Sunday, June 13, 2021

Real Estate

Real Estate Transactions for July 9


439 Boston Post Road: 439 BPR, LLC, to MGM Holdings, LLC, $817,500 on June 17

65 Broad Street: Virginia Y. Swartz to Melinda F. Leete, $700,000 on June 19

11 Ives Place: Theodore F. Fessel to Stephen W. and Maria N. Wyszynski, $270,060 on June 19

Little Meadow Road: Scott P. and Megan L. Cipolla to Brian M. Kilbride and Margaret S. Johnston, $525,000 on June 16

Little Road: Vincent M. Engingro to Damien Slubowski, $385,000 on June 19

Long Hill Farm Condo Unit 62: Judith I. Florence Trust and Judith I. Florence to Gary Rajcula, $200,000 on June 19

763 Long Hill Road: Nathan and Jennifer Scoggin to Kenton L. and Maria A. Dover, $685,000 on June 17

4 Mohawk Trail Unit 4: Benjamin J. Hutchins to Christine R. Ferrucci, $93,000 on June 16

1701 Moose Hill Road: John P. Barden to Antonio Omuro and Eric P. Francois-Duboc, $855,000 on June 19

120 North Fair Street Unit 1c: Rosemary T. Renda LT and Rosemary T. Renda to David and Rosemary Baggish, $700,000 on June 16

119 North Street: Kevin Kaye and Allyson Derosier to Emily Ring, $277,000 on June 15

404 Tanner Marsh Road: Carolyn B. Helander Trust and Joel E. Helander to Christopher and Eliza Drake, $359,000 on June 18

580 Towner Swamp Road: Ursula A. Morris to Jonathan S. Venter, $300,000 on June 15


Alex Island Road: Alexander Spitzer to Larysa Cassella, $27,500 on June 17

11 Bay Path Way Unit 11: Nicholas J. Papale and Victoria Tata to Pavel Atanassov-Filipov, $152,000 on June 17

26 Crestwood Road: Thomas and Wendy A. Deary to Zoey Athan, $375,000 on June 16

25 Florence Road Unit 25: Todd Richardson to Jessica I. Badowski, $125,000 on June 16

100 Hemlock Road: USA HUD to 605 Wood Avenue Association, LLC, $112,000 on June 16

100 Hemlock Road: 605 Wood Avenue Association, LLC, to Tommaso Martone, $125,000 on June 16

287 Monticello Drive Unit 287: Magali Rolon to Heather Doraz, $195,000 on June 17

2 Stonegate Drive: Anthony J. and Lauren L. Jannotto to Erica Rascati and Daniel Goettel, $380,000 on June 17

158 Turtle Bay Drive Unit 158: Lori Onofrio to Keith D. and Michaela E. Russell, $318,000 on June 18

24 Wakefield Road: Edmund P. and Rachel H. Harrigan to Kevin Genda and Karen Yarasavage, $2,400,000 on June 15


Madrina Lane: Jeanne C. Dorflinger to Traci Marando, $268,000 on June 17

Middle Beach Road: Robert F. Schumann RET and David D. Schumann to 63 MBR, LLC, $1,195,000 on June 17

48 Overshores East: Gursel Akcay and Matthew C. Kaminski to Neeraj Garg and Carol Morley, $651,000 on June 15

Summer Ridge: Pamela G. Rustemeyer to Anna and Denver J. Fowler, $369,000 on June 17

North Branford

24 Arthur Road: Citizens Bank NA to Anthony Cafiero, $121,500 on June 15

24 Jerz Lane: First Guaranty Mortgage to Alyssa and Marshall J. Praisner, $200,000 on June 19


94 Laurel Ridge Trail: Raymond A. Fagan and Ashley D. Woodworth to Sheil and Katrina Ranmal, $418,000 on June 14

1 Stone Pasture Lane: HSBC Bank USA NA Trust to OCWEN Loan Servicing, LLC, $169,000 on June 16

14 Stonehill Drive: Gary A. and Christina M. Stone to Adrian R. Gluck, $339,000 on June 14

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