Thursday, June 24, 2021

Real Estate

Real Estate Transactions for Oct. 1


200 Alden Drive: William and Suzanne Coale to Zoe Mills, $277,000 on Sept. 8

147 Broad Street: JF Sullivan House, LLC, to Joanna Murphy, $530,000 on Sept. 9

Chestnut Grove: Chestnut Investments, LLC, to Nikita Wang, $215,000 on Sept. 9

37 Edgewood Drive: Justin C. and Jill A. Paglino to Brenda I. and Hubel D. Sandoval, $296,500 on Sept. 9

14 Halleck Street: Dane and Maribeth Lawrence to Diane M. and David R. Hall, $440,000 on Sept. 9

26 Little Meadow Road: Daphne J. Stitt to John E. Kittrell, $389,000 on Sept. 9

2010 Little Meadow Road: Barbara E. and Brian Dixon to Kimberly Delphine-Hieftje and Bernard Francois, $540,000 on Sept. 10

34 Long Hill Farm: Clare D. Folsom to Philip L. Ross, $335,000 on Sept. 10

455 State Street: Douglas E. Fazzina to Byron Brewer, $400,000 on Sept. 10

117 Tuttles Point Road: Susan B. Zanzucchi to Eric and Kathryn Sejourne, $379,000 on Sept. 9


54 Brushy Plain Road: Estate of Bernice Paprocki and Patricia Labonte to Luis F. Albarracin-Carrion and Teresa D. Rojas-Peralta, $254,899 on Sept. 4

5 Crouch Road: Speros L. Booras to Gregory and Jeffrey Nobile, $260,000 on Sept. 9

54 Greenfield Avenue: Timothy J. Simao to Michael Sullivan, $315,000 on Sept. 4

264 Harbor Street: Catherine Volpe to F&A Homes, LLC, $203,100 on Sept. 4

Long Island Sound Road: Katherine S. Kahan to New Albany Island, LLC, $4,200,000 on Sept. 10

155 Monticello Drive Unit 155: Ana P. Loja to Kwame Dunbar, $187,000 on Sept. 8

37 Pawson Trail: Nancy D. Gracey to Kaitlin E. Malin, $675,000 on Sept. 4

113 Pine Orchard Road: Michael J. Silvestrini to Carmen Ferro, $385,000 on Sept. 9

Russell Village Condo Unit 13: Arthur Stoner to GV Residential, LLC, $70,000 on Sept. 8

25 Sound View Heights: Gary H. Geller to 1216 Oak Street, LLC, $306,000 on Sept. 4

13-c Stonegate Circle: Geraldine Rucquoi to Tahir Shabbir, $192,000 on Sept. 10

87 Stony Creek Road: Mark DiLungo to Dennis Bozzuto, $280,000 on Sept. 10

99 Todds Hill Road: Estate of Daniel T. Cosgrove, Sr., and Susan E. Barnes to F. Vigliotti Construction Company, LLC, $1,825,000 on Sept. 10

41 Waverly Park Road: Lara McGlashan to Nicole Harelik, $285,000 on Sept. 9

14 Waverly Road: Diane Dadamo to Anthony Annicelli, $250,000 on Sept. 8


38 Boston Post Road: Moumen and Suzanne M. Almouzayn to John Morton and Gavitt Woodard, $1,490,000 on Sept. 3

605 Green Hill Road: Kathleen C. Bagdasarian to Phoebe Finch and Douglas E. Schreiner, $620,000 on Sept. 4

19 Highview Road: Sahdev Keshwala to Meredith Kubicki, $545,000 on Sept. 4

4 Linden Lane: Kimberly P. and Robert C. Servas to Andre M. and Meghan Blomberg, $942,000 on Sept. 4

21 Old Farms Road: Vincent Schulz to Christine and Joseph Silva, $315,000 on Sept. 9

40 Old Post Road: Michael Mica to Jennifer N. and Thomas R. Sullivan, $200,000 on Sept. 3

21 Toffee Lane: Significant Journeys, LLC, to Joseph N. and Kathryn L. Contessa, $565,000 on Sept. 8

35 Tuxis Road: Clara E. Munson and Andrew J. Tarpill to Curtis A. Baker and Hillary Alperin-Baker, $610,000 on Sept. 8

29 Twin Bridge Road: David Hall to Catherine C. and Edward Hales, $330,000 on Sept. 9

421 Warpas Road: Douglas E. and Phoebe Schreiner to Patrick S. Carroll, $495,000 on Sept. 4

1400 Wickford Place: Lori S. Payton to Woodvale RET and Mary Anderson, $922,500 on Sept. 3

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