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Real Estate

Real Estate Transactions for Oct. 8


8 Antoinette Lane: Charles F. and Nancy K. Turner to John T. and Julia Souvlis, $590,000 on Sept. 16

179 Boston Post Road: Frank Damico to Viviana Orrego and Blanca A. DeOrrego, $220,000 on Sept. 18

3 Cobblefield Lane: John E. Aruny to Carlos R. and Kristin D. Oliveira, $650,000 on Sept. 11

146 Colonial Road: Anne Merriam to Gregg D. Adler and Elizabeth A. Conklin, $599,000 on Sept. 16

35 Hart Road: Raymond and Audrey S. Sundwall to Robert and Michelle Inahuazo, $285,000 on Sept. 15

316 Little Meadow Road: Paul W. and Janet G. Boughton to Charles Kurmay, $850,000 on Sept. 16

1399 Long Hill Road: Jean R. Goldfarb to Sam W. Rooney and Olivia R. Zaleski, $310,000 on Sept. 16

1975 Long Hill Road: William D. Jennings to Jersen O. Cordon-Galavan, $280,000 on Sept. 14

2 Mohawk Trail Unit 2: Jessica Joseff to Macy Lebert, $87,500 on Sept. 18

17 Northview Drive: New England RP Holdings, LLC, to Christopher and Kimberly Miserendino, $410,927 on Sept. 16

Podunk Road: Jane Drewes to Meghan Rabbitt-Morean and Sarah Rabbitt, $900,000 on Sept. 18

4 Quonnipaug Hill Road: Randal Crosby and Dianne Macintosh to Blaize Levitan and Kristina Powell, $268,000 on Sept. 18

131 Russett Drive: Jonathan A. and Anne L. Kringen to Richard S. Samela and Amy L. Chmiel, $467,500 on Sept. 17

Spruce Hill Drive: Jared E. Smith and Nancy S. Detra to F. Vigliotti Construction Company, LLC, $1,980,000 on Sept. 17

38 Sugarbush Drive: Michael Bennetto to Monica L. Torresani and Lance L. Hibbert, $365,000 on Sept. 16

707 Tanner Marsh Road: William M. Abene and Louise Moloney-Abene to Eric J. Watsky, $1,430,000 on Sept. 15

11 Village Victoria Unit 11: Todd J. and Barbara A. DuBois to Mary Kennedy Keenan RET and Mary K. Keenan, $362,500 on Sept. 17

Water Street: Julio V. Capezzone to 24 Water Street, LLC, $116,666 on Sept. 18

Water Street: Estate of Celestino R. Capezzone and Julio Capezzone to 24 Water Street, LLC, $116,666 on Sept. 18

24 Water Street: Estate of Leo A. Capezzone and Dolores C. Rusconi to 24 Water Street, LLC, $116,666 on Sept. 18

West Street: CT Prosper 401K Trust and Joseph Swiderski to Erica Gilloran, $90,000 on Sept. 17

446 Whitfield Street Unit D: James Canfield to Tori and Ronnie J. Rysz, $355,000 on Sept. 14

94 Woodland Road: Donna J. Luddie to Joel W. Luddie, $214,000 on Sept. 11


32 Circle Drive: Lisa Caturano to Elilzabeth A. Falk, $415,000 on Sept. 11

2 Dogwood Court: Josephine Carrano to Christopher Fee, $310,000 on Sept. 11

6 Lakeview Terrace: Marina Ghadimian and Penny Agent-Palavra to Ahmed Frikel, $220,000 on Sept. 14

280 Linden Avenue: Mark I. Harrison to Evelyn L. Waldron, $1,650,000 on Sept. 16

247 Monticello Drive Unit 247: Curt M. and Clement O. Sutherland to Benjamin Biondi, $175,000 on Sept. 11

112 Montowese Street: Marinelli FT and Karen M. Rossetti to John Castlevetro, $749,900 on Sept. 15

131 North Main Street Unit 24: Steve J. Antonucci and Donald H. Brown to Matthew Deutsch, $78,500 on Sept. 14

27 Oak Hollow Road: Armond B. and Anne Mauro to Mark and Fiona McCall, $415,000 on Sept. 16

10 Pleasant Point Road: Elizabeth H. and Howard F. Zoarski to Vikas Thondapu and Eve Revalor, $440,000 on Sept. 11

85 Quarry Dock Road Unit 85: Josh A. Yoffe to Amy M. Rossi IRT and Amy M. Rossi, $399,000 on Sept. 14

59 South Montowese Street: Jason and Anne Simonsen to Kristine R. Azar and Daniel J. Chevalier, $334,500 on Sept. 11

9 Stonegate Unit G: Merilee R. Baker to Denise Cusanelli, $135,200 on Sept. 14


3 Sybil Creek Place: Roberta D. Grossman RET and Ellen B. Habelow to Walter and Patricia Cawley, $530,000 on Sept. 11

2 Tyler Avenue: Michael and Heather Cassano to Nadia Lovejoy-Bowers and Corey Stoll, $1,350,000 on Sept. 16

20 Victor Hill Drive: Margaret P. Mirto IRT and Linda M. Altieri to Ryan A. and Alisha M. Desrosiers, $305,000 on Sept. 17


1039 Boston Post Road: Franziska and Stanley Kiersnowski to Daniel H. Petonito, $370,000 on Sept. 15

45 Buck Hill Road: Jo Ann Horn Maynard LT and Jo A. Horn-Maynard to Edward P. and Yvonne Barry, $652,000 on Sept. 11

156 Concord Drive: Sherry L. Newcomb to Aaron Orenstein and Anna Sklaver-Orenstein, $416,500 on Sept. 10

217 Devonshire Lane: Dennis and Lisa R. Bozzuto to Steven G. Linder, $776,100 on Sept. 11

287 Duck Hole Road: FJ Corsini 2, LLC, to Ryan Katzman, $459,900 on Sept. 15

361 Durham Road: Cherry Hill Construction, Inc., to 361 Durham Road, LLC, $114,900 on Sept. 16

30 High Hill Circle: Edward P. and Yvonne Barry to Joanna Douglas, $585,000 on Sept. 15

22 Johns Path: Sinogain CT, LLC, to Michaela Dinan and Timothy Robinson, $1,250,000 on Sept. 16

32 Linden Lane: Robert S. Mancini to Rick McLaughlin, $560,000 on Sept. 14

145 Squires Road: Carole W. Potter to Kathleen and Peter MacInnis, $329,000 on Sept. 16

Tuxis Road: Rachael and Rachael Salsano-Mazza to Deborah Fitzgerald, $480,000 on Sept. 15

North Branford

2020 Middletown Avenue: USA HUD to Paul E. and Paul C. DeFonzo, $265,375 on Aug. 24

184 Branford Road: Hisham and Maha J. Razouki to Russell Ritter, $280,000 on Sept. 14

715 Forest Road: Priscilla A. DePaola to Patricia M. Turmenne and Samantha A. Barscz, $435,000 on Sept. 15

24 Hubbard Road: Joan R. Cohn to Realty Ventures, LLC, $95,000 on Sept. 17

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