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Real Estate

Real Estate Transactions for Sept. 17


231 Alden Drive: William and Lisa A. Newell to Christian Spencer and Emili Mahon-Spencer, $410,000 on Aug. 24

182 Bluff View Drive: Alfred E. Guy and Stacey L. Cummings to Curtis and Jessica Ray, $565,000 on Aug. 25

1960 Boston Post Road: Elen M. Bonano to 1940 Boston Post Road, LLC, $230,000 on Aug. 24

1968 Boston Post Road: Joseph Williams to 1940 Boston Post Road, LLC, $278,000 on Aug. 24

2746 Durham Road: David and Heather L. DeMaio to Joseph Fedak and Larissa Chiasson, $248,000 on Aug. 26

111 Flat Meadow Road: James L. and Robin M. Kalfaian to Ethan Gnepp and Andrea Minken, $403,000 on Aug. 25

67 Kendal Court: Cassius I. Chaar and Randa Adib-Chaar to Christopher A. and Catherine K. Nuzzo, $705,000 on Aug. 24

648 North Madison Road: HC Property Holdings, LLC, to Christopher Bull, $349,000 on Aug. 28

488 Nortontown Road: Leanne Minges-Bean to Kyle J. Datoush, $390,000 on Aug. 25

128 Rockland Road: Daniel C. and Erena M. Skorik to Owen R. and Ayla M. Davidson, $370,000 on Aug. 24

508 West Lake Avenue: Harris Bonfiglio to Guilford Trust and Janice L. Ross, $380,000 on Aug. 28

1021 West Lake Avenue: Francis T. and Eileen F. Betz to Seth Monahan and Julie Johnson, $415,000 on Aug. 25


21 2nd Avenue: Bobbie L. and Katherine L. Johnson to Hobart P. Young and Christina Dilieto-Young, $600,000 on Aug. 26

51 Applewood Road: Nicholas J. and Christina L. Caruso to Eric and Nicole Rank, $512,500 on Aug. 24

5 Ark Road: Ronan J. and Elizabeth Fernandez to Britany and Kyle A. Gies, $359,900 on Aug. 25

51 Flat Rock Road: Lita J. Blitz to Sean D. and Therese E. Meenaghan, $435,000 on Aug. 21

123 Florence Road: Michael Leone and Melinda Mayer to Rosangela Vallejo, $119,000 on Aug. 26

613 Longfellow Drive Unit 613: Jaroslaw Strzemien to Anna Albe, $170,000 on Aug. 26

59 Manorwood Drive Unit 59: Baonhu T. Ngo to Frederick and Kristin Williams, $160,000 on Aug. 25

Overland Court: Estate of William J. Monde and Anthony J. Monde to Kathryn Morgan, $290,000 on Aug. 24

44 Quarry Dock Road Unit 44: Steven D. Gore and Amy J. Davidoff to Christopher H. and Laura J. DeAngelis, $575,000 on Aug. 26

53 Quarry Dock Road Unit 53: Kai T. and Joanna M. Erikson to Steven Beresner, $375,000 on Aug. 26

26 Riverside Drive: Bethany Parks to Richard P. Monaco and Paula Zichichi, $255,000 on Aug. 26

403 Thoreau Street Unit 403: Hope Goering to Ariela Reder, $239,900 on Aug. 25

377 Walden Green Road Unit 377: Daniel G. Ferrier and Lorina C. Proto to Micah Rand-Cioppa, $154,000 on Aug. 25

145 Watch Hill Road Unit 145: Melissa Fappiano to Estervina Lopez, $189,900 on Aug. 26

10 Wilford Road: Oliver J. and Sara L. White to Richard Pearson-Smith and Carolyn C. Wineland, $649,900 on Aug. 25

8 Woodvale Road: Kyle and Britany Gies to Brian J. Fitter and Alyssa K. Precourt, $311,000 on Aug. 25


78 Acorn Road: Patrick J. and Susan Clifford to James D. Kuthe and Caitlin A. McDonough, $570,000 on Aug. 25

32 Beechwood Drive: Jacob Griswold to Linda Romanchok, $330,000 on Aug. 26

1359 Boston Post Road: Kyle & Blake, LLC, to KNS Ventures, LLC, $286,000 on Aug. 21

12 Bradley Road: First Congregational Church of Madison to Carol R. and Santhan Shanmugaratnam, $45,000 on Aug. 21

25 Conestoga Drive: Christine M. and Robert E. Miller to Kimberly Akerblom, $375,000 on Aug. 25

3 Hickory Lane: Andre M. and Meghan L. Blomberg to John J. and Sarah K. Lafferty, $719,500 on Aug. 25

455 Horse Pond Road: Danielle F. and Theo Rukundo to Brandon G. Romanchok, $355,000 on Aug. 26



17 Lantern Hill: Seashore Construction Company to Alket Meco, $455,000 on Aug. 24

56 Overshore Drive East: Gerald A. and Kate I. Davis to John and Kimberly Ford, $660,000 on Aug. 25

8 Partridge Lane: Andrew L. and Rebecca A. Bennett to Teresa Contadino and Christopher Kitchen, $476,000 on Aug. 24

15 Pepperwood Court: Kathleen and Peter J. Renwick to William Knecht and Shannon Reilly, $400,000 on Aug. 26

31 Pine Drive: Brandon G. and Linda Romanchok to John B. Holland, $475,000 on Aug. 25

114 Rolling Meadow Road: Dean S. and Joann W. Stirling to Jessica L. McManus and Stephen Lord-McManus, $535,000 on Aug. 25

58 Shepherds Trail: Daniel and Deborah Amato to Kevin D. Paro and Allison M. Schneider, $635,000 on Aug. 25

153 Wildwood Avenue: Mark D. Bergami to Vincent J. Benevento, $390,000 on Aug. 21

North Branford

14 Brook Road: Vincent J. and Jennifer Benevento to Gennaro F. and Kristie L. Carbone, $385,000 on Aug. 25

9 Judson Drive: Tara E. Augustine to Gregory J. and Anna Matusz, $260,000 on Aug. 24

235 Twin Lakes Road Unit E: Karthik Gnanapandithan and Nishrutha Karthik to Cheryl A. Sullivan, $202,000 on Aug. 25


205 Green Hill Road: Romy C. Schultz to Swift River, Inc., $299,000 on Aug. 25

37 Keith Circle: Marlene J. Novak to Geoffrey W. Lester, $460,000 on Aug. 25

202 Old Deep River Turnpike: FHLM to Maria T. Woodward, $330,000 on Aug. 25

569 Route 148: Joshua Bailey and Lauren Campbell to Bishoy E. Bibawy, $295,000 on Aug. 27


15 90 Rod Road: 311, LLC, to Glenn D. and Amy B. Orn, $370,000 on Aug. 26

Beach Park Road: Diane G. Herget to David M. and Donna R. Brouillette, $142,325 on Aug. 17

42 Carriage Drive: Estate of Florence Hominik and Kenneth Hominik to Richard Fernandes, $270,000 on Aug. 24

314 Chapman Mill Pond Road Unit 10: Zebedee and Chrisanne Nahum to Robert M. Scanlon, $115,000 on Aug. 24

116 Commerce Street: Estate of Richard E. Pettitt and Devon Pettitt to Gary A. and Jacqueline B. Childress, $163,900 on Aug. 24

122 Commerce Street: Robert A. and Barbara A. Ley to Michael Arciszewski and Nicole Mills, $630,000 on Aug. 18

5 Davis Farm Road: Ryan and Kimberly A. Marcell to Kristin Martin and William J. Thompson, $320,000 on Aug. 25

12 Founders Village Unit 12: Richard L. Carlson to Larua Felgate, $150,000 on Aug. 20

7 Frederick Place: James R. and Janet M. Fernstrom to Patrick Frazier and Famah D. Sells, $580,000 on Aug. 20

51 Grove Way: Robin Linares to Allison Page, $2,130,000 on Aug. 24

9 Hide A Way: Nicole Bartone to Christopher Cobler, $290,000 on Aug. 19

17 Janes Lane: David L. and Peggy L. Cunningham to Glenda R. Giordano, $200,000 on Aug. 18

25 Lochbourne Drive: Timothy Smith to Charles W. and Darlene Steponkus, $220,000 on Aug. 27

12 Olde Orchard Road: Ronald C. and Ellen U. Hurlburt to James Charlevois and Melinda Campbell, $360,900 on Aug. 27

30 Osprey Commons: Hammocks Development Company, LLC, to IRT Pittenger FT and Susan E. Pittenger, $450,000 on Aug. 20

32 Rocky Ledge Drive: Clayton R. Ryer to Tyler K. Dennison, $229,000 on Aug. 24

27 West Shore Drive: Andrew and Ifigenia Papadoloulos to Thomas Roche and Kerri Kuhn, $365,000 on Aug. 25

East Haven

127 Bennett Road: Kristin Capuano to Lee Obiabor, $319,000 on Aug. 18

5 Birch Lane Unit C: USA HUD to Elizabeth Matt, $65,121 on Aug. 17

623 Bradley Street: Magdalena Henriquez to Francis and Cinwu Anyanwu, $260,000 on Aug. 18

113 Estelle Road: Carlos Martinez and Ana Abrue to Dylan Carleton, $219,000 on Aug. 18

22 Green Glen Terrace: Arvydas Samis to Juan Letriz, $248,000 on Aug. 13

66 Hemingway Avenue: NKW Max Acquisitions 1, LLC, to East Haven High, LLC, $400,000 on Aug. 13

211 Hemingway Avenue: Nelson Garriga and Samantha DeMoss to Stephanie Whitworth and Theresa Storo, $185,000 on Aug. 13

13 Julius Drive: Mary Viscuso to Terrell Hill, $277,999 on Aug. 18

11 Kirkham Avenue: Michael and Erica Acampora to Alyssa Zordan, $236,000 on Aug. 18

534 Laurel Street: Crystal Penque to Guillermina Luna, $102,000 on Aug. 18

650 Laurel Street: Donghee and Dohyun Yoo to William and Erin Duskin, $355,000 on Aug. 18

233 Mansfield Grove Road Unit 303: Mark Carofano to Kim Rubin, $250,000 on Aug. 13

10 Palmetto Trail: Peggy Erickson to Debra DeLuca and Amy Gagliardi, $199,000 on Aug. 17

11 Roma Street: Charles Cheslock to Iglesia Admirable, $575,000 on Aug. 17

23 Roses Farm Road: Erin and Randall Mena to Francis Santoro, $250,000 on Aug. 13

140 Thompson Street Unit 2b: Francesca D’Allesandris and Lisa D’Alessandris to Carmen Yordan, $150,000 on Aug. 13

7 Wildwood Drive: Nancy and Kenneth Turbert to Marco Bautista and Richard Lopez, $310,000 on Aug. 13

North Haven

11 Ash Street: Wells Fargo Bank NA to Dana L. Coughlin, $161,000 on Aug. 26

3 Bradley Street: Robert L. and Solagne M. Vandal to Michael J. Ficocelli and Christopher W. Wagner, $229,900 on Aug. 25

70 Bradley Street: Nicole L. Saunders to Patrick J. O’Malley, $311,000 on Aug. 28

6 Colonial Drive: Eduardo E. Foster to Patrick J. Alden, $395,000 on Aug. 24

17 Evergreen Place: Cuttis B. Ray to Kyle C. Buswell and Kaitlin M. Jones, $275,000 on Aug. 24

32 Fitch Street: Andrew and Laura Nagorski to Samantha Criscuolo, $295,999 on Aug. 25

24 Grove Road: Rene S. and Francine Mira to Julio C. Vazquez-SanJuan, $352,000 on Aug. 25

1932 Hartford Turnpike: Steven Zion to Amr I. Khalil and Walaa Mohamed, $464,000 on Aug. 25

1957 Hartford Turnpike: John MacCallum to Justin and Crystal Sessa, $84,000 on Aug. 18

11 Horseshoe Hill Road: Gennaro & F. Saffioti IRT and Paul A. Saffioti to Klever Paladines-Correa and Guisela L. Loaiza, $300,000 on Aug. 28

22 Jones Farm Road: Lawrence and Mary S. Manende to Joseph R. Lee and Jona Bumci, $380,000 on Aug. 18

20 Macarthur Road: Kristin M. Kline to Florence M. Ramirez-Diaz, $310,000 on Aug. 24



Pool Road: Michael Hankin Obra 93 Trust and Mark Kaplan to Patricia and Dominic Moreggi, $90,000 on Aug. 20

26 Poplar Street: Mark J. and Ly Adams to Randi Keogh, $243,000 on Aug. 28

310 Quinnipiac Avenue: Bad Realty, LLC, to MSW Realty, LLC, $400,000 on Aug. 24

11 Ridgewood Terrace: Helen M. Davie RET and Douglas M. Davies to Joel C. and Susan E. Mastroianni, $364,500 on Aug. 21

4 Skiff Parkway: Laura and Patrick J. Alden to Mary L. Sloan, $260,000 on Aug. 25

292 Upper State Street: Earl D. and Mary L. Stamp to Kristen and Raymond Degnan, $460,820 on Aug. 24

65 Vineyard Road: Kristen E. Degnan to Joseph Jacobs, $309,950 on Aug. 24

17 Windsor Road East: Robert C. and Nancy R. Smith to Alex Calechman and Sara Foldy, $400,000 on Aug. 28



63 Chapman Avenue: David W. Schmidt and Andrea J. DiLugi to Albert and Donna Woszczyna, $1,100,000 on Aug. 27

138 Cold Spring Drive: Lynn Gonzalez to Kevin H. Peterson, $263,000 on Aug. 27

646 East Pond Meadow Road: USA HUD to Brian Badstuebner and Amber Neri, $225,000 on Aug. 26

888 Old Clinton Road: Jason J. and Tara M. Keefe to Robert Lawler and Lynn M. Stephens, $395,000 on Aug. 25

Spencer Plain Road: Mary A. Vail to Eleanor Umbehr, $285,000 on Aug. 25

450 Spencer Plains Road Unit 5: Anthony and Deborah Hull to Kole Ouellette, $265,000 on Aug. 28

51 Trolley Road: Gregory J. and Tanya A. Worrell to C. Vitagliano-Watson and Guy Watson, $202,000 on Aug. 24

Water Edge Resort: Patrick D. and Maria T. Deely to Anne Mattrella and John Bobbi, $20,000 on Aug. 24

Water Edge Resort: Anita L. and Ralph T. Saucier to Maria Genca, $15,000 on Aug. 27

Old Saybrook

1 Blueberry Lane: Karen D. Rutledge to Pamela and Steve Leibow, $425,000 on Aug. 24

9 Briarwood Drive: Kathryn E. Pansius to Brian Schaller, $172,000 on Aug. 27

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