistant Tax Collector in February, Anna DelRosso of Branford brought her years of experience to the Town of East Haven, serving as its new tax collector as of Sept. 28. (Photo courtesy of Tina Hedley )

When Anna DelRosso retired as the Town of Branford’s assistant tax collector in February, she’d had big plans for her year. She and her husband, Cosmo, who were both born in Italy, had planned to spend much of the year exploring their birth country, but…COVID.

“We made so many plans and pandemic hit,” says Anna, who has two grown children, Sergio and Christina. “We wanted to explore Italy from top to bottom. I just want to see where my dad grew up, where my mom played when she was young, the house my grandfather built. We wanted to take lots of pictures and show the kids. Even though we couldn’t do it this year, it’s still on our bucket list and I know that day will come again.”

Anna and her husband did get to travel just before the pandemic hit. The couple went on a 10-day cruise after Anna retired, returning to JFK on March 16 when “all hell broke loose.” Like most people, the couple spent much of the time following on lockdown.

With their dream trip being canceled and more free time due to her retirement, Anna began to explore her options to fill her time. She began looking for ways to give back and considered teaching Zoom cooking classes as she loves to cook. She also looked into volunteering at libraries or schools, but even volunteer work was put on hold due to COVID.

“I realized I needed to be doing something—I realized I was lacking that feeling of helping people,” says Anna. “I started talking to [East Haven’s tax collector] Lucille [Huelin], who was getting ready to retire and the opportunity came up. Sometimes what we’re looking for is right in front of us. When I connected with Lucille, I realized I could start helping people again.”

Anna had gotten to know Huelin over her six years working as the assistant tax collector in Branford, noting that the towns often call on each other for guidance and input. Both also attended various seminars through the Connecticut Tax Collectors Association as well.

With a field of 50 applicants to choose from, Huelin assisted Mayor Joseph Carfora in the selection process. Carfora notes that Huelin’s help was instrumental as “no one knows the requirements of the job better than she does.”

Anna didn’t have the opportunity to be hired as tax collector in Branford as it is an elected position. Prior to serving as the assistant tax collector, she had worked in both the finance office and the assessor’s office. Before being hired by the Town of Branford, Anna worked in the mortgage industry.

Anna was excited to bring her experience to the table when she began with the Town of East Haven on Sept. 28. Huelin led Anna through her first week on the job, showing her the town’s processes and systems. As the tax collector, Anna is grateful for the staff in the tax collector’s office, including Deputy Tax Collector Kristina Canning, Denise Pedersen, and Shayna Acamporta. Aside from Canning, the rest of the staff started this year.

“Kristina has been here for years and she is great and helping all of us with anything we need,” says Anna. “Between the four of us, we have a great team.”

As she often deals with property taxes, Anna often calls on her experience prior to working for a town. Her first job was working with a hospital, but by the time she was 21, she found a different career path.

She was hired as an office assistant at a mortgage company and over the years, she moved up through the ranks. Anna became a clerk, then a processor, underwriter, and finally a closer, counting on building her knowledge as she advanced. Anna worked at GMAC Mortgage in Old Saybrook, but when the company began to restructure and relocate employees out of state, she began to look for another job, landing in Branford.

Anna grew up in Hoboken, New Jersey, and after meeting her husband and having her son, the family lived in Italy for a short time. Her husband was employed at Grand Central and while his job was held while they were away, the only position open when they returned was in New Haven.

The family relocated to West Haven where they lived for more than 10 years before settling in Branford, where they now live.

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