Thursday, June 24, 2021

Real Estate

Real Estate Transactions for June 25


3 Mile Course: Martha A. Russo to Scott M. Graves, $373,000 on June 3

315 3 Mile Course: Evan Sarzin to Alfred D. and Kelly K. Casagrande, $285,000 on June 3

80 Deer Lane: Timothy M. Andrus LT and Timothy M. Andrus to Veronique Dutreix, LLC, $321,500 on June 1

98 Granite Road Unit 98: Rose Marie Cushing RET and Rose M. Cushing to C. DeLasSalas-Gonzalez and Glancarlo S. Calcedo, $180,000 on June 2

4 Hickory Road: Christina L. Wolak and Laura C. Thoma to Martha A. Russo, $260,000 on June 2

7 Laurel Ridge Road: Mary J. and Coy E. Angelo to Jeremy M. and Tracie L. Rosenberg, $450,000 on June 2



2131 Long Hill Road: Long Hill Rebuilt, LLC, to Susan M. Thibeault and John J. DeFrank, $533,250 on June 2

30 Northview Drive: Hawkeye Holdings, LLC, to Sara and Joseph A. Anastasio, $499,000 on June 5

Quonnipaug Hill Road: John and Wendy Mackey to Taylor D. Merante, $87,500 on June 1

1 Rollwood Drive Unit 1: Estate of Carolyn Cioffi and Lawrence Cioffi to Virginia Young-Swartz, $400,000 on June 1

83 Sachem Head Road: SXS Solutions, LLC, to Hayley Ninteau and Zachary Keck, $295,000 on June 3

20 Spencer Avenue: Nancy Fisher to Cove Dweller Services, LLC, $695,000 on June 2


147 Austin Ryer Lane Unit 147: Nicole M. Girimonti to Shane Lynch, $154,400 on June 4

105 Cherry Hill Road: Estate of John P. Lear and Kellee Lear to Daniel and Kasia Lussier, $283,500 on June 3

11 Circle Drive: Paul R. and Dale J. Cianciola to Jazmin and Gabriel Vargas, $270,000 on June 1

Florence Road: Masood Khan to Kristi Stoyak, $164,000 on June 3

25 Florence Road Unit 54: Justin D. and Jessica Nana to John and Leona Delcore, $150,000 on June 3

254 Harbor Street: Susan M. and John Browning to Judith Baldwin, $335,000 on June 2

10 Harbour Village Unit B: Carol Martin to Debra M. Thompson, $119,950 on June 4

10 Harbour Village Unit B: Nancy Wallace to Debra M. Thompson, $119,950 on June 4

29 Harbour Village Unit C: Corrigan Andriole 2, LLC, to Cynthia Virzi, $200,000 on June 1

Lakeview Condo Unit 11: Lisa Iannaconne RET 2010 and Ralph Iannaconne to Dominique Chui and Howard Ho, $200,000 on June 4

630 Longview Drive: Michele Micciche to Gamal Syed, $175,000 on June 5

23 Mona Avenue: Evanica Radovich to Elisabeth Calandro, $250,000 on June 3

376 Old Rock Road Unit 376: Alyssa Castagna to Erik F. and Shelby E. Mastriano, $202,000 on June 1

49 Rose Street Unit 410: Patricia G. and Stacie M. Russell to Susan M. Harrison and Thomas M. Cloherty, $210,000 on June 1

25 Toole Drive: Raymond E. Luden Trust and William S. Colwell to Raymond E. Luden Trust and Raymond E. Luden, $185,000 on June 1

205 Turtle Bay Drive Unit 205: Lawrence LaPucia and Valerie Wallace to Jeannine Roberts-Dwyer and Stephen R. Dwyer, $250,000 on June 5


679 Boston Post Road: Kristina and Scott Sweitzer to BP 679, LLC, $487,500 on June 2

957 Boston Post Road: John J. and Patricia A. Diglio to Racot and Jyl Lozier-Oman, $515,000 on June 4

16 Centre Village Drive Unit 16: Resync Property Solutions to Megan C. and Terry M. Boyer, $369,000 on June 4

57 Dairy Hill Road: Seashore Construction Company to Parker Hill Preserve, LLC, $250,000 on June 2


28 Devonshire Lane: Halima Arshad and Umer E. Malik to Analicia J. and Brian C. Roeser, $500,000 on June 2

35 Farm View Drive: Donna M. Lanzetti to Nicole M. Burke and Matthew R. Talmadge, $390,000 on June 2

108 Lovers Lane: Courtleigh, LLC, to Fredric M. and Margaret Leiss, $480,000 on June 2

226 Ridge Road: Nina Hsieh and Wu Liu to Hayley Marcous, $345,000 on June 2

Riverside Lane: Connelly RET and Cavin J. Connelly to James C. Huhnke and Janneke B. Vanleeuwen, $265,000 on June 2

4 Samantha Lane: Jason Shields to Kristen Gordon, $254,000 on June 2

North Branford

229 Branford Road Unit 326: Carlos Ferreira to Kourtney Lasso, $140,000 on June 2

172 Forest Road: Alfred and Kelly Casagrande to Louis A. and Tonia J. Speringo, $320,000 on June 2

2409 Foxon Road: David A. Offredi to 2395 Foxon Road, LLC, $195,000 on June 1

26 Gulf Brook Drive: Moe Q. Tibac and Griselle Carcamo to Michael P. Marone, $240,000 on June 5

Riverview Farms: TF, LLC, to Diana Rizzo and William Letourneau, $90,000 on June 1

149 Valley Road: US Bank NA to Ata Homes, LLC, $130,000 on June 5

West Sky Lark Drive: Sandra B. Bonatti to Michael and Tambra Bonatti, $275,000 on June 2


65 Fawn Hill Road: Jason D. and Amy G. Golden to Elizabeth H. McGuinness and Oualid Bouzouita, $425,000 on June 3

672 Route 81: Deborah E. Rosener to Matthew and Elise V. Denver, $399,900 on June 3

61 Titus Coan Road: Daniel B. Bauer to Fauna Eller, $390,000 on June 3

East Haven

4 Cliff Street: Stanislaw Jecek to Katarzyna Potaczala, $300,000 on June 3

118 Coe Avenue: Mary Erich and Jennifer Handwork to Rafael Hernandez, $309,000 on June 1

57 Cosey Beach Avenue: Wilmar Home, LLC, to Karen Weiler, $285,000 on June 1

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