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Real Estate

Real Estate Transactions for Oct. 22


65 Barnshed Lane: Justin and Andrea Barnum to Andrew and Martha Shelton, $320,000 on Sept. 28

59 Bayberry Lane: Robert A. and Deirdre B. Jacob to Jeffrey M. and Cynthia DeLott, $519,000 on Sept. 30

55 Chimney Corner Circle: William G. Quirk and Coralie Shaw to Zoe Odlum, $1,035,000 on Sept. 29

44 Copper Hill Drive Unit 44: Caroline Cioffi to Nancy Durant, $257,400 on Sept. 28

25 Dogwood Lane: USA HUD to Fumi Realty, Inc., $135,250 on Oct. 1

Durham Road: Valerie J. and Terry J. McElligott to Anthony and Rachel Mascia, $365,000 on Oct. 2

25 East Creek Circle: Joyce E. Benzi to Jarel and Jessica Gallman, $305,000 on Sept. 28


77 Fair Street: Peter Stevenson and Naomi E. King to Peter A. Mancini, $645,000 on Oct. 1

5 Indian Meadows Drive: James P. Kurowski to Ashley M. and Darryl T. Martin, $562,000 on Sept. 28

59 Long Hill Road: Birgitta M. Sparf to Frederic F. Small, $239,000 on Oct. 1

418 Old Whitfield Street: Kimberly D. Augur to Kevin Albies and Samantha Ketchale, $260,000 on Oct. 2

80 Seaview Terrace: Alexander Dorato and Kathleen Brown-Dorato to Joyce C. and Ronald J. Tracey, $415,000 on Oct. 2

99 Wilderwood Drive: Walter and Patricia Cawley to Kevin Millman, $315,000 on Sept. 29


4 Beechwood Road: Catherine M. Bokus to Michael and Melissa McGinley, $375,000 on Oct. 1

3 Castle Rock Unit 3: Robert W. Whalen to Richard and Anne Calvert, $371,135 on Sept. 25

12 Cedar Park: Kevin Gamble to Zachary A. Krier, $100,000 on Oct. 1

80 Dominican Road: Francine and David Haddad to Thais Sobczak, $272,611 on Sept. 28

25 Dorr Street: Ocean View Design, Inc., to Nadia Ziyadeh and Christopher C. Payne, $680,000 on Oct. 1

25 Florence Road Unit 7: Ellen C. Rosenthal to Mary Vixcuso, $152,000 on Oct. 1

20 Forest Street Extension: Richard and Pamela Stoecker to Stephen J. Raiker and Kathleen M. McAvoy, $290,000 on Sept. 29

30 Laurel Hill Road: Anthony and Angela Grammatico to Sean Gleason and Michelle DiMarzo, $393,000 on Sept. 28

243 Linden Avenue: Barbara W. Carlson LT and Barbara W. Carlson to Lisa Lattanza, $709,000 on Sept. 25

253 Monticello Drive Unit 253: Jennifer Penna and Shirley Borg-Penna to Cecily Edwards, $190,000 on Sept. 25

14 Montoya Drive Unit 14: Valerie Wohlstrom to John Veros and Courtney McAuliffe, $153,000 on Sept. 28

84 Northford Road: Ellen M. Marks Trust and Ellen M. Marks to Bekir and Adile Seferge, $405,000 on Oct. 1

65 Palmer Road: Julia A. Downs to Kevin J. McSherry, $295,000 on Oct. 1

73 Pine Orchard Road: Warren F. and Monika H. Smith to Biljana M. and Matthew C. Ally, $319,000 on Sept. 25

206 Pine Orchard Road: Janet S. Ryan to William V. and Tamara L. DeFrancesco, $685,000 on Sept. 28

139 Shore Drive: US Bank NA Trust to Megan Czekaj and Mark Geist, $284,900 on Oct. 1

68 Sunset Hill Drive: Nancy Woodruff Wheeler Trust and Wendy C. Wheeler to Anthony and Angela M. Grammatico, $400,000 on Sept. 25

61 Waverly Park Road: Enid Sherry to James Craig, $219,000 on Sept. 30

24 Woodvale Road: Gregory Caturano to Christina Andreoli, $345,000 on Oct. 1


72 5 Fields Road: Carl A. and Stephanie M. Brucher to Michael D. Basler, $390,000 on Sept. 25

East Wharf Road: John A. Matthews to Dennis J. Berger and Janet R. Lyons, $1,000,000 on Sept. 24

63 Field Brook Road: Jay F. and Sheila K. Rubino to Christopher M. and Patricia L. Papacoda, $522,250 on Sept. 28

Garnet Park Road: Erika L. Sandler to Jacklynn M. and Walter Pickett, $407,000 on Sept. 28

6 Godman Road: John J. Kelly to Joseph H. and Maria A. Infurchia, $356,000 on Sept. 24

68 Hartford Avenue: Christopher and Rachel Moore to Rachel A. Lepine and Bradley Robbins, $450,000 on Sept. 28

89 Joshua Trail: Mark C. Gilchrist and Barbara A. Plotkin to Loomis Group, LLC, $377,000 on Sept. 28

21 Pierce Lane: 21 Pierce Lane, LLC, to Brianna M. Julig and John M. Massa, $320,000 on Sept. 25

10 Salt Meadow Lane: Linda M. Bruno and Jerard F. Maher to Shari and William E. Sykes, $800,000 on Sept. 24

56 Walnut Hill Road: Lauren E. and Thomas O. Malec to Anna C. Ford and Andrew G. Heckler, $411,000 on Sept. 28

North Branford

229 Branford Road Unit 424: Seth Walker to Scott M. Keyes, $159,000 on Sept. 28

229 Branford Road Unit 468: Kristina and Matthew Rooney to Tyler A. Goodrich, $180,000 on Oct. 2

229 Branford Road Unit 520: Richard D. and Jaclyn M. Montanari to Joseph R. Carbone and Melissa M. Gildea, $176,000 on Sept. 28

9 Glen Road: Ben J. White to Francine Cain-Haddad and David Haddad, $339,000 on Sept. 29

1 Maria Todd Road: Kevin G. and Vincenza O’Dell to Michael Morehouse and Lisa Davolio, $630,000 on Oct. 1

12 Neubigs Way: Eric K. and Maria L. Anderson to Katherine E. Socha, $373,000 on Oct. 2

10 Robin Lane: Antonio R. Sandagata and Jeanamarie N. Gargano to Omar Tolentino and Roxane Brigola, $330,000 on Oct. 1

87 Summit Drive: Eleanor M. Osbourne to Alicia Glifort, $392,500 on Sept. 30


120 Chestnut Hill Road: Jack Sizer and Maria T. Maiaroto to Weylin J. Burke, $310,000 on Sept. 28

106 Chittenden Road: FNMA to Buy or Sell Realty, LLC, $205,000 on Sept. 29

75 Emanuel Church Road: Hazel A. and Daniel J. Prestin to Benjamin Quinones, $481,525 on Sept. 29

28 Patrick Drive: Estate of Anthony Papa and Donald W. Anderson to Paul M. Coady and Dana C. Mantilia, $65,000 on Sept. 29

North Haven

35 Benedict Drive: Michael T. and Mandy K. Jordan to Katherine A. Kramer, $370,000 on Sept. 28

11 Briarwood Circle: Nicholas J. and Alyssa Borrelli to Matthew J. Ferraiolo and Kelly L. Huppert, $282,000 on Sept. 29

1529 Hartford Turnpike: Roseanne C. Napolitano to Peter Lucibello, $122,000 on Sept. 28

16 Hidden Pond Road: Stephanie A. and Norman H. St. Michel to C.G. Maldonado-Negron and Charlene J. Maldonado, $320,000 on Sept. 29

651 Middletown Avenue: Anthony T. Cretella to Rudolph M. and Rachel L. Fasano, $330,000 on Sept. 29

29 Postman Highway: Steven M. Voils to Barbara Ross, $255,000 on Sept. 28

20 Sherman Terrace: Wendy Spillane to Caleb Spillane, $209,000 on Sept. 28

51 Sugar Hill Road: Salvatore P. and Deborah L. Pullano to Gerard P. Cocco, $365,000 on Sept. 28

9 Winding Brook Road: Timberwood Homes, LLC, to Philip H. Wong, $640,000 on Sept. 29


19 Evergreen Drive: Jeffrey J. and Catherine B. Wagner to Thomas M. Mayeski, $311,100 on Oct. 1

41 Hammock Road: Dounouk Daughters RET and Debra D. Garten to Frank and Cynthia Raphael, $1,200,000 on Oct. 1

33 Jefferson Circle: Rick S. Scott to Felicia Harris, $279,000 on Sept. 30

95 Pratt Road: Donald L. Grady to Richard and Jeralyn Follis, $625,000 on Sept. 25

47 Willow Lane: BJF Properties, LLC, to Dana M. Clifton, $311,000 on Oct. 1

17 Woods Lane: Dana Clifton to Nicholas Cardona, $360,000 on Oct. 1


Autumn Ridge: Toby Hill Chase, LLC, to Joseph and Kelly Camporeale, $538,990 on Sept. 29

25 Fairview Road: Jean M. and Mark Cornacchio to Vincent P. and Heidi A. Shamansky, $525,000 on Oct. 2

175 Fishing Brook Road: Thomas M. and Nicole Tarantino to Lexie and Philip Chapell, $475,000 on Oct. 2

51 Ortner Drive: Robert L. Woods RET and Gerald L. Woods to Katherine H. Zapadka LT and Phillip S. Zapadka, $420,000 on Sept. 30

14 Pioneer Road Unit 15: Michael J. and Paula M. Jurewicz to Andrew E. Caputo and Kate Massaro, $1,150,000 on Oct. 1

843 Pond Meadow Road: Mathew M. Kachur and Maria V. Lamoutte to Phillip and Anne DeMiris, $366,000 on Sept. 29

Seaside Avenue: Domenick and Betty L. Daniels to South Colony Associates, $418,000 on Sept. 28

19 Shailer Drive: Carl B. and Naomi DiFazio to Donna and Robert Beaudoin, $415,000 on Oct. 2


Old Saybrook

10 Blue Heron Way Unit 10: James G. Howe to Frances A. Guerrera RET and Frances A. Guerrera, $440,000 on Oct. 2

821 Boston Post Road: Debra L. VanEpps to LCJ, LLC, $45,000 on Sept. 30

1 Captains Lane: USA HUD to Marcelo Cordova, $289,600 on Oct. 1

11 Coulter Street Unit 26: Donald M. Roberts to Heather L. and Roderick J. Lavallee, $322,500 on Oct. 1

19 Crowley Drive: Estate of Nancy G. Trask and Joseph L. Trask to Alan H. and Dila Ostertag, $330,000 on Oct. 2

62 Hartford Avenue: Randy L. and Leona L. Rianhard to Steven R. and Darlene M. Davies, $441,500 on Sept. 30

Jarvis Road Lot 210: Robert Smith and Joan Valentine to Richard M. and Catherine I. Kaplan, $767,000 on Sept. 30

Jarvis Road Lot 212: Robert Smith and Joan Valentine to Richard M. and Catherine I. Kaplan, $767,000 on Sept. 30

3 Jorgensen Lane: William M. and Jayne Forrestt to Yvonne Healey, $465,000 on Oct. 2

344 Maple Avenue: Martha H. Bedford to Keith and Cindy Douglas, $890,000 on Sept. 29









Old Saybrook

65 Nehantic Trail: Richard Parizo to Peter Boccarossa, $379,000 on Sept. 28

2 Obed Trail: Edward M. and Cathy Z. Olsen to John and Anna Kanaras, $595,000 on Oct. 2

163 Old Boston Post Road: Stephen Nardine and Ruth L. Levy to P.D. & J.M. Argazzi RET and Paul D. Argazzi, $645,000 on Sept. 30

19 Park Avenue: Laurene J. and Robert Buzdon to Stephen E. and Cheryl F. Norton, $770,000 on Sept. 28




Laurel Street: David Jordan to William Myers, $69,550 on Sept. 30

Deep River

72 Cedar Lake Road: Reverse Mortgage Solutions, Inc., to Abidin Cecunjanin, $91,000 on Sept. 29

125 Main Street: Gary Pipkin and Heidi Samuelson to Barry K. Wilcox and Rafferty J. Margulies, $287,000 on Sept. 29

391 Main Street Unit 404: Justin P. Waz to Cynthia A. Goetz, $150,000 on Oct. 1

21 River Street: Wilmington Savings Fund Society to Michael Ludwig, $189,901 on Sept. 28


29 Bushy Hill Road: James K. Gabinetti and Christine M. Senerchia to Shane N. Vernon and Talia M. Spera, $409,900 on Oct. 1

5 Carol Drive: Thomas and Shelby M. MacNeil to Bruno Cardoso, $650,000 on Sept. 29

42 Crosstrees Hill Road: John W. Meier to Ava A. Schnidman, $1,775,000 on Sept. 30

50 Grove Street: Dennis L. Pough and Adam C. Calkins to Mare E. Rosenbaum and Jan M. Beyen, $676,000 on Sept. 29

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