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Real Estate

Real Estate Transactions for Jan. 28


90 Cedar Hill Road: Ibrahim and Meghan Baggili to Douglas J. and Paige V. Terry, $346,000 on Jan. 6

274 Church Street Unit 6f: David J. Guerrera to Hilary E. Fazzone, $215,000 on Jan. 5

Hoop Pole Road: Robert P. Barents to Diego Aucapina, $310,000 on Jan. 6

65 Janeway Drive: William J. and Pauline A. Leary to Taylor K. Dey, $359,900 on Jan. 5

360 Jefferson Drive: Francesca Colasanto to Cory Curley, $451,000 on Jan. 7

57 Long Hill Farm Unit 57: Robert A. and Sharon B. Ventresca to Devin A. Markle, $240,000 on Jan. 5

30 Mustang Drive: Tracey L. and Jeffrey R. Strand to William P. and Jillian M. Everts, $535,000 on Jan. 6

70 Valley Shore Drive: John A. and Sarah G. DeCaprio to Michael L. Mormile and Harrison C. Bryant-Mormile, $365,000 on Jan. 5

116 West Lake Avenue: Estate of William Y. McKechnie and Samantha McKechnie to Jason Carolla and Marley Kennedy, $285,000 on Jan. 4

82 Wauwinet Trail Unit 82: Michael Efenecy to Kimberly Borden-Cesare and Edward P. Borden, $125,000 on Jan. 7

379 Whitfield Street Unit Bs838: Joseph Goodwin and George Coyle to Antonio Vaz, $15,000 on Jan. 4


49 Bay Path Way Unit 49: Marilyn R. Pullen to Emily Searle, $180,000 on Dec. 31

36 Brushy Plain Road: Suresh Patel to Nipunkumar R. Patel and Khyati B. Solanki, $275,000 on Jan. 5

50 Castle Rock Unit 50: Martin H. Schultz RET and Martin H. Schultz to Mary E. Norum, $675,000 on Dec. 31

211 East Main Street Unit 58: Sean E. and Elizabeth V. Ryan to Kishore and Kavita Mirchandani, $130,000 on Jan. 6


8 Fairfield Boulevard: Steven J. Dadio and Gail D. Garfield-Dadio to Raymond Maskell, $599,900 on Jan. 4

58 Featherbed Lane: Alcide J. and Karen H. Clement to Michael L. Dewar and Kimberly A. Howland, $564,900 on Jan. 4

12 Field Road: Estate of Jeanne Laronde and Jeanette Davis to Richard Laronde, $220,000 on Jan. 5

121 Florence Road: US Bank NA to Angelo DiRubba, $96,000 on Jan. 7

18 Harbour Village: Estate of Alexine Aaron Wallace and Nancy E. Wallace to Anthony J. Perno, $340,000 on Jan. 7

33 Linden Shores: Trekronor Realty, LLC, to Jeffrey M. Rosen, $710,000 on Jan. 4

94 Monticello Drive Unit 94: James C. Bailey and Jefferson Woods Community, Inc., to Paul Kuriakose, $130,000 on Jan. 4

317 Monticello Drive Unit 317: Joshua J. Azille to Prakash C. Subba, $150,000 on Dec. 31

26 Peddlars Drive Unit 26: Dustin and Brynn Pollastro to Katharine Tuozzo, $257,000 on Dec. 31

22 Rockland Park: Estate of Edwin R. Kelsey III and Linda E. Kelsey to David and Nancy Lewis, $1,200,000 on Jan. 4

49 Rose Street Unit 404: Joanne Scharf to William A. and Susan Jolly, $135,000 on Jan. 6

9 Stony Creek Road: Richard H. and Stephanie B. Peck to John Vincent, $325,000 on Jan. 4

96 Stony Creek Road: Edward L. Marcus to DeMartino Development & Construction, LLC, $100,000 on Jan. 7

102 Stony Creek Road: Edward L. Marcus to DeMartino Development & Construction, LLC, $100,000 on Jan. 7

104 Stony Creek Road: Edward L. Marcus to DeMartino Development & Construction, LLC, $100,000 on Jan. 7

92 Turtle Bay Drive Unit 92: Mark Lehane to Mark J. Bartek, $297,500 on Jan. 5

170 Turtle Bay Drive Unit 170: US Bank NA Trust to Carrie A. Lakin, $307,000 on Jan. 6

21 Woodvale Road: Lillian H. Sakai to Anne M. Granata and John R. Kimball, $320,000 on Jan. 7


26 Boston Post Road: Diana A. Morris to Cecchi Group, LLC, $299,000 on Jan. 8

88 Field Brook Road: Mary R. Jepsen RET and Mary R. Jepsen to Rebecca Cash, $635,000 on Jan. 4

61 Mendingwall Circle: Estate of Walter H. Cochran, Jr., and Scott W. Cochran to Jose M. and Patricia Parissi, $360,000 on Jan. 8

155 Overshores West: R.J. & Adele M. Barnabei FT and Robert J. Barnabei to Cynthia A. and Scott J. Taylor, $2,100,000 on Dec. 31

92 Scotland Road: USA HUD to WTR, LLC, $190,000 on Jan. 5

56 Tuxis Road: Geraldine Dearington to Daniel E. and Diane J. Dolan, $750,000 on Jan. 6

59 Wildcat Road: Douglas B. and Muriel R. Gillespie to Brittany Christensen, $526,500 on Dec. 31


169 River Road: A&G Development, LLC, to Jesus A. and Fresolina A. Villegas, $1,500,000 on Jan. 6

373 Roast Meat Hill Road: Kjell T. Tollefsen to Kelly A. Bohner, $395,000 on Jan. 4

North Branford

242 Branford Road: Jayter Properties, LLC, to 242 Branford Road, LLC, $907,000 on Jan. 7

93 Forest View Road: Michael and Jennifer Toth to John C. and Alexis R. Gradzik, $275,000 on Jan. 4

Foxon Road: State of Connecticut to Robert A. Winner, $18,000 on Jan. 4

165 Notch Hill Road: Robert A. Winner to Craig M. Helmrich, $150,000 on Jan. 4

87 Woodhouse Avenue: Kenneth A. and Patricia A. Miles to Wayne E. and Sandi L. Pitcher, $313,500 on Jan. 5

North Haven

Bishop Street Lot 1: Dolores A. Pellegrino Trust and Bernard A. Pellegrino to Donna M. DeChello, $430,000 on Jan. 5

13 Peck Street: Cofrancesco Real Estate to Peds Plus Property, LLC, $960,500 on Jan. 5

Ridge Road West Lot 4: Josephine Provenzano to Elvis R. Diclo Restituyo and Perla Polanco, $349,000 on Jan. 6

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