Sunday, June 13, 2021

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Real Estate Transactions for April 16


Boston Post Road: John Terenzi and Siobhan Daggetterenzi to John C. and Alison Lavan, $640,000 on March 20

96 Church Street: Lois C. Creighton to Robert M. and Sharon E. Beesley, $505,000 on March 24

30 Driftwood Lane: Wesley R. and Deborah Anthony to Mark B. Harmon and Jennifer A. Blood, $355,000 on March 23

83 Horseshoe Road: US Bank NA Trust to Elizabeth A. Gosselin and Guillaume M. Traversaz, $248,000 on March 20

North River Street: Sunset Creek Development, LLC, to Marisa A. Bass, $798,700 on March 24

8 Old Barn Lane: Aaron R. and Jessica H. Soufer to Florencio Cotto and Heather Minorecotto, $525,000 on March 20

190 Stonehedge Lane: TCS Home Group, LLC, to Jeffrey M. Carbone and Alexandra Campbell-Swoyer, $380,000 on March 26

310 Weatherly Trail: Edwin G. and Candice L. Vickerman to Timothy G. Gregoire and Candace O’Brien, $450,000 on March 24


101 North Branford Road: 101 North Branford Road, LLC, to LCM Properties, LLC, $200,000 on March 24

115 North Branford Road: 101 North Branford Road, LLC, to LCM Properties, LLC, $200,000 on March 24

114 Pine Orchard Road: Joseph and Ada Chekroun to Raviv Chekroun, $562,000 on March 24

34 Stone Street: Jonathan and Lisa Wrubel to Emma N. Bebee and Shane L. Young, $419,900 on March 23

1 Sundance Drive Unit 1: 3 Degrees, LLC, to Richard Laronde, $120,500 on March 24


56 Bridle Path Lane: Gisela K. Schimanski FT and B.K. Schimanski-Arpin to Laurie Rankin, $300,000 on March 25

89 Durham Road: Wanda L. Pellegrino to Carol C. Aiken, $319,000 on March 24

7 Partridge Lane: Avra M. Asculai and Elan D. Louis to Dennis Burton, $432,100 on March 23

28 Sportsman Hill Road: Francis W. Conlin and Wilmington Trust NA to Wilmington Trust NA, $300,000 on March 23

53 West Wharf Road: Benjamin P. and Beth A. Harper to Ranjit Singh-Bindra, $989,000 on March 24

North Branford

44 Bailey Drive: Peteraka Salomone to Emily Hrichak, $290,000 on March 27

51 Holly Mar Hill Road: Bank New York Mellon Trust to Michael Gazzillo, $210,000 on March 27

134 Walnut Lane: Kirk L. and Ann M. Engstrom to Kevin and Megan A. Burr, $350,000 on March 26

North Haven

7 Beechwood Drive: Alfonso and Salvatrice DeLuca to Elisha Cruz and Joeng Mein Son-Hah, $295,000 on March 24

25 Collett Street: Elm City Acquisition, LLC, to Rachel L. and Dov Feinmesser, $370,000 on March 16

65 Maple Avenue: 55 Overbrook Association, LLC, to Varshaben and Dhruvisha Patel, $420,000 on March 12

65 Minuteman Drive: Iolanda Bruno to Catherine and Frank Fusco, $170,980 on March 16

1301 Ridge Road: Robert E. Crowther to Anthony Navarro, $326,500 on March 13

5100 Ridge Road: Racing With Jesus Ministry to Slate School, Inc., $700,000 on March 19

214 Upper State Street: Red Rock Development, LLC, to Stephen Abernathy and Jessica Hughes, $299,000 on March 16

20 Welch Road: Michael A. Johnstone Trust and David R. Johnstone to Susan A. Covino, $242,000 on March 24

East Haven

63 Coleman Street Unit 9: David Ferrigno to Rhonda Coppola, $130,000 on March 5

88 Dodge Avenue: Bradley Perno to Julian Carlos, $209,000 on March 5

124 George Street: John Hart to Carmelo and Maryann Rivera, $135,000 on March 5

113 Leigh Drive: Marietta and Vito Landolfi to Florence Christadore and Luann Scarpellino, $285,500 on March 5

30 Silver Sands Road Unit 16: FHLM to Linda Kelsey, $158,000 on March 5

140 Thompson Street Unit 8h: Lawrence Rogers to David Balali, $110,000 on March 6

91 Vista Drive: Stephen and Suzanne Holt to Julia Boughton, $261,000 on March 6


240 Duck Island Landing Unit 240: SHM Duck Island, LLC, to Mitchell B. Marron and Carrie L. Marron, $274,900 on March 24

165 Fawn Hill Drive: Anne M. Tourtellotte Trust and Kathleen A. Blair to Karen Murphy, $230,000 on March 24

811 Pond Meadow Road: KeyBank NA to Egas R. Van, $275,000 on March 24

Willard Avenue: Nicholas P. Santino and Katherine D. Garcia to Yeshi Dorjee, $361,500 on March 23

Old Saybrook

Ayers Point Road: Alan P. and Sharon Howell to John A. and Lucinda S. Duddy, $630,000 on March 24

100 Dudley Avenue Unit H40: Bradley W. and Kathryn A. Fowler to Kent R. Weeks, $360,000 on March 20

14 North Cove Road: Ann Heim-Fenn Trust and Ann Heim-Fenn to Lisa and Charles F. Roman, $559,500 on March 24

25 Sheffield Street: Village Centre Residences to Betty B. Allison, $579,900 on March 17

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