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Real Estate

Real Estate Transactions for Jan. 14


33 Indian Cove Road: Paul and Kimberly P. Maxted to Michael L. Green and Terri Fried, $920,000 on Dec. 21

93 Kendal Court: Theresa Polastri RET and David Polastri to Sean and Jenna McAndrew, $800,000 on Dec. 22

1957 Long Hill Road: Estate of Marie E. Marsh and Dennis Marsh to Bryan and Deborah Mackenzie, $150,000 on Dec. 18

59 Norton Avenue: Elaine LeClair to William J. and Jessica P. Gardner, $379,000 on Dec. 22

515 Peddlers Road: Pattagansett Holdings, LLC, to James K. McCormick and Carol A. McCormick, $512,250 on Dec. 22

184 Shore Drive: Jeffrey W. and Maria S. Heath to John Fak and Megan Galvin, $337,000 on Dec. 23


106-a Burban Drive: Sonia Romano to Ashley Mascia and Patrick A. Lupinacci, $275,000 on Dec. 18

69 Church Street: Number 9, LLC, to Jam Properties, LLC, $320,000 on Dec. 18

80 Dominican Road: Francine and David Haddad to Thais Sobczak, $272,611 on Dec. 22

58 East Industrial Road: Russo Real Estate, LLC, to 58 East Industrial Road, LLC, $400,000 on Dec. 21

31 Frank Street: 55 Overbrook Association, LLC, to Nicole Massimino, $450,000 on Dec. 21

18 Hampton Park Unit 18: Estate of John Calandrella and William C. Charamut to Bellhop Home Services 2, LLC, $108,000 on Dec. 23

29 Maltby Street: Jeffrey Rosen to Zana Kulas, $647,000 on Dec. 21

376 Monticello Drive Unit 376: Kellen Foganholi to Xiao C. Li, $190,000 on Dec. 23

49 Rose Street Unit 406: Estate of Thonje Kingsbury and Albert Lee to William A. Jolly and Susan Stafford-Jolly, $186,250 on Dec. 22

50 Silver Street: Colarc Holdings, LLC, to William T. Gardner, $325,000 on Dec. 22

168 Watch Hill Road Unit 168: Estate of Maria Rogener Gregory and Rocco Perfetto to Lisa Secondo, $215,000 on Dec. 18

25 Waverly Park Road: Guy A. and Lisa A. Cattaruzza to Duval and Meg Goodrich, $270,000 on Dec. 23


78 Beekman Place: John D. Watts to Jill and Ryan Johnson, $810,000 on Dec. 21

60 Bradley Corners Road: Jill and Ryan Johnson to Thomas Griglock and William J. Homan, $455,000 on Dec. 21

295 Bradley Corners Road: Ozelm Senyuz to Matthew Capozziello and Christine Kauczka, $345,000 on Dec. 22

26 Chapman Avenue: Yvonne Coty Mancini RET and Yvonne C. Mancini to John Connolly, $2,225,000 on Dec. 23

3 Clover Lane: Eileen B. and Frederic Moulin to Michael J. and Staci R. Kelly, $765,000 on Dec. 22

19 Fairfield Place: Amy L. and Robert Dowling to Andrew D. McWain, $393,000 on Dec. 23

10 Great Meadow Road: Marianne Callahan to Eric Frey, $405,000 on Dec. 22

59 Hotchkiss Lane: Sloan Pouch Family Partners to Nancy Mehlman and Anthony Waring, $1,750,000 on Dec. 22

28 Ivy Island Drive: Kaitlin D. and Stephen Lohmann to Amanda and Mark Lessandrini, $465,000 on Dec. 21

77 Legend Hill Road Unit 77: Roberta and Thomas Lombardi to Linda S. Chapman and George F. Krug, $289,500 on Dec. 23

86 Liberty Street: Renata Geremia to Nancy and Robert Gerber, $910,000 on Dec. 18

90 Liberty Street: Renata Geremia to Nancy and Robert Gerber, $3,640,000 on Dec. 23

12 Lovers Lane: Barbara and Joel Blumen to William Gilman, $614,000 on Dec. 23

27 Mendingwall Circle: William Koob and Patricia Libero to Daniel G. and Sharon Bishop, $477,000 on Dec. 23

27 Shepherds Trail: Mirjeta Ulku to Loabat Nima and Hamid Soleimani, $570,000 on Dec. 22

North Branford

229 Branford Road Unit 233: Michael Sellas and Hira Khan to Luke and Kenneth Boyington, $139,000 on Dec. 24

5 Gail Drive: William A. and Ann McCaughey to Jeffrey E. and Marian P. Merwin, $345,000 on Dec. 21

72 Hyla Lane: Ronald S. and Elisabeth A. Iannucci to Paul J. and Shannon Puglisi, $370,000 on Dec. 24

91 Ledgewood Drive: Barbara and Donald J. Fucci to Salvatore Bevilaqua and Samuel Rubio, $355,000 on Dec. 23

10 Mill Road: Dustin Wambolt to H. Scott Manville, $380,000 on Dec. 21

19 Rolling Hills Drive: Louis P. Petrillo to Edwin Lamothe, $464,900 on Dec. 22

413 Village Street: Northford Properties, LLC, to Vincenzo Daria, $232,500 on Dec. 23


197 Emanuel Church Road: US Bank NA Trust to Conner McCreery, $320,000 on Dec. 23

165 Route 148: Robert M. Gochberg to Guerre B. and Audrey Schuler, $403,000 on Dec. 21


59 Cedar Island Avenue: David J. and Bargara J. Bulgini to Michael J. and Lenora L. Grillo, $490,000 on Dec. 18

81 Founders Village Unit 81: John Lombardo and Dianne M. Philopena to Nicholas Giori, $161,000 on Dec. 21

5 Harbor Parkway: Connecticut Installation & Blinds to Shepherd Cap Clinton, LLC, $700,000 on Dec. 21

18 Longate Road: Estate of Richard W. Sweet and Robin Murdock-Meggers to Kyle V. Canna and Rachel E. Morro, $290,000 on Dec. 18

10 Martin Drive: Lisa M. Pinder to West Neck Properties, LLC, $160,000 on Dec. 22

5 Oak Hill Drive Unit A: Susan G. Pynn to Maria Zapata, $205,000 on Dec. 22

East Haven

97 Burr Street: Jalmie F. Rice to Magaly and Carlos Gomez, $226,000 on Dec. 23

20 Jillson Drive: Frances A. Viscuso to Christopher Viscuso and Gina Cinquino, $235,000 on Dec. 21

17 Leonard Street: Patrick J. Murphy to William L. Brooks, $260,000 on Dec. 21

216 North High Street: Charles Mingrone to Ashley Boone, $213,000 on Dec. 22

57 Rabbit Rock Road: Beverly A. and Anthony Aceto to Elizabeth A. and Casey M. Finn, $305,000 on Dec. 22

75 Redwood Drive Unit 802: Stacy Eastman to John R. Hudson, $153,620 on Dec. 22

140 South End Road: Ethan J. and Krictin J. Kistler to Jennifer Hill, $410,000 on Dec. 22

17 Saint Andrew Court: Vinod and Hemlataben Patel to Frances M. and DeMarcus S. Newton, $325,000 on Dec. 21

N/A: James Williams to Su Aksoy, $170,000 on Dec. 22

N/A: Andrea Marino to Lina and Mia Luzietti, $70,000 on Dec. 23

North Haven

180 Blue Hills Road: Polly Coassin-Franzen to Robert S. and Pam E. Gomez, $1,225,000 on Dec. 21

334 Middletown Avenue: Stanley Kryznel 2005 RET and Kathleen K. Furman to Fahad A. Shagloof, $240,000 on Dec. 21

28 Nettleton Avenue: Louis Saint George to Christopher Pelliccio, $95,000 on Dec. 23

33 Peters Lane Unit 15: Gordon Dickler and Nicole Simmons to James A. and Nicholas P. Salatto, $339,000 on Dec. 21

36 State Street Unit 4: Screenview, LLC, to Brenda Vargas, $100,000 on Dec. 22


67 Captains Drive: Glenn Anderson to Seth J. and Denise M. Kalkstein, $780,000 on Dec. 21

40 Cold Spring Drive: Erin L. and Matthew S. Moroni to Jolene M. and Justin C. Cronan, $424,900 on Dec. 21

540 Essex Road: Jolene M. Cronan to Kevin E. and Shelley Braza, $255,000 on Dec. 21

43 Magna Lane: Cynthia L. Bean to Linda A. Kowalski, $350,000 on Dec. 21

931 Old Clinton Road: Garrett A. and Nancy Schutlz to Barbara Aaron and Jeffrey A. Nese, $395,500 on Dec. 21

Old Saybrook

Ayers Point Road Lot 2: S. Dausien-Konecky to Bran J. Delaney and Linda M. Willoughby, $557,300 on Dec. 22

11 Channelside Drive: Mark H. Rousseau to Daniel B. and Shelien A. Rousseau, $240,000 on Dec. 22

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