Thursday, June 24, 2021

Real Estate

Real Estate Transactions for Aug. 20


134 Andrews Road: Sylvia B. Amatruda FT and Joseph A. Amatruda to Joseph A. and Joan M. Amatruda, $550,000 on July 28

11 Balaurel Drive: Elizabeth J. Omara to Frank G. and Catherine D. Putney, $375,000 on July 28

Briarwood Drive: Lyn M. Balsamo to Andrzej Golus and Feng Zhu, $470,000 on July 27

130 Briarwood Drive: Henry N. and Susan R. DeMartino to Eric W. Hedberg, $345,000 on July 24

8 Cobblefield Lane: Francesca Ceneviva to Ann M. Preston and James Dinicola, $772,500 on July 27

210 Deer Lane: Joseph A. and Noreen B. Rowe to Rachel K. Mathieu and Chris S. Normandy, $615,000 on July 30

14 Elizabeth Street: James K. and Carol A. McCormick to James T. and Adrienne Nugent, $585,000 on July 30

64 Granite Road Unit 64: Billie Edwards to Yong Shi and Haixue Gan, $181,000 on July 30

351 Great Hill Road: Matthew W. and Carolyn Schilling to Amy and Edain Bentley, $457,000 on July 29

518 Lake Drive: Nancy L. Hestko to Margaret A. Borelli, $308,000 on July 30

14 Lantern Hill Lane: Brian and Sarah Davis to Jeanmichel Wasterlain and Patricia Lee, $710,000 on July 27

1231 Little Meadow Road: Luiz F. and Danielle L. Maracaja to Lubie Grujicicalatriste, $489,000 on July 27

Long Hill Farm: George C. Schaub to George C. Schaub and Nancy Neumannglasgow, $201,000 on July 24

81 Marvel Road: Walter Catapano and Michelle M. Rupert to Sugar Tree Farm, LLC, $129,900 on July 29

32 Michelle Lane: Raymond Martyn to Palakben P. Bhatt, $400,000 on July 30

192 Nortontown Road: Lance Forrest to Brian and Diane Berger, $529,537 on July 29

550 Nut Plains Road: 1900 Capital TIi to Aaron Friedman and Justine Childs-Friedman, $280,600 on July 29

41 Opening Hill Road: Lance Forrest to Brian and Diane Berger, $529,537 on July 29

102 Wauwinet Trail Unit 102: Yun You to Robinson Vancil, $169,000 on July 28


Anchor Reef Condo Unit E9: Nina Gero to Carol Bernheim, $360,000 on July 27

9 Ash Creek Road: Michael J. and Phyllis A. Murphy to Daniel and Dana Romano, $430,000 on July 27

13 Bishop Road: Gregory P. MacLeod to Rachael Horrocks and Leah Glennon, $205,000 on July 27

19 Gilbert Lane: Rehan Shahab and Arshia M. Khan to Jefferson Alvarez and Alexandra M. Barrera, $336,000 on July 28

34 Gilbert Lane: William and Nancy Galberth to Dipash and Bimala Thapa, $322,000 on July 24

139-143 Harbor Street: Kimberly Dennis and Deborah Morrissey to John E. and Sara J. Castlevetro, $655,000 on July 24

Hemingway Street: Rachel K. Mathieu to Robin Uzzo, $635,000 on July 27

308 Jefferson Woods Road: Cory E. and Rebecca M. Fletcher to Matthew D. Maher, $186,500 on July 27

690 Leetes Island Road: Peter Woerner to Fleischer Wynn RET and Andrew Wynn, $525,000 on July 29

68 Montoya Drive Unit 68: Brian O. and Marie A. Smith to Benjamin D. Barringham, $175,000 on July 28

43 Pompano Avenue: Michael E. Borrelli to Christina Kinsella and Edward S. Coe, $228,000 on July 28

35 Stannard Avenue: Bernard R. Hicks to Lisa K. and Richard G. Rathsack, $405,000 on July 28

Stony Creek Crossing: Donmar Development Corporation to Glenn and Sherry Simon, $538,047 on July 28


54 Bassett Lane: Kevin and Kyle Meenan to Brian Dusza, $503,000 on July 27

Boston Post Road: Connecticut Water Company to Paul Anastas and Julie Zimmerman, $54,000 on July 28

12 Cambridge Drive Unit 12: Tarek M. Ebrahim and Maha M. Hassan to Byron Lazine, $515,000 on July 23

8 Deer Creek Drive Unit 8: Cheryl Hershatter to Andrea Ambrose, $448,000 on July 22

Durham Road: Ferdinand G. Maturo RT and Virginia Denvir to Everyday Capital Management, LLC, $147,500 on July 27

18 Esterly Farms Road Unit 18: Frank N. DeCapua to Ashley Cotton, $286,000 on July 27

7 Green Springs Drive: Fred and Gail Schoenbrun to Douglas R. and Erin E. Snyder, $368,000 on July 28

187 Horse Pond Road: Cynthia J. Herman to Mary K. and Michael DeCarlo, $335,000 on July 28

62 Jefferson Park Road: Jessica Christopher and Michael McDermott to Jaclyn and Jared Gilbert, $415,000 on July 23

Nortontown Road: Craig L. Maturo to Eva Spinelli-Sexter and Jessica Spinelli, $739,000 on July 27

192 Nortontown Road: Lance Forrest to Brian and Diane Berger, $155,426 on July 29

41 Opening Hill Road: Lance Forrest to Brian and Diane Berger, $155,426 on July 29

10 Tuxis Road: Estate of Jean R. Cushing and Patrick R. Cushing to Champion Mortgage Company, $593,080 on July 22

61 Wickford Place: Karen F. Tross to Lauren Bonner and Lawrence Minicone, $86,000 on July 24


132 Windsor Court: Ashley C. and Michael H. Cotton to Dawn F. and Timothy W. Aston, $525,000 on July 28

North Branford

Crossfield Road: James R. and Maurene J. Butterworth to Richard and Dianne Quarequio, $285,000 on July 29

34 Grant Drive: FHLM to Richard A. and Ria McLain, $189,000 on July 28

30 Lake Road: 1430 Barnum Avenue, LLC, to Michael, Jr., and Erica K. Acampora, $265,000 on July 29

58 Oxbow Lane: Edward F. and Shama S. McCormack to Sean and Rachel Leja, $384,000 on July 24

Sea Hill Road: Brian J. Pimpinelli to Christina Simcic, $292,000 on July 28

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