Thursday, June 24, 2021

Real Estate

Real Estate Transactions for July 23


201 Alden Drive: Jenifer L. O’Connell to Raymond W. and Francine A. Fucci, $235,000 on June 29

244 Church Street: Matthew J. Donofrio to Cove Dweller Services, LLC, $350,000 on June 30

91 Golden Hill Drive: Michael C. Vanzandt and Anna M. Pyle to Ashish and Jasmina Patel, $925,000 on June 30

Hoyt Lane: Michael and Kathy DeLucia to Kevin and Patricia Jakeway, $669,500 on June 30

3 Long Hill Farm: Michael T. Rigby to Prakash B. Rawal and Tracy G. Love, $315,000 on July 1

251 Murray Lane: Linda L. Balestracci to Denise Nelligan and Joan A. McCormick, $410,000 on June 30

1 Paddock Lane Unit 1: Brian Dermott to Cheryl Hershatter, $407,500 on July 1

200 Squaw Lane: Kristy Labib to Martin and Leah O’Connell, $546,000 on June 30

Whitfield Street: Daniel W. and Richard H. Carter to Vincent M. Engingro, $365,000 on June 29


158 Alps Road: Carpe, LLC, to Stacy A. Clifford, $343,000 on July 1

162 Austin Ryer Lane Unit 162: FNMA to Marc A. Canzanella and Helen Martinez, $175,248 on July 1

14 Bellview Road: Sabrina E. and Michele D. Ricci to Michael Corcoran, $50,000 on June 30

1 Bradley Avenue: Michael and Betty Weber to Abigail E. Burkhardt, $275,000 on June 29

Cedar Street: Patricia A. Gilstrap to JFA Management, LLC, $300,000 on June 29

Conifer Drive: Joseph J. and Leah Acunzo to Scott J. Prior and Giuliana Diglio, $438,000 on June 29


105 Damascus Road: Jane E. Yanac to Theodore W. and Ivis A. Kim, $300,000 on June 30

59 Flax Mill Road: Scott C. and Diane S. Temple to Donald Seward, $360,000 on July 1

31 Harbour Village Unit B: Andrew C. Porto FT and James T. Hastings to Tanya Kotowicz, $170,000 on June 29

26 Patrick Lane: Ronald Finocchio and Cynthia Finocchio to Christopher R. Lieder and Kathleen A. Kelley, $447,900 on July 1

138 Pawson Road: Estate of Lorraine K. Young and Andrew J. Campbell to Joseph J. and Leah Acunzo, $1,155,250 on June 29

11 Riverwalk: Louis Scheps RET and Adam Y. Scheps to Mary E. Huben RET and Mary E. Huben, $565,000 on June 30

20 Stonegate Drive: Mark Debrino and Cynthia Puccino to Jacqueline Tanner, $148,000 on June 30

77 Sunset Beach Road: Errico Realty Associates to Franc and Enejda Koljaka, $870,000 on July 1


199 Concord Drive: Arthur G. and Laura C. Mitton to Thomas Sugiura, $582,000 on June 25

610 Opening Hill Road: Anne M. and Michael A. Radynski to John and Paige Beisner, $433,000 on June 29


21 Heft Brook Lane: Jeffrey Lower and Constance Pignatiello to Jasmiry and James Bennett, $517,000 on July 2

44 Roast Meat Hill Road: Bruce J. and Sheridan W. Dowd to Heritage Property Group, $430,000 on July 1

North Branford

229 Branford Road Unit 327: Alyssa M. Kalentkowski to Dominique Maccalla, $172,000 on June 29

43 Evergreen Road: John J. and Denise L. Greening to Michael D. and Courtney A. Barrett, $280,000 on July 1


Clinton Yacht Haven Docko Lot B45: Robert Chase to Lance Forrest, $16,500 on July 1

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