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Real Estate

Real Estate Transactions for Sept. 10


12 Bentons Knoll Unit 12: Kimberly A. and David H. Smith to Andrew M. Smulian and Rhona Marks-Smulian, $859,000 on Aug. 17

Cooks Lane: Bartlett Land Corporation to Guilford Land Conservation, $425,000 on Aug. 17

4 Fawn Lane: John K. Christoforo to Mary L. Fusi, $81,500 on Aug. 21

1739 Great Hill Road: Kenneth Beeman to Termeh M. and Joshua M. Feinberg, $315,000 on Aug. 18

2733 Long Hill Road: Stephen V. and Melissa B. Gilligan to Paul and Mary Barker, $600,000 on Aug. 17

26 Meadow Street: Joseph Porcello to Marion J. and Katherine Harrison, $218,000 on Aug. 17

58 Mohawk Trail Unit 58: Jean M. Hall to Theodore E. Astarita, $169,000 on Aug. 19

Murray Lane: Kenneth and Martha Gamerman to Matthew Goodwin, $130,000 on Aug. 21

78 Nut Plains Road West: Thomas W. and Mary-Lynn R. Ogletree to Connor Wells-Wallace, $369,500 on Aug. 19

280 Old Pent Road: Gaetano Troiano to Heather Carta, $399,000 on Aug. 17

130 Orcutt Drive: Eric J. and Kristi Bagnall to Matthew A. Hornick, $740,000 on Aug. 18

80 Seaview Terrace Unit 33: Dorothy Diamond to Robert and Barbara Naughton, $275,000 on Aug. 19

724 Tanner Marsh Road: Kevin M. and Eileen O. Roxbee to Kimberly S. Walker and Melanie C. Morin, $47,990 on Aug. 21

379 Whitfield Street Unit Cs2636: Christopher J. DeChabert to Shane C. and Jennifer L. Bradley, $17,500 on Aug. 20


5-7 5th Avenue: 7 Fifth Avenue, LLC, to Stephen M. and Irene C. Childs, $570,000 on Aug. 19

130 Alps Road: Sarah E. Riley and Michael J. Jarosz to Victoria Verderame, $330,000 on Aug. 14

20 Hampton Park Unit 20: Deborah and Lee Rosen to Susan L. Moore, $169,000 on Aug. 17

94 Hampton Park Unit 94: Joan C. Savino to Thomas A. Corso, $169,500 on Aug. 17

51 Indian Neck Avenue: 51 Indian Neck Avenue, LLC, to Michael and Kristin Song, $520,000 on Aug. 17

45 Jefferson Road: Fernando Gee to Vedran Josic, $85,000 on Aug. 14

56 Laurel Hill Road: Dale Wayne & S.M. Cross RET and Dale W. Cross to Brandon Q. Charney, $255,000 on Aug. 17

216 Monticello Drive: Lorraine M. Pitts to Edward Angiollo, $160,000 on Aug. 17

306 Monticello Drive Unit 306: John Just to Christopher J. and Alyson Austin, $199,900 on Aug. 14

62 Peddlars Drive Unit 62: Christine Amatrudo to Fred J. and Doreen M. Gerbino, $195,000 on Aug. 19

16 Pine Orchard Road: Tidelands, LLC, to Emmy Dulak, $137,000 on Aug. 18

35 Quarry Dock Road Unit 35: Estate of Catherine M. Inglese and Vincent Inglese to Beth Rondo, $352,000 on Aug. 20

34 Thimble Farm Road: Second Winds Developers, LLC, to 34 Thimble Farms, LLC, $240,000 on Aug. 20

153 Turtle Bay Drive Unit 153: Kevin V. Seaman to Michael Futoma and Rothem Kovner, $345,000 on Aug. 19


75 Blakeman Road: Dean A. and Kathryn M. Mitchell to John D. Hall, $450,000 on Aug. 17

113 Buffalo Bay: Lewis D. Bakes to Mark R. Grabowski, $2,340,000 on Aug. 17

70 Governors Way: Maura and Stephen Herlihy to Clarissa C. Clarke and Sue P. Tingley, $780,000 on Aug. 19

168 Middle Beach Road: Hayden N. and Orlando Pelliccia to Gail and Paul Taylor, $1,565,000 on Aug. 20

North Avenue: Susan Fappiano to Scott R. Douglas and Kara L. Mungovan, $950,000 on Aug. 17

Sportsman Hill Road: Beth A. and Douglas C. Dry to Gregory M. and Lisa M. Osborne, $410,000 on Aug. 19

260 Summer Hill Road: Jonathan A. and Megan A. Manton to Charissa J. and Sean E. Benak, $365,000 on Aug. 19

North Branford

229 Branford Road Unit 530: Kimberly and Shauna Cappella to Corey Podbielski, $175,000 on Aug. 20


229 Branford Road Unit 551: Kerri Kuhn to Briana J. Gregoire, $178,000 on Aug. 18

33 Chidsey Drive: James E. and Mary G. Lovelace to James M. Lovelace, $315,000 on Aug. 18

16 Conifer Drive: Kelly and David DiNapoli to Brandon R. Gargiulo, $298,900 on Aug. 19

29 Lanes Pond Road: Christopher J. and Amy E. Handley to James V. Palmarozza, $457,000 on Aug. 19

10 Ric Court: P. Scott McHugh to Erica L. Martone and Rocco Corso, $290,000 on Aug. 20

876 South Main Street: What TF, LLC, to Sunwood Development Corporation, $85,000 on Aug. 21

226 Sea Hill Road: James E. and Elaine K. Carpenter to John C. and Lauren A. Just, $383,000 on Aug. 19

240 White Hollow Road: TCS Home Group, LLC, to Kimberly A. and Shauna Cappella, $300,000 on Aug. 18


11 Beckwith Road: Joanna Boccia to Hannah Kowalski and Emily Passarelli, $235,000 on Aug. 11

54 Bethke Road: US Bank NA to Stacie and Adam Thompson, $387,900 on Aug. 11

32 Buell Hill Road: Estate of Douglas S. Ross and Thomas S. Ross to Ronald J. Bernal, $499,900 on Aug. 20

13 Ely Lane: Michael J. and Carol L. Knowles to Gregory J. and Tara L. Bessoni, $507,000 on Aug. 21

75 Iron Works Road: Thomas and Kari A. Schaefer to Marcela Y. Rivera, $275,000 on Aug. 19

52 Tower Hill Road: Stephan A. Ariyan to Richard J. and Christine M. Spanbauer, $783,000 on Aug. 17


57 Essex Road: Julie Culmone to Amanda M. Culmone, $176,000 on Aug. 17

164 Hammock Road North Unit 26: Eleanor M. Umbehr to Ronald E. Palau, $349,900 on Aug. 17

Middle Beach Road: Lawrence W. DeAntonio to Joseph A. Kasinskas, $317,000 on Aug. 17

5 Minnow Lane: USA HUD to Donald A. Page, $150,000 on Aug. 18

East Haven

66 Burr Street: Vincent and Kate Gustavson to Alexander Girard, $180,250 on Aug. 12

13 Cedar Court Unit I: FHLM to Faith Bahat, $79,700 on Aug. 13

109 Center Street Unit 3-2: Michael Lozada to Carole Sargent, $234,900 on Aug. 13

378 Coe Avenue: Shawn Quinn and Mauri Share to Elaine Praphatsaland, $272,000 on Aug. 13

2 Crestwood Drive: Estate of Diane Pellegrino and Donna Walsh to Luis Castillo, $400,000 on Aug. 13

42 Doran Street: Estate of Frank Perrelli and George Perrelli to Union Street RT, $195,000 on Aug. 13

112 Frank Street: Justin Giordano and Danielle Ferraiolo to Michael and Toni Simiola, $249,900 on Aug. 13

10 George Street: Jeffrey Villano to Noelle and Justin Smith, $244,900 on Aug. 11

88 Maple Street: FHLM to James and Sandra DePonte, $135,000 on Aug. 12

14 Mountain View Terrace: Carpe, LLC, to Ivette Reyes, $245,000 on Aug. 13

154 Mulholland Way Unit 69: Salvatore Esposito to Salvatore and Diane DePrimo, $350,000 on Aug. 12

30 South Dale Street: Frank and Debra Lombardi to Matthew Nadeau, $230,000 on Aug. 12

140 Thompson Street Unit 14e: Michael and Nicole Malerba to Daniel Iglesias, $55,000 on Aug. 12

504 Thompson Street: Michael and Lenore Mancusi to Paul Klaucke and Caitlin Hansen, $290,000 on Aug. 12

N/A: Laura Goldstein to Pamela Acquarulo, $675,000 on Aug. 12

North Haven

28 Cella Terrace: Lucille S. Mahon to Brendan and Ashley Leddy, $395,000 on Aug. 17

1298 Hartford Turnpike Unit 1f: Rosewood, LLC, to Joseph Liatela, $206,800 on Aug. 17

35 Thorpe Street: Christian Monahan to Lisette Galaske and Jeffrey Richardson, $240,000 on Aug. 17

21 Turner Drive: John J. and Diana R. Marotto to Andoni and Serena Alberdi, $380,000 on Aug. 17

Old Saybrook

23 Edwards Road: Tsering Yangzom and Tenzin Lhudup to Nicholas G. Agnelli, $292,011 on Aug. 21

92 Elm Street: Peter D. Karkos to Kasey Commander, $279,000 on Aug. 18

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