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Real Estate Transactions for July 30


3 Copper Hill Drive Unit 3: Vienna L. Rossetti to Judith Kircher, $180,000 on July 2

142 East Bearhouse Hill Road: Douglas and Pamela Miller to Lyn M. Balsamo and John M. Parese, $780,000 on July 2

75 Flat Iron Road: Karen E. Leonard Trust and Mary L. Diamond to Gene and Kira Coon, $232,000 on July 6

54 Granite Road Unit 54: Goran and Tatjana Kostic to Sofya and Luder D. Serna- Perez, $177,000 on July 8

805 Mulberry Point Road: Richard S. Eckstrom RET and Susan P. Robins to Gregory F. and Eileen W. Smith, $650,000 on July 2

Overlook Lane: David A. and Debra A. Mauriello to Stephanie G. and Daniel P. O’Sullivan, $570,000 on July 8

312 Peddlers Road: David N. and Colleen R. Hicks to Michael D’Angelo, $485,000 on July 7

149 Prospect Avenue: Michael Scurrso and Cynthia Scursso to Francine Farkas-Sears RET and Francine Farkas-Sears, $1,350,000 on July 10

Quonnipaug Hill Road Unit 30: Michael R. Camp to Andriana Castillo, $135,000 on July 9

River Road: Martin C. and Leah E. O’Connell to Robert G. and Constance J. Scott, $390,000 on July 10

43 South Fair Street: Marco A. and Helen S. Rizzo to Michael and Danee O’Donnell, $750,000 on July 2

Tulip Tree Drive: Stuart I. and Charlene Evered to Rick A. Sevieri, $740,000 on July 6

Willow Road: Amanda L. and Brendon Pluck to Roland St. Denis and Lynn Roy, $610,000 on July 7


27 Cherry Hill Road: Michael and Tiffany Tracy to Rebecca Kieran, $260,000 on July 2


540 East Main Street Unit 9: Branford Bus Center, LLC, to Branford Warehouse 9, LLC, $139,000 on July 2

2 Edgewood Road: J. W&C F. Calvert Trust and John W. Calvert to S&S Properties CT, LLC, $100,000 on July 1

7 Greenfield Avenue: Jason T. and Diane M. Cusack to Steve and Elizabeth Antonucci, $305,000 on July 9

232 Greens Farm Road Unit 232: Scott Shumway to Brittney Geremia, $210,000 on July 10

186 Laurel Hill Road: Karen D. Michaels to Natalina and Daniel Zweeres, $639,000 on July 2

305 Monticello Drive Unit 305: Joseph R. and Susan M. Stonoha to Juan A. Andrich, $190,000 on July 6

307 Plymouth Colony Unit 307: Cynthia A. Bannon to Ofira Taylor, $195,000 on July 7

15-19 South Montowese Street: Fred and Lisa A. DeFilippo to Joshua K. Orenstein and Fritzie Andrade, $555,000 on July 7

106 Stony Creek Road: Estate of A.J. Rissolo, Jr., and Alan R. Rissolo to Michael C. VanZandt and Anna M. Pyle, $560,500 on July 8

29 Sundance Drive Unit 29: Gregory and Lindsay D. Thompson to John Biba, $150,000 on July 6


3 Bassett Lane: Touchstone Development Association, LLC, to Matthew R. Strief, $675,000 on July 7

168 Boston Post Road Unit 10: McGrady 141 RE Investments, LLC, to Kathryn E. and Mark A. Delcavo, $86,000 on June 30

30 Cedar Lane: Forevergreen FT and Steven K. Lam to Cindy I. and Patrick H. Boutilier, $495,000 on July 1

27 Colonial Road: Clarissa C. Clarke and Sue P. Tingley to Zoraida Carucci, $445,000 on July 8

645 Green Hill Road: Elizabeth and Patrick Bernardo to Alexander Klein, $592,500 on July 1

15 Johnson Lane: Mark A. Ramadei RET and Mark A. Ramadei to Rebecca Edwards and Spencer T. Stratton, $389,000 on June 30

18 Kelsey Place: Thomas C. and Victoria M. Hughes to Taly H. and Trevor Farber, $436,000 on July 6

29 Kimberly Lane: Ann M. and Robert D. Auerbach to Stephan A. Ariyan and Clarisa A. Webster, $862,500 on July 1

7 Lawson Drive: Stephanie H. Aceto IRT and Katherine L. Borofsky to Laura C. Ruhe, $670,000 on July 6


259 Neck Road: Gail F. Lieberman to Miranda Jones-Spratlen and Robert S. Spratlen, $785,000 on July 7

55 Nutmeg Lane: Christopher C. Pyne to Zynia D. Alvarez, $260,000 on July 6

436 Opening Hill Road: Estate of Helen S. Harris and Eleanor Nicholson to Jennifer and Stephen Sebetic, $166,000 on July 7

28 Sportsman Hill Road: Wilmington Trust NA Trust to F&A Homes, LLC, $205,000 on July 2

32 White Birch Road: Joseph P. and Lisa B. Hurley to Christine and Kevin Capizzi, $565,000 on July 1

Wildcat Road: Benjamin M. Wigham to Jeffrey J. Dunn and Cary D. Lynch, $254,000 on July 8

12 Yankee Peddler Path Unit 6: Angela Racki to Scott Bartholomew and Rebecca Moles, $225,000 on July 2

North Branford

1232 Middletown Avenue: Nationstar Mortgage, LLC, to Sean X. Yu, $143,133 on July 10

7 Notch Hill Road: Michael and Cynthia Lawler to Lina San, $285,000 on July 6

484 Village Street: Carol A. Belanger and Melanie Dawn-Fisher to Lynn Boyce, $275,000 on July 6

16 Woodland Drive: Westnor Capital Group, LLC, to Nancy Amellin, $275,000 on July 6


68 Chestnut Hill Road: Martin and Barbara W. Klein to Steven J. and Alyssa M. Hylinski, $517,000 on July 7

84 Green Hill Road: Kerry I. and Linda W. Monroe to Michael J. and Emily R. Naylor, $424,900 on July 10

5578 North Roast Meat Hill Road: Sheridan R. Matthies 578 Trust and Guy F. Matthies to Zane Honious and Leanne Honious, $400,000 on July 8

61 Parker Hill Road: Michael E. Callahan to Pierre Sorey and Erica T. Campbell, $302,500 on July 6

24 Saddlebrook Drive: Sandra A. Castleverto to Stephen and Roslyn Reeps, $499,000 on July 7


23 College Street Unit 4: Amber C. Monteith RET and Jerome F. Monteith to James E. and Karen Hagan, $120,000 on July 9

51 Jefferson Circle: Holly J. and Jon M. Johnson to Matthew Mierz and Stephanie White, $267,000 on July 8


108 Long Hill Road: W.M. Leckey Real Property Trust and Wanda M. Leckey to Corey F. and Tonia M. Szymanski, $45,000 on July 2

108 Long Hill Road: W.M. Leckey Real Property Trust and Wanda M. Leckey to Corey F. and Tonia M. Szymanski, $65,000 on July 2

24 Merrill Road: Steven H. Mann and Kathryn L. Hatfield-Mann to Tonya Kershner, $285,000 on July 2

Morgan Park: Estate of Kathleen E. Carroll and Richard W. Malafronte to Robert and Jessica Lamoureaux, $290,000 on July 7

14 Rocky Ledge Drive: Chad and Lauren T. Seymour to Mazen Ghazoul-Bahri, $337,700 on July 2

75 Shore Road: Estate of Victor S. Thomsen and Linda M. Skaar to George and Peggy Pascucci, $500,000 on July 7

Stony Point Road: Edward and Lynne N. Cayer to Flavio Arzilla and Ilaria Mignatti, $370,000 on July 6

33 Sunnybrook Lane: Deborah A. Sommo to Heather Sprague, $270,000 on July 6

2 West Woods Drive: Estate of Philip J. Kolakowski and Courtney Kolakowski to Nicholas J. Burkle, $259,000 on July 9

21 Whitewood Road: Petrelis Properties, LLC, to Kenneth King, $249,000 on July 6

East Haven

115 Allison Way Unit 115: Maria Brereton and Hamlet Hernandez to Sandra Fronte, $217,000 on June 23

27 Catherine Street: Cheryl and Steven Ford to Carolyn Curry, $330,000 on June 22

47 Hill Street: Adriano Ruggiero to Kevin Barrera, $337,500 on June 30

5 Mansfield Grove Road Unit 50: Carol and Thomas Castaldo to Patricia Day, $240,000 on June 22

245 Sperry Lane: Steven Raynor to Stephen Paprocki, $270,000 on June 22

17 Sunset Road: Eric Mitchell to Brianna Clynne and Ryan Nobile, $237,000 on June 25

140 Thompson Street Unit 13c: Vineet Tyagi to David DuPaul, $151,000 on June 23

504 Thompson Street: Jennie and Michael Volpe to Caitlin Canapinno and August Pellegrino, $310,000 on June 23

North Haven

861 Middletown Avenue: PNC Bank NA to Iris Santiago, $212,000 on June 30

225 Mill Road: Andrea J. and Douglas M. Preston to John and Kathleen Morrison, $310,500 on June 25

14 Mountain Brook Road: John G. Sayers to Mary M. and Mohsen C. Baccar, $415,000 on June 26

35 North Hill Road: Josephine Zurolo to Christopher Massey, $310,000 on June 30

25 Vineyard Road: John S. and Emelda B. Lion to Timothy Damico, $229,000 on June 29

37 Woodland Avenue: Annamaria Masella to David Conner and Melissa Connor, $300,000 on June 25

N/A: Stephen and Suzanne Duhamel to Theodore and Debora Stelmaszczyk, $129,000 on June 30


Main Street: Jeffrey Bergmann to Julie Culmone, $175,000 on July 6

47 Old Salt Works Road: Susan H. McQueen to John Moriarty and Alison Davenport, $477,500 on July 9



58 Post Avenue: Bruce A. and Nancy M. Reardon to James L. Nastri, $498,300 on July 9

Old Saybrook

Edmund Street: Estate of Marian E. Davenport and Roger W. Goodnow to Gary and Patricia Litevich, $177,500 on July 13

7 Watrous Point Road: Blair M. and Gayke J. MacLachlan to Megan Strobel and Lawrence Irvine, $600,000 on July 9


45 Main Street: Jeffrey and Tobi Becker to Ivoryton House, LLC, $417,500 on July 9

79 North Main Street: Charles A. and Heather L. Hajnal to Karen D. Fleer, $600,000 on July 2

90 Plains Road: Alliance Energy, LLC, to Jay Sai, LLC, $648,800 on July 2

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