Sunday, June 13, 2021

Real Estate

Real Estate Transactions for April 9


74 Dohm Avenue: Julie Goodwin and Christopher R. Young to Susan M. Ireland, $259,100 on March 18

Fox Hollow: Estate of David B. MacQuarrie and Robert MacQuarrie to Richard J. and Corinne J. Mulqueen, $430,000 on March 13

71 High Meadow Road: Elizabeth D. and Stuart M. Smith to Kevin E. Morgan and Kaitlin Vanacore, $294,000 on March 13

888 North Madison Road: Louis M. Holyst and Bank of America NA to Bank of America NA, $175,000 on March 16

1 North Street: James and Hagop J. Jingozian to Benneth Pudlin RET and Rose B. Pudlin, $680,000 on March 16

26 River Colony Unit 26: Everett M. Barber, Jr., RET and Everett M. Barber to Roberta C. Rossetti, $107,500 on March 18



15 Wauwinet Court Unit 15: Guohai Zhou to Michael Perfetto, $77,000 on March 18


22 Brightwood Lane: Stephen M. and Susan M. Judge to Andres Wullaert and Ines Munoz-Navarro, $345,000 on March 17

41 Brookhills Road: Kimberly and Meredith Anderson to Brian and Nicole Gallagher, $390,000 on March 16

29 Howard Avenue: Jack M. and Beth Mariotti to Thomas Biederer and Sreeganga Chandra, $705,000 on March 16

38 Indian Woods Road: Robert and Gina Regel to Maureen K. Shields, $360,000 on March 18

12 Quarry Dock Road Unit 12: Schexnayder Trust and Judith H. Schexnayder to Michael R. and Mary F. Delcolle, $187,000 on March 16

27 Quarry Dock Road Unit 27: Grace W. Barrett to Jill Thomas, $310,000 on March 18

715 Robert Frost Drive Unit 715: Andres Wullaert and Ines Munoz-Navarro to Scott Penner, $205,000 on March 17

79 Shore Drive: Florencio Cotto and Heather Minore-Cotto to Marion Manski, $320,000 on March 19

5 Waverly Road: Christopher and Kathi Traugh to Kelly J. McGuire, $425,000 on March 20


149 5 Fields Road: Gerald F. and Rosemary T. Vaccaro to Ernest and Geraldine Fusco, $495,000 on March 18

37 Bassett Lane: Estate of Eleanor L. Parker and Peter Buza to Touchstone Development, $327,700 on March 17


45 Dream Lake Drive: Barbara Ulto to David C. Gardner and Jessica Lapinsky, $415,000 on March 17

31 Stepping Stone Lane: Danielle and Irl Wilson to Scott S. Brooks and Colleen M. Taylor, $435,000 on March 18

North Branford

48 Lake Road: Georgia L. and Robin M. Day to Jonathan Trinh, $325,000 on March 17

9 Lea Road: Estate of Werner L. Albrecht and Peter Albrecht to Norma A. Leon-Condo and Manuel S. Yanza-Durazno, $187,000 on March 18


9 Hickory Hill Drive: Elizabeth M. Bird and Nathan A. Siegel to Bruce Caron and Sally Stamos, $385,000 on March 16


3 Brookside Drive: George J. Doerr to Jared K. and Elizabeth Holt, $174,070 on March 17

103 Harbor Parkway: Richard C. and Tina S. Marsh to John R. MacArthur, $270,000 on March 17

8 Knollwood Drive: Joshua Mahoney to Matthew F. Fitzgerald, $265,500 on March 18

20 Mallard Lane: Judy C. Frances- Roman to Stephen T. and Lisa A. Arcari, $545,000 on March 16

6 Sunnybrook Lane: Estate of Janis R. Weisse Story and Patricia Hall to David Reemsnyder, $152,000 on March 19


7 Budney Hill Road: Michael and Kathryn Blais to George T. and Deborah A. Ross, $235,000 on March 17

2 Cedar Grove Terrace Extension: Judith A. Nagle RET and Jessica O’Dell to Mark R. Howland, $315,000 on March 16


283 Spencer Plains Road: Wilmington Savings Fund Society to Sweetwater Building & Management, $167,500 on March 19

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