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Real Estate Transactions for Dec. 10


401 Briarwood Drive: Michele and Walter Kendrioski to Jennifer Braemar-Ogilvie, $565,000 on Nov. 20

Driftwood Lane: Michael Carafeno to Michael J. Carafeno, $275,000 on Nov. 18

Farm View Drive: Eugene B. Nann and Martha McHutchison to James S. and Jill G. Cornell, $462,020 on Nov. 12

104 Granite Road Unit 104: Estate of Sally A. Loffreda and Shay E. Loffreda to Yevgenia M. Pogorelova, $150,000 on Nov. 13

Guilford Yacht Club Lot A1: J. Sanford Davis to John W. Adams, $15,000 on Nov. 17

1051 Hoop Pole Road: Brian C. and Sheri B. Valaitis to Debra A. and Robert J. Doorack, $464,000 on Nov. 16

159 Janeway Drive: George T. and Diana V. Sanders to Nathaniel and Victoria Gentile, $310,000 on Nov. 12

60 Little Meadow Road: Wippick FT and Brenda Schmitz to Dean J. Russo, $200,000 on Nov. 17

2272 Long Hill Road: Eric Alberghini to Michael Hill, $302,500 on Nov. 18

273 Podunk Road: Stephanie Purcell-Setaro to Jonathan Pulchalski, $620,000 on Nov. 17

55 Ruggles Road: Anthony C. and Susan C. Leonard to Ian Hentall and Zsuzsanna Nemeth, $650,000 on Nov. 17


42 Bayberry Lane: Marie C. Crowley to Sarah Giordano, $495,000 on Nov. 13

44 Bayberry Lane: Marie C. Crowley to Sarah Giordano, $495,000 on Nov. 13

82 Beckett Avenue: Tracey A. Vingiano to Stuart J. Sokol, $600,000 on Nov. 18

106 Cedar Knolls Drive Unit 106: Daniel Medina and Nancy Butler to Elizabeth Kozma, $191,000 on Nov. 17

Crouch Road: Anthony A. Laudano to Nancy L. Poronteau, $305,000 on Nov. 12

50 East Main Street: 50 East Main Street, LLC, to Sheridan R. and Gustaf H. Peterson, $360,000 on Nov. 17

Edgewood Road: S&S Properties CT, LLC, to Heeja Y. Warren, $425,000 on Nov. 16

41 Fair Winds: Jon Grossman QPRT and Joan A. Grossman to James A. and Deborah G. Thomas, $649,000 on Nov. 17

25 Featherbed Lane: Chad Martin to David Proto, $334,000 on Nov. 18

1 Indian Neck Avenue Unit 6: Penelope A. Rudy to Tracey A. Vingiano, $320,000 on Nov. 16

13 Maltby Street: Janet E. Jeddry and Kimberly S. Paskko to Ronald P. Hitter, $439,000 on Nov. 18


13 Alex Drive: Tara S. Vitale to Edmund C. Adams, $900,000 on Nov. 13

80 Beechwood Drive: Robert J. Hilinski LT and Robert J. Hilinski to Steve Tyliszczak, $350,000 on Nov. 17

1054 Boston Post Road: Stern LT and Ana M. Stern to Roger J. Mason, $970,000 on Nov. 17

125 Country Way: Margaret A. and William M. Vanantwerp to Jodi Indes, $600,000 on Nov. 16

36 Field Brook Road: Ruth E. Doina RET and Ruth E. Doina to Arnold J. Croddy, $785,000 on Nov. 17

10 Great Meadow Road: Ann V. Levenduski to Marianne G. Callahan, $385,000 on Nov. 13

100 Hull Road: Gail L. Smith to Dostal Mettelman, $615,000 on Nov. 16

Mill Road: Estate of Earl R. Sandstrom and James E. Bell to Bob Epstein and Irina Tkachenko, $530,000 on Nov. 17

238 Neck Road: Alicia K. and James O. Craven to Patricia Wilber, $1,325,000 on Nov. 13

72 Northwood Road: Attila and Zuzana Tobias to Daniel F. and Ilene M. McGrade, $487,800 on Nov. 13

North Branford

88 Glenmeadow Drive: Robert L. and Linda S. Silvestro to Kyle Watterworth, $321,500 on Nov. 13

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