Tuesday, May 18, 2021

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Tully Helping Old Saybrook Power Forward in 2021


Jenna Tully is ready to patrol the paint as a senior captain power forward for the Old Saybrook girls’ basketball team. Photo courtesy of Jenna Tully

Jenna Tully is ready to patrol the paint as a senior captain power forward for the Old Saybrook girls’ basketball team. (Photo courtesy of Jenna Tully )

Jenna Tully has had a competitive nature ever since she started playing sports. Now a senior captain on the Old Saybrook girls’ basketball team, Jenna continues to pride herself on hard work and dedication in order to make an impact on the court for the Rams.

“Ever since I’ve grown up, I’ve always been competitive, and I always like to be good at what I do. This drove me to work hard and practice often,” says Jenna. “I also love the team aspect of basketball. Basketball is also about the relationships that you build with your teammates and your coaches, which drives you to be a better player overall.”

Described as the heart and soul of his team by Head Coach Steve Woods, Jenna has her sights set on helping Old Saybrook improve its record this year. The COVID-19 safety guidelines put in place by the CIAC prohibited teams from practicing until Jan. 19, but Jenna has faith that the Rams will be ready come game time.

“This year, during the pandemic, it has been very difficult to continue to practice. But during this hard time, as players we have to make sure that we can do everything in our power to still continue to practice our game,” Jenna says. “Even if we’re not able to play basketball, other things like working out and getting active can still help us get better. During the offseason, I’ve tried to get out and be active by practicing dribbling, shooting, and anything that I can get in.”

Jenna provides a solid presence in the paint at the power forward position for Old Saybrook. Coach Woods sees Jenna playing a valuable role on the low block during the 2021 campaign.

“Jenna is an excellent rebounder and defends the post very well. She also possesses a solid perimeter jump shot,” says Woods. “But her best asset is her commitment to team play and team success. She was a natural to become a captain and will really help our younger players.”

Jenna credits Coach Woods for helping her make steady improvements throughout her four-year career with the Rams. Jenna says that Woods taught her what it takes to win games, as well as how to be a leader.

“I couldn’t have asked for a better coach than Steve Woods. The heart that my coach has for the game is unmatched, and the passion that he has for each person on the team to succeed is incredible,” says Jenna. “He pushed me every year to be a better player and, overall, believed in me throughout every year. He’s given me countless opportunities on the basketball court and, for that, I am forever grateful.”

In addition to playing basketball, Jenna is also a member of the Old Saybrook softball team. Jenna has been playing softball since the 3rd grade and is hopeful that there will be a season in the spring. Aside from sports, Jenna is dedicated to her studies and intends to pursue a career in criminology and sociology in college.

“It’s been a hard couple of months getting everything ready for the next steps of my life, but I’m very hopeful,” Jenna says. “I am still undecided about where I will be attending in the fall, but I’m extremely excited for the opportunities ahead of me. I hope to learn and grow from the experience of college and hopefully come out ready for the real world.”

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