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Real Estate Transactions for Jan. 21


121 Clear Lake Road: William and Joann D. Sobalsky to Gregory Bugbee and Judith Hall, $143,100 on Dec. 29

46 East Avenue: Regina K. Higgins to Jack A. Cunningham and Brook A. Berte, $400,000 on Dec. 30

Little Meadow Road: Lawrence and Debra L. O’Neill to Allen M. and Sara B. Ferrucci, $859,000 on Dec. 24

24 Sunset Circle: Estate of Olga Bogun and Reissa Shield to Daniela and Juval Spector, $365,000 on Dec. 29

42 Wauwinet Court Unit 42: John C. Magoveny to Aaron M. Petrolle, $95,000 on Dec. 29

2 Wayne Drive: Dianne and Charles Ramsey to Robert Heuman and Elizabeth Swanson, $825,000 on Dec. 31


52 Bay Path Way Unit 52: Estate of Sandra M. Cadwell and Robert Cadwell to Steven Beresner, $151,000 on Dec. 28

14 Bryan Road: Adrenna Dorlando to Christina E. Cahill, $380,000 on Dec. 28

14 Damien Road: Megan Czekaj to Robert F. Bartels, $209,900 on Dec. 30

22 Eades Street: Estate of Roslyn L. Doman and Deborah A. Newell to Michael Doman, $320,000 on Dec. 29

5 Haystack Road: Daniel J. Jones to Joseph T. Russo and Dana M. Fardy, $330,000 on Dec. 30

100 Hemlock Road Unit 5-4: Quicken Loans, LLC, to Francis J. and Nancy L. Conway, $140,250 on Dec. 29

92 Limewood Avenue Unit C10: Alfred J. Ranieri to Steven Beresner, $250,000 on Dec. 28

29 Monticello Drive Unit 29: Erica Madonna to Tejas and Zankhana Patel, $196,130 on Dec. 30

8 Svea Avenue: Empire Real Estate, LLC, to Joseph Lepre, $138,000 on Dec. 30


15 Cambridge Drive Unit 15: Thomas S. Scarpati to Christina Storm, $600,000 on Dec. 30

11 Centre Village Drive Unit 11: Resync Property Solutions, LLC, to Kenneth R. and Marcia L. Nye, $370,725 on Dec. 30

79 Country Way: Tracie L. Bush and Brian K. Richard to Daniel J. and Kristin M. Jones, $480,000 on Dec. 30

489 Durham Road: Charles A. Parsons to Rosemarie and Wayne Cross, $333,750 on Dec. 29


37 Beaver Dam Road: Christopher A. and Kristen M. Castro to Mark W. and Amalia Norko, $590,000 on Dec. 30

22 Champlin Road: Geraldine B. Chandler to Edward L. McDonnell, $390,000 on Dec. 31

16 Pheasant Run Road: Mark W. and Amalia Norko to Jason D. Olson and Sanja Jahr, $455,000 on Dec. 30

180 Route 80: David R. Dawson and Diane Burkhardt to Mark S. and Patricia M. Clifton, $125,000 on Dec. 30

N/A: Terri L. and Mark A. Wyzykowski to Loren Lugg, $225,000 on Dec. 30

North Branford

2 Foxon Road: USA HUD to Gary Doyens, $150,000 on Dec. 28


49 Hammock Road: Barbara L. Cohn and William H. Welch to Teresa S. Salzman, $770,000 on Dec. 29

27 Kelsey Road: Robert J. Burbank to Mellisa Volo, $420,000 on Dec. 28

15 Riverside Drive: Judith Dee to Keith and Janet Widlansky, $425,000 on Dec. 29

131 Shore Road: Thomas M. and Marilyn H. Yacavone to G&C Rentals, LLC, $550,000 on Dec. 23

East Haven

39 1st Avenue: Donald S. and Susan E. Peters to Right Choice Properties, LLC, $144,216 on Dec. 31

111 Cosey Beach Avenue Unit 2: Charles E. Couture to Cathryn A. Laydon, $283,230 on Dec. 29

8 Damen Drive: Michael L. Mormile to Alishia and Michael Santillo, $252,000 on Dec. 29

419 Foxon Road: Anthony J. and Paula Nazzaro to Jose L. Cruz, $269,900 on Dec. 29

75 French Avenue: Cathy J. Pellegrino Trust and Cathy J. Pellegrino to Rachel and Karen Ursitti, $192,500 on Dec. 29

6 Gene Street: Collin Watson and Severine DeBaisieux to Natalie C. Jacko, $229,000 on Dec. 29

27 South Strong Street: William J. Zampa to Charmaine Fowlin, $254,000 on Dec. 30

140 Thompson Street Unit 6g: Estate of Anna T. Crowe and Theresa O’Brien to David Balali, $125,000 on Dec. 30

N/A: Erinn Bode to Andriana Stewart and Tristan Ortiz, $210,000 on Dec. 28

North Haven

127 Blakeslee Avenue: Ruth A. Steinberg to Michael A. Rapuano, $165,000 on Jan. 4

154 Kings Highway: Robert R. Pratt to Nicholas Condorchua, $285,000 on Jan. 4

321 Kings Highway: Margaret K. Powell to Sarah A. Skelcher, $298,000 on Dec. 30

94 Montowese Avenue: John Caserta to Maureen and Michael DeGiule, $300,000 on Dec. 31

7 Papa Lane: Priya P. Patel to Martin Gallucci, $390,000 on Dec. 31

260 Quinnipiac Avenue: Sabrina E. Ricci and Michele E. Dawn Ricci to Joseph and Floriana Ciarleglio, $160,000 on Dec. 28

14 Tillert Court: 14 Tillert Court, LLC, to Daniel and Marangelly Morales, $325,000 on Jan. 4

24 Washington Avenue: 24 Washington Avenue, LLC, to Amy Holdings, LLC, $900,000 on Jan. 4


310 Grove Beach Road North: Patricia A. Serviss FT and Patricia A. Serviss to 310 Grove Beach Road North, LLC, $225,000 on Dec. 28

310 Grove Beach Road North: Robert C. Serviss FT and Scott T. Serviss to 310 Grove Beach Road North, LLC, $225,000 on Dec. 28

126 Grove Beach Road South: Richard C. and Theresa C. O’Connor to Raymond H. Cabot and Amy E. Cross, $763,420 on Dec. 30



74 Pilots Point Drive: Peter D. DiClementi Trust and Peter D. DiClementi to Amy B. and Antonio Valente, $1,020,000 on Dec. 28

19 Pointina Road: David B. and Edna Shamash to David and Kerrie Stelly, $817,500 on Dec. 29

Old Saybrook

College Street: Nancy Antone to P&G Holdings, LLC, $195,000 on Dec. 30

39 Dudley Avenue: Maria A. and George Benedetti to Kathryn S. Katz, $302,000 on Dec. 30

367 Main Street Unit 25: Estate of William E. Greene, Jr., and D. Jeanne Messick to David M. DeRita, $335,000 on Dec. 30

424 Main Street: James J. and Lisa Palmieri to Richard J. and Lynn C. Toper, $322,000 on Dec. 29

18 Riverside Avenue: Saybrook Riverside, LLC, to S&S Marine RE Holding, LLC, $2,123,678 on Dec. 28

2 Sharon Lane: Barbara A. Cunningham to Joel Lucas, $450,000 on Dec. 31

N/A Lot 3: John Tracy RET and Palema Tracy to Hartman Group, LLC, $26,250 on Dec. 31

Deep River

99 Brook Hill Road: Mansfield 2005 RET and Jere R. Mansfield to Anne Badman and Zachary Hamed, $607,132 on Dec. 29

91 Main Street Unit 213: John R. VanSiclen and Pamela S. VanSiclen to Heidi E. Emack, $18,500 on Dec. 30

92 Main Street Unit 414: Elona Elms to Adam Palilonis, $179,000 on Dec. 28

271 Main Street: Margaret C. Meehan Trust and Edmund J. Meehan to Bruce C. Adams and Laura Pritchard-Crawford, $296,000 on Dec. 30


Castle View Drive: William and Angela Ruel to Anthony and Kimberly Ferraiolo, $300,000 on Dec. 30


7 Cedar Street: Daniel P. and Karen C. Ernst to Daniel J. Spencer and Samantha J. Westbrook, $435,000 on Dec. 31

90 Main Street: R&W Management Company, LLC, to GFW Enterprises, LLC, $65,000 on Dec. 31

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