Thursday, May 13, 2021

Real Estate

Real Estate Transactions for Nov. 19


330 Boston Street: Thomas Jankiewicz and Gillian Kankiewicz to Peggy DosSantos, $325,000 on Oct. 26

35 Clear Lake Road: 35 Clear Lake Road, LLC, to Cheryl and Kimm E. Warren, $315,000 on Oct. 23

22 River Colony Unit 22: Estate of George R. Dayharsh and Jennifer Dayharsh to Andrew Argento, $115,000 on Oct. 23

19 Russo Drive: Raymond E. Luden to Katherine A. Linstrom, $455,000 on Oct. 26

117 Shell Beach Road: Thomas E. Ripley to Stephan and Susan H. Meier, $490,000 on Oct. 26

94 Spencer Avenue: Ethel D. Lees to Patricia L. Zaweski RET and Patricia L. Zaweski, $215,000 on Oct. 26

182 Tanner Marsh Road: Susan E. Hall to Jane A. Marushak, $330,000 on Oct. 26


7 Double Beach Road: Mary E. Clark to Mary R. Lord, $240,000 on Oct. 16

81 Dover Court: Samia Naaim and Adnane Elarabi to David A. and Pamela H. Ferrante, $130,000 on Oct. 14

55 Flat Rock Road: Theresa H. Sager to Karen Deng, $331,000 on Oct. 16

181 Foxbridge Village Road Unit 181: Maureen Lear to Bevilacqua, $205,000 on Oct. 14

42 Indian Woods Road: Robert G. and Lisa Panczak to Janel E. and Phillip Dang, $480,000 on Oct. 19

12 Lincoln Avenue: Dale K. Fries to Joseph A. and Briana E. Sabetta, $242,000 on Oct. 19

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