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Lindsay Meets Her Goal at Morgan


Senior Emma Lindsay garnered All-Shoreline Conference Honorable Mention after earning the starting goalkeeper’s position with the Morgan girls’ soccer squad this fall.

Photo courtesy of Emma Lindsay

Senior Emma Lindsay garnered All-Shoreline Conference Honorable Mention after earning the starting goalkeeper’s position with the Morgan girls’ soccer squad this fall. (Photo courtesy of Emma Lindsay )

Emma Lindsay brought an unwavering work ethic to the Morgan girls’ soccer team throughout the past few years. Emma’s effort earned her the starting goalkeeper’s job for the Huskies in 2020.

Emma began playing soccer when she was five, because she wanted to be just like her sister Erin. Since then, Emma has dedicated her life to the sport she loves.

Emma made the most of her last year in a Morgan uniform this past fall. Although the COVID-19 pandemic prevented the Huskies from competing in the Shoreline Conference Tournament, they still had a solid season that culminated with a 3-0 victory versus Coginchaug in their finale.

“I genuinely thought we wouldn’t have a season due to the pandemic, but my favorite memory was probably our game against Coginchaug, which ended up being our last game,” Emma says. “We were utilizing our new formation, and everyone was playing cohesively. If we had any mistakes, we covered for each other, and I was really impressed with the way my whole team played.”

It meant a lot to Emma that Morgan’s defense kept Coginchaug off the board in that contest, allowing the senior keeper to post a shutout. Emma enjoyed holding down the fort for the Huskies in goal.

“Genuinely, I love being able to watch my entire team from the net each game,” says Emma. “Our defense got another shutout, and I was really proud of the way the defensive line and I worked together. We trusted each other, communicated well, and cohesively kept a clean sheet. I was lucky to have a talented defensive line like them.”

Emma loves the complexity of soccer and thrived on the thrill of controlling the game from the net. When all was said and done, Emma helped Morgan finish the fall campaign with an overall record of 5-2-3.

“Everyone plays a similar, yet crucially different part on the field, and it takes a high soccer IQ to figure that out,” Emma says. “As a goalie, I get to see the whole field and what every other player is doing, and so I had to learn how to play each position, so that I would know where everyone was supposed to be and what they were supposed to be doing. Each individual player has specific roles and opportunities based on their position, so I learned more and more in order to help my team create opportunities and maintain a strong formation.”

Head Coach Steve Sullivan praises the way Emma performed in goal this fall and says that she was an integral part of the team for the last four seasons. Emma capped off her career with the Huskies by earning All-Shoreline Conference Honorable Mention in the fall campaign.

“Emma has worked extremely hard at the position, which resulted in a starting spot in goal this past season. She has been a tremendous asset not only as a player, but also as a team leader,” says Sullivan. “In a year that has brought much uncertainty with many questions and restrictions, Emma’s positive and encouraging attitude helped to keep our team connected and united. She has never hesitated to do anything for the team, including singing the national anthem and then taking her position in goal.”

Emma credits Coach Sullivan for helping her improve as a goalie and motivating her to perform to her potential. Emma has spent a lot of time working and studying in order to sharpen her netminding skills.

“To improve myself in goal, I try to get on the field as much as possible. It’s difficult to keep myself practicing because of my schoolwork and my other obligations, but I try and go to every summer or winter league game, and my dad helps me train over the summer,” says Emma. “I do a lot of conditioning to improve my endurance and running ability, and Sully sends me goalie drills to do with my dad to maintain my skills in net. I also watch a lot of soccer, which is honestly one of the best ways to improve. I have found that when you see other people playing, you pick up pieces of their style and learn from their mistakes to improve your soccer IQ and your skills as an athlete.”

Off the field, Emma enjoys performing in musical theater, singing, and playing instruments. Emma is ranked No. 7 in her graduating class at Morgan and is also president of the student body government at the school.

The Huskies were unable to participate in the Shoreline Conference Tournament this year due to an uptick in COVID-19 cases at Morgan. While Emma was disappointed about that, she still feels grateful that her team had some semblance of a season during these turbulent times.

“I was really disappointed when the season got cut short, because we had just beat a good team, and we were prepared to go head-to-head with H-K. I wish we could have played them. I think it would have been a good matchup with our players, and it would have been a tough, entertaining game,” Emma says. “We could have gone on to shake up the entire Shoreline competition, because what we lack in technique or skill, we make up for in sheer athletic ability and emotion. We play with heart, and we play for each other. I hope the team playing next year remembers that and continues to improve as athletes and as individuals. They better win the Shoreline Tournament next year.”

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