Sunday, June 13, 2021

Real Estate

Real Estate Transactions for July 16


5 Keren Property Lower Road: Michael and Karen Dattilo to Daniel B. and Jill K. Gaidos, $750,000 on June 22

84 Mohawk Trail Unit 84: Theresa J. Biagiarelli to Cathy A. Gogliettino, $115,000 on June 23

215 Old Sachems Head Road: Christopher Albert and Karen Landry-Albert to Russell J. Vito and Alessandra Panno, $325,000 on June 26

79 Orchard View Road: Marie M. and Vincent Dinicola to Gary Dinicola, $285,000 on June 22

18 Wauwinet Court Unit 18: Hongxing Chen to Patricia and William P. Scully, $127,900 on June 26


37 Deforest Drive: Daniel and Natalina Zweeres to Christopher J. Blazosek and Shannon E. O’Malley, $399,000 on June 23

540 East Main Street: Richard M. Milgram to Mobiland, LLC, $80,000 on June 24

18 Halstead Lane: Kimberley A. Kelleher RET and Kimberley A. Kelleher to Jeffrey Raup and Mindy Schwarz-Raup, $755,000 on June 26

Mill Creek Road: Matthew J. and Tricia C. Beatty to Kevin E. Dion and Margaret M. O’Connor, $385,400 on June 26

6 O’Brien Road: Wells Fargo Bank NA to Megan E. Bozzuto and Robert A. Falcigno, $165,000 on June 19

N/A: Zoey Athan to Michelle L. Crandley, $175,000 on June 19


Beechwood Drive: Marjorie H. Johnson LT and Marjorie H. Johnson to Mary K. and Richard W. Caspole, $350,000 on June 18

18 Beekman Place: Bank of America NA to Stephen Parri, $289,000 on June 18



Centre Village Drive Unit 62a: Estate of Helen Pamela Detels and E. Detels-Campbell to Resync Property Solutions, $212,500 on June 22

34 Horse Pond Road: Kevin P. Noonan to Libra 1, LLC, $400,000 on June 23

68 Madison Springs Drive: Gioiamaria B. Berna and Jonathan Killam to Melissa M. Matthes, $715,000 on June 22

37 Matteo Court: Jesseca and Paul W. Squeglia to Jeffrey T. and Sarah Reynolds, $650,000 on June 19

23 Twin Coves Road: Christine Perrelli to Catherine and Victor McGrady, $649,000 on June 24

North Branford

37 Deforest Drive: Daniel and Natalina Zweeres to Christopher J. Blazosek and Shannon E. O’Malley, $399,000 on June 23

Edward Road: Gregory D. Lau RET and David Lau to Constance Lubinski, $206,000 on June 23


144 East Main Street Unit 23b: Robert L. Brown to Jeffrey W. and Laura P. Brown, $35,000 on June 22

30 Glenwood Road Unit W: Hugo J. Nickse and Corrie M. Kersten to Karen J. Deugenio, $180,000 on June 22

Harbor View: Thomas M. and Ann B. Jamison to Linda O. Norris, $385,000 on June 22

3 Jamaica Road: Lori E. Quirk to Jennifer A. and Zachary A. Kirby, $172,000 on June 23

17 James Vincent Drive: Brian and Amy L. Pluck to Caitlin and Mark Iorillo, $489,000 on June 24

3 Osprey Commons South: James H. and Joy J. Biggart to Frank F. Sandler and Amelia Powers-Sandler, $1,100,000 on June 23

37 West Road: Debra D. Drouin 2009 RET and Debra D. Drouin to Mark and Kimberly B. Feudtner, $770,000 on June 25

N/A: George A. Marshall to John R. and Geralyn A. Ruzbasan, $329,000 on June 25


15 Goldfield Road: Paul T. and Claudia M. Norman to Mitchell L. and Colleen M. Covey, $384,000 on June 23

776 Route 148: Sarah M. Johnson to Gursey Akcay and Matthew C. Kaminski, $342,000 on June 24

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