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Real Estate Transactions for Nov. 5


288 Briarwood Drive: James F. DiLieto to Ryan G. and Courtney Murphy, $610,000 on Oct. 16

11 East Bearhouse Hill Road: Albert M. Rossini and Diane Palmeri to Dennis M. and Meredith H. Carnelli, $800,000 on Oct. 15

17 East River Road: Estate of Frank E. West and Mark West to George McGinniss, $430,000 on Oct. 14

38 Edwards Street: Heather Gilbert to Abbey Clarke-Moschella and Peter Jutras, $270,000 on Oct. 14

44 Highwoods Drive: Sharon Tortora to Mark Spadacenta and Marissa Esposito, $392,500 on Oct. 16

22 Kenneth Circle: Stephen and Gregory J. McGovern to Sandy E. Wolf, $365,000 on Oct. 9


836 Mulberry Point Road: Estate of Alan L. Gans and David L. Godfrey to Kalvinder Dhillon, $1,600,000 on Oct. 15

Podunk Place Condo Unit 2: Michael E. and Daphne Byrne to Penelope Fritzer, $251,000 on Oct. 15

650 Podunk Road: William Ciaglo to Suzanne Ziegenhagen, $585,000 on Oct. 9

38 River Colony Unit 38: Mollie O’Brien to Luis and Rivero Y. Hornos, $135,000 on Oct. 13

Route 80: Scott D. and Gina M. Chamberlain to Mark and Jeanna Sadorra, $380,000 on Oct. 9

115 Sachem Head Road: Bessie S. Walkden to AK Paramount Properties, LLC, $230,000 on Oct. 15


77-f Briarwood Lane: William J. Gruner to Diane S. Seales, $83,000 on Oct. 13

318 Clark Avenue: Mathew Mastrogiacomo to Richard Hahn, $450,000 on Oct. 9

211 East Main Street Unit 7: Ashleigh Bepko to Sabrina G. Danard, $121,000 on Oct. 13

137 Florence Road Unit 1c: Jillian Mackenzie and Ellen J. Walter to Margaux C. and Patrice D. Rigoland, $133,500 on Oct. 9

10 Manorwood Drive Unit 10: Cynthia M. Thompson to Carlos Cruz, $154,000 on Oct. 9

60 Maple Street Unit 26: Christopher J. Fraenza to Christine Duffy, $300,000 on Oct. 13

9 Pineview Drive Unit A: Robert J. and Rita E. Krupp to Alison Guthrie, $130,000 on Oct. 9


67 Allison Drive: Lowri H. and Richard L. Foyle to Amy T. Steffen RET and Amy T. Steffen, $89,000 on Oct. 13

308 Bartlett Drive: Elizabeth A. and Kirk D. Oswald to Allison and Ian Armstrong, $715,000 on Oct. 8

39 Buck Hill Road: Karen E. Brown to Kristen and Michael Harvey, $615,000 on Oct. 14

37 Church Lane: Alan C. and Susan S. Miller to Ashley Eltorai, $535,000 on Oct. 9

39 Circle Beach Road: Kristine J. Kelliher and David W. McMullen to Tessy Vadakel and Jose Vellaiparambil, $785,000 on Oct. 8

1009 Durham Road: John P. and Mary Potenziani to Deborah T. Cullen-Morales and Arnaldo L. Morales, $399,000 on Oct. 13

30 Fairfield Road: Julie K. and Salvatore N. Mancuso to Caitlin and Daniel Malicki, $380,000 on Oct. 13

227 Fort Path Road: Frederick and Kriste Morro to Sarah F. Gantz, $385,000 on Oct. 9

6 Matteo Court: Clemente Martone to Jenna E. and Matthew G. Hancock, $600,000 on Oct. 9

16 Middle Beach Road: Doreen and Michael E. Sproule to Jennifer Ashley, $2,250,000 on Oct. 14

55 Middle Beach Road: Jennifer Ashley to Mary A. Lewis, $1,250,000 on Oct. 14

25 Saint Francis Woods Road: Kimberly P. and Robert S. Ryan to Christy Copes and Zachary Mildrum, $343,000 on Oct. 14

18 Salem Road: Judith H. Shaw to Amy R. Long, $272,000 on Oct. 13

428 Wall Street: Kevin S. and Tina N. Garrity to 48 B Wall, LLC, $340,000 on Oct. 14

North Branford

218 Valley Road: Paul M. and Genevieve M. Proto to Ted Linstrum, $505,000 on Oct. 16


279 Roast Meat Hill Road: Elizabeth H. Terenzio to Janice Markham and Gerald R. Markahm, $379,000 on Oct. 14

614 Route 148: Michele Sutton to Christopher Arrigoni, $200,000 on Oct. 16

19 Tower Hill Road: Chester Blue to Christine Arrigoni-Blue, $244,000 on Oct. 15

8 Wolf Hollow Lane: Beth K. Rusilowicz to William P. and Samantha Barrett, $525,000 on Oct. 14

N/A: John A. Moore to Scott D. and Gina M. Chamberlain, $352,000 on Oct. 14

North Haven

511 Elm Street Unit 6-5: Louis M. and Diana DeNegre to Janet Galbraith and Ronald F. Laford, $310,000 on Oct. 14

42 Fieldstone Court Unit 42: Rhonda L. Kreisman to John and Jane Keane, $302,900 on Oct. 16

103 Fitch Street: Patricia M. Cook to Nicole Oliveira, $375,000 on Oct. 14

11 Hamilton Court: Michael F. and Christina P. Colandrea to Andrew C. and Laura J. Nagorski, $455,000 on Oct. 15

1109 Hartford Turnpike: David and Chandra Pieragostini to TRG 1109 Hartford, LLC, $55,000 on Oct. 13

10 Independence Lane: Colleen Casey to Lori Cavuoti, $299,000 on Oct. 13

15 Maiden Lane Unit 1: Bayview Loan Servicing to Keith Grogan, $273,000 on Oct. 13

216 Quinnipiac Avenue Unit 108: Ira H. and Patricia M. Falk to Kathleen Merwin, $67,000 on Oct. 16

216 Quinnipiac Avenue Unit 318: Louis Paturzo to Frabnk E. Visconti, $68,000 on Oct. 13

81 Sugar Hill Road: Philip E. and El M. Maturo to Aymen A. Alian and Amal A. Seif, $600,000 on Oct. 16


15 Blaine Avenue: Alfred and Susan B. Girardi to Thomas and Victoria Willey, $300,000 on Oct. 13

144 East Main Street Unit 19: Amy R. Long to Qi Xiuzhen, $99,900 on Oct. 13

4 Silver Birch Lane: Richard P. Eisen and Luanne K. Craco to Eric T. and Erin C. Collins, $369,500 on Oct. 9

25 West Road: Richard F. Griffin to Jennifer Rawlings, $570,000 on Oct. 13


250 Boston Post Road: John B. Algenius to Josiah B. and Cecilia S. Swift, $595,000 on Oct. 15

Brookside Road: Jeremiah N. Murasso to Michael A. Farina and Meredith L. Watson, $330,000 on Oct. 9

233 Ken Rose Terrace: William A. Bernard to Matthew W. Strout, $382,000 on Oct. 13

Lea Drive: Margaret J. Lippincott to Nicholas Brecken, $225,000 on Oct. 16

7 Pepperidge Avenue: Andrew M. and Kathleen B. Bozzuto to Kathleen Lundell, $615,000 on Oct. 13


516 Seaside Avenue: James P. and John M. Madden to Sal and Camille Iacobucci, $410,000 on Oct. 13

Waters Edge Resort Condo Lot 220: Cheryl A. Cipolla RET and Cheryl A. Cipolla to Margaret F. Gibbons and Peter J. Trinchero, $300,000 on Oct. 9

Old Saybrook

1325 Boston Post Road: Kevin P. Kelly and Edward P. O’Connell to Provence Land Company, LLC, $380,000 on Oct. 15

9 Cedar Lane: Michael P. and Brittany L. Silvestrini to Alan S. Weil, $2,200,000 on Oct. 13

Chalker Beach Road: Lynn L. DiStefano to Paul S. DiStefano, $389,000 on Oct. 14

7 Garden Street: F.A. & R.J. Bolduc, Sr., FT and Ronald J. Bolduc to Richard and Susan Gallo, $470,000 on Oct. 13

39 Hill Street: Edward A. and Lori A. DaMato to Blaine Hackman and Gennyu Ngai, $597,000 on Oct. 14

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