Thursday, June 24, 2021

Real Estate

Real Estate Transactions for April 30


Durham Road: FJ Corsini 2, LLC, to Robert D. and Frances D. Batesole, $452,400 on April 9

5463 Durham Road: Wimler Properties, LLC, to Thomas Baker, $80,000 on April 6

308 North River Street: Robert E. and Christine H. Cohen to Randall R. Arms, $725,000 on April 8

425 Podunk Road: Vango, LLC, to Nicholas and Lizabeth Haskos, $891,000 on April 7

28 River Colony Unit 28: Estate of Janet M. Shea and Claire Shea to Rivero Y. Hornos RT and German D. Levisman, $145,000 on April 6

80 Seaview Terrace Unit 22: Anthony and Marian R. Colangelo to Harriet K. Blanchard, $252,500 on April 6

56 Wauwinet Court Unit 56: Mohawk Holdings, LLC, to Sharon Kaika, $105,000 on April 6


28 Anthony Court: Deborah Holston-Selden to Edward Z. Kaspar and Christine S. Penberthy, $495,000 on April 8

208 Crosswoods Road Unit 208: Deolinda Ramada to Lisa Ramada, $185,000 on April 6

35 Driscoll Road: Donald J. and Barbara Fucci to Michael and Melissa Baylis, $230,000 on April 6

81 Main Street Unit 40c: Kyle and Gary Sagnella to Luis Zea, $152,000 on April 6

23 Prospect Hill Road: Estate of Marvin P. Zimmerman and Amelia J. McCoy to Marilyn B. Cassella RET and Marilyn B. Cassella, $700,000 on April 6

23 Prospect Hill Road: Estate of Beverly Zimmerman and Amelia J. McCoy to Marilyn B. Cassella RET and Marilyn B. Cassella, $700,000 on April 6

3 Turtle Bay Drive Unit 3: Helen A. Delmastro to Rebecca Fuller, $465,000 on April 8

46 Wallace Road: Charlene A. Newton to Paul and Kathryn Coles, $570,000 on April 7


23 Amber Trail: Joseph A. Giuliano to Iwona Lacka and Ryan O’Connor, $550,000 on April 7

1101 Durham Road: USA HUD to Kim A. Sweeney, $165,000 on April 6

24 Opening Hill Road: Jorge R. Adrian to Fei Li and James Trapp, $365,000 on April 8

Squires Road: Alyssa and Kurt Warner to Cynthia L. and Robert W. Bailey, $300,000 on April 8

3 Toffee Lane: Christopher J. Setten to Theresa Savarese, $295,000 on April 8

22 White Birch Road: Bruce M. and Geralyn N. Calvert to Kenneth L. and Patricia M. Weisman, $379,000 on April 8


180 Pond Meadow Road: M. Christine and Alan W. Mess to Kyle R. Levesque and Kaelyn E. Johnson, $330,000 on April 11

28 Robin Lane: Estate of Doreen M. Gammons and Karen Thomas to Jeremy and Mia L. Merrel, $430,000 on April 11

421 Route 148: Justin and Sarah Riedel to Kelsey A. Hansen and Jacob P. Martowski, $246,000 on April 6

522 Route 148: Michael K. and Aileen J. Oliver to Christopher A. and Lisa T. Mello, $490,000 on April 11

North Branford

9 Doral Farms Road: William F. and Francesca A. Nugent to Brian and Jennifer Tripp, $330,000 on April 6


4 Circle Drive: BDTV, LLC, to Xai Lor, $275,000 on April 6

4 Thrush Cross Road: Robert and Astra Berzinskas to David Ramirez-Montero and Diana P. Montero-Gomez, $336,000 on April 9

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