Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Real Estate

Real Estate Transactions for Oct. 29


117 Hoyt Lane: Marianne V. Naccarato to Mark and Alesha Bello, $809,000 on Oct. 5

147 Lakeside Drive: S&S Properties CT, LLC, to John D. and Emily R. McGrath, $400,000 on Oct. 6

1821 Little Meadow Road: Timothy J. Hession and Jessie M. Moore to Alan Sweeney, $305,000 on Oct. 6

Marsh Road: Diane E. Sholomskas to Kenneth and Elisa Ruff, $210,000 on Oct. 7

131 Neck Road: Eric J. Ploumis and Deborah R. Brown to Michael and Diane L. Macris, $775,000 on Oct. 6

111 Opening Hill Road: Paul and Margaret Amble to Laura Fuller-Weston, $635,000 on Oct. 6

331 Podunk Road: National Residential Nominee Services, Inc., to Vincent and Antonia Parker, $795,000 on Oct. 5


275 Clark Avenue: Sherry Molaskey to Jennifer Walker, $415,000 on Oct. 8

25 Deer Path Road: Mark and Alesha A. Bello to Ryan and Jessica Johnson, $479,000 on Oct. 5

93 Hampton Park Unit 93: Shannon Curren to Veronica Howard, $140,000 on Oct. 8

106 Highland Avenue: Patricia A. and Lynn Viesti to Collin C. Watson and Severine DeBaisieux, $650,000 on Oct. 8

52 Hopson Avenue: Bertil E. Peterson and Cathleen E. DeFrancis to Pane FT and Louis Pane, $208,000 on Oct. 7


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