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Real Estate Transactions for Dec. 31


47 Chimney Corner Circle: Daniel W. and Diana L. Colcord to Michael and Lorelei Sowa, $1,500,000 on Dec. 8

64 Davis Drive: James P. and Marta Slattery to Robert and Alexandra McCoole, $436,000 on Dec. 8

160 Hart Road: Laura and Thomas Tupper to Ilena and Chaim Tovia, $463,500 on Dec. 8

66 High Street: 66 High Street Guilford, LLC, to David Vieau, $1,475,000 on Dec. 7

314 Vineyard Point Road: Andrew C. and Ellen B. Fales to Everett and Marguerite Spiegelhalter, $515,000 on Dec. 8

409 Willow Road: Arash Salardini to James E. Love and Maya S. Bramwell, $625,000 on Dec. 10


186 Alps Road: Jeffrey Bricker and Katherine Kayser-Bricker to Adam D. Larue and Genna E. Goldner, $360,000 on Dec. 7

218 Austin Ryer Lane Unit 218: Jodi Silverman to Anthony Izzo, $167,000 on Dec. 8

211 East Main Street Unit 21: Jo A. Starr to Frank V. DeLieto, $126,000 on Dec. 8

71 Harrison Avenue: Ann M. Perry to Mary J. Brownell, $310,000 on Dec. 8

101 Hotchkiss Grove Road Unit 1: David P. Gibson to Peter H. and Margaret Gruen, $510,000 on Dec. 9

4 Lakeview Drive Unit 4: H. Scott Manville to Daniel Barvir, $197,500 on Dec. 10

633 Longfellow Drive Unit 633: Virginia F. Booth to Sheila D. Daykin and Donna Espenberg, $165,000 on Dec. 8

131 North Main Street Unit 13: Deborah A. Cairo to Gayatri Rana, $98,000 on Dec. 9

87 Quarry Dock Road Unit 87: Whiteacre QPRT and Edward A. Renn to Waltina J. Cohen, $425,000 on Dec. 9

13 Stonegate Unit D: Vivian A. Baker to Anthony Abu-Hanna, $199,900 on Dec. 8

7 Sunset Hill Drive: Debra Z. Damico RET and Debra Z. Damico to Kathleen M. Roman, $682,000 on Dec. 7


CT Route 79: Joann H. Sandler to Anne C. DeLahanty and Michael B. Miller, $661,000 on Dec. 9

19 Creamery Lane: Jeffrey D. and Lisa M. Hilton to Haihong Shi, $925,000 on Dec. 8

149 Durham Road Unit 27b: Jennifer A. Katz to Beacon RE Holdings, LLC, $115,000 on Dec. 3

149 Durham Road Unit 27a: Jennifer A. Katz to Beacon RE Holdings, LLC, $115,000 on Dec. 3

189 Fort Path Road: Juscelino H. Cezar and Joseana Dias-Heringer to Kaleigh M. Appleton and Cameron C. Mitchell, $300,000 on Dec. 10

112 Genesee Lane: David and Elizabeth A. Solin to John V. and Valeria McCormick, $322,000 on Dec. 3

352 Green Hill Road: Laura M. Bunda and James J. Stella to Emmett and Gita Sullivan, $590,000 on Dec. 8

4 Matthew Court: Jeffrey E. and Jodi E. Indes to Hongju and Leslie Lin, $985,000 on Dec. 3

62 Neck Road: Dream Home Partners, LLC, to Blythe and Ryan Swift, $734,000 on Dec. 9

10 Oak Avenue: Christopher J. and Michele Y. Licursi to Craig T. and Mary A. Moore, $1,025,000 on Dec. 3

479 Opening Hill Road: Roberta P. Mendrinos to Timothy Mack, $255,000 on Dec. 4

654 Opening Hill Road: Wilma S. Ziegler Trust and Wilma S. Ziegler to Linda Butler, $390,000 on Dec. 9

97 Ridge Road: Gregory V. Matakaetis to Laura M. Bunda and James J. Stella, $345,000 on Dec. 4

28 Sportsman Hill Road: F&A Homes, LLC, to Ashley and Brian Escaravage, $420,000 on Dec. 3

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