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Real Estate

Real Estate Transactions for Aug. 6


Crooked Hill Road: Rajavel Ganesan and Vidhya Ponnurangam to American International Relocation Solutions, $445,000 on July 17

Crooked Hill Road: American International Relocation Solutions to John P. Rosenkrantz, $445,000 on July 17

598 Durham Road: Nancy R. Ford to Kerry L. Hayes, $189,900 on July 14

18 East Gate Road: Michelle J. Donlan to Jeremy M. and Caitlin P. Steele, $459,000 on July 16

Franklins Way: Marguerite C. and Ronaldo A. Naval to John G. and Barbara B. Evans, $720,000 on July 14

83 Guile Road: Alexander W. and Natalie M. Cloninger to Daniel and Alexis Cable, $375,000 on July 16

67 Half Mile Road: Cynthia L. Wright to Sabrina Nunez and Ira M. Hall, $850,000 on July 13

1010 Hoop Pole Road: James K. and Julia M. Trella to Elizabeth A. D’Angelo, $424,900 on July 16

97 Joseph Drive: Evergreen Ventures, LLC, to Paul and Karen A. Wolujewicz, $640,000 on July 13

35 Joyce Street: Katelyn Arruda to Kevin Scott and Amy E. Ferguson, $285,000 on July 13

10 Lantern Hill Lane: James J. and Keri L. Hagness to Mohammed Khan, $660,000 on July 17

1407 Little Meadow Road: Eric Steinmetz to Gregory R. Marouard and Nadine Moeller, $335,000 on July 16

1407 Little Meadow Road: Estate of Sylvie A. Steinmetz and Eric M. Steinmetz to Gregory R. Marouard and Nadine Moeller, $335,000 on July 16

43 Manor Road: Edain T. and Amy H. Bentley to Alfred D. Casagrande, $250,000 on July 13

135 Marvel Road: Helena R. and Roy E. Handy to Stephen Lamarche, $217,000 on July 16

Mill Stone Drive: Rosemary C. Baggish RET and David A. Baggish to Richard R. Buery and Deborah N. Archer, $535,000 on July 16

32 Mohawk Trail Unit 32: Louis Colello and Tara Cantore to Irina Kurlyandchik, $135,000 on July 13

39 Mohawk Trail Unit 39: FNMA to Zoe Investments, LLC, $73,575 on July 13

510 North Madison Road: Real Estate Partners, LLC, to Ted D. and Kathleen G. Schultz, $265,000 on July 17

387 North River Street: Paula Kinney to Camille M. Solbrig LT and Michael P. Weiner, $517,000 on July 14

Spinning Mill Court: Jolene Consultants, LLC, to Amy C. and Timothy Brender, $735,000 on July 17

376 State Street: Green Planet Developers, LLC, to Kevin J. Reilly, $300,000 on July 14

1 Wingate Road: Joseph A. and Joan M. Amatruda to Jonah Westerman and Lindsay Caplan, $625,000 on July 16


18 Bay Path Way Unit 18: Rocco T. and Heather L. Tondalo to Maria G. and Angela Izzo, $163,000 on July 14

35-b Brainerd Road: Christopher Lillquist to Dhaval Desai, $292,000 on July 14

30 Double Beach Road: Sunrise Cove Partners, LLC, to David E. Connolly and Nancy M. Hunt, $425,000 on July 14

41 Jerimoth Drive Unit 41: Sun Y. and Daniel L. Vencak to Jill Ortenberg, $240,000 on July 15

23 Linden Shores: Linda Chipkin RET and Bruce D. Chipkin to John and Lorraine Lorenze, $730,000 on July 15

60 Yowago Avenue: Joseph J. Thomas to 60 Yowago, LLC, $1,185,000 on July 13

East Haven

1 Mansfield Grove Road Unit 310: Natasha Polevoy to Thomas and Veronica Klinka, $365,000 on July 2

233 Mansfield Grove Road Unit 306: Daniel Jean to Patricia Gilstrap, $200,000 on July 1

2 Old Town Highway Unit 47: US Bank NA to Naeem Bengali and Naela Malick, $315,000 on July 2

12 Seneca Trail: Andrea Antonucci to Stephen Koss and Gloria Luzzatto, $300,000 on July 2

23 Taylor Avenue: Sean Cahill to Anthony and Ashley Lesco, $225,000 on July 1

47 View Terrace: 47 View, LLC, to Victor Torres, $285,000 on July 1


11 Fritz Road: James J. Rizzo to Kristin and Shelby Hernandez, $470,000 on July 15

537 North Roast Meat Hill Road: Raymond and Marian Kellogg to Peter and Dara Terrio, $325,000 on July 14

106 North Tower Hill Road: Patricia D. Fucci to Dominic A. Fucci, $100,000 on July 14

46 Roast Meat Hill Road: Bruce J. and Sheridan W. Dowd to Joel and Jennifer Anastasio, $420,000 on July 16

575 Route 148: Timothy B. and Cheryl A. Venuti to Gary A. and Christina Stone, $490,000 on July 14

Schnoor Road: Walter E. Richter to Michael W. and Evan M. Richter, $28,230 on July 15


14 Dairy Hill Road: Michael Dwyer and Cynthia Gardner to Laura E. Bothwell and Darrick K. Li, $935,000 on July 9

54 Field Brook Road: Dennis and Marie K. Shepherd to Jonathan W. Sweet, $565,000 on July 15

149 Garnet Park Road: David J. Dwyer and Benna R. Lehrer to Britt D. and Peter R. Young, $490,000 on July 14

5 Hilltop Drive: Mary J. and Matthew J. Stager to Alison and Duane Crisco, $76,000 on July 9

Johnson Lane: Rekha and Yogesh Shah to Brian H. Gordon, $315,000 on July 14

34 Kimberly Lane: Vincent A. Pieribone and Julia Tsai to James Hummel, $877,500 on July 9

46 Myrock Avenue: Bernice A. and Christopher J. Robinson to Dawn Donaldson, $410,000 on July 13

10 Oak Avenue: Susan Walrand Trust and Michele B. Licursi to Christopher J. Licursi, $475,000 on July 15

15 Rock Ridge Road Unit 22: Estate of Janet D. Caulkins and Donna C. Parsons to Spinnato Rasmus Angela, $575,000 on July 13

14 Salem Road: Daniel P. and Stephanie O’Sullivan to Allen A. Brualdi, $282,450 on July 9

39 Strawberry Hill Road: Jean W. Ferris to Aja Greene, $315,000 on July 15

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