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Real Estate

Real Estate Transactions for March 4


124 Burban Drive: 124 Burban, LLC, to Roberto J. DeJesus, $340,000 on Feb. 10

25 Frank Street: Peter J. Panaroni to Dream Home Partners, LLC, $450,000 on Feb. 10

238 Greens Farm Road Unit 238: Eileen M. Fregeau to Thomas Jankiewicz, $156,000 on Feb. 10

54 Harding Avenue: Kimberly D. Marchillo to Gregory Zullo, $235,000 on Feb. 11

20 Kelly Crest Road: Vincent P. and Linda Ioime to Dibesh Malla, $405,000 on Feb. 11

615-627 Main Street: Lawrence J. and Jeffrey Ryalls to Theresa J. and Ellen B. Sikel, $390,000 on Feb. 9

31 Oak Hollow Road: Joan B. Lindell to Stanley E. and Tamara Speer, $339,900 on Feb. 8

7 Pineview Drive Unit D: Robert McGowan to John Barletta, $150,000 on Feb. 11

100 Village Lane: Leslie J. Rotteck to Debra L. Rotteck, $49,000 on Feb. 11

100 Village Lane: Jeffrey R. Rotteck to Debra L. Rotteck, $49,000 on Feb. 11


35 Turkey Hill Road: Mark Freudenstein to Michael Ahearn, $185,000 on Feb. 8


242 Cow Hill Road: Jeffrey and Peggy Cretella to Victoria Warren and Jamar Lindsay, $435,000 on Feb. 10

14 Maplewood Drive: James Schum to Gerald J. and Jane C. Vece, $285,000 on Feb. 9

Deep River

10 High Street: Anna and Michael Albanis to Ashton W. Christopher, $125,000 on Feb. 4

67 Hoopole Hill Road Unit 1: BMC Land Development, LLC, to Carol P. and Thomas Facin, $130,000 on Jan. 25

92 Main Street Unit 106: USA HUD to Christopher J. Pauley, $112,000 on Feb. 11

9 Maritone Lane: Terrence S. Mulcahey to Jonathan W. Keeling, $600,000 on Feb. 8

River Road: Summa Holdings, Inc., to Jean S. and Timothy J. Puglielli, $1,200,000 on Jan. 19

105 River Road: Summa Holdings, Inc., to Jean S. and Timothy J. Puglielli, $1,200,000 on Jan. 19

107 River Road: Summa Holdings, Inc., to Jean S. and Timothy J. Puglielli, $1,200,000 on Jan. 19

11 Riverview Avenue: Amy M. Petrone and Douglas B. Whittaker to Asher A. and Cynthia A. Sigurdson, $314,000 on Jan. 21

60 Spring Street: Janet and Michael Czepiel to Henry B. and Kevin J. Lauder, $80,000 on Jan. 11

183 Stevenstown Road: Marianne D. Kennedy RET and Marianne D. Kennedy to Charlie and Elizabeth Archer, $444,000 on Feb. 2

N/A: Estate of Edmund T. Negrelli and Linda L. Negrelli to Brady L. and Sally Miller, $266,211 on Jan. 13

N/A: Jayne Griffin-Mather to John R. and Tadria G. Ciaglo, $150,000 on Jan. 14

East Haven

92 Boston Avenue: Jorge Orrego to Federico Cisneros, $264,000 on Feb. 9

130 Coe Avenue Unit 57: Patricia Gaw to Crazy Horse CT, LLC, $77,000 on Feb. 9

17 Edgar Street: James Sette to Steven and Dana DeCrosta, $258,000 on Feb. 8

24 Elm Street: Estate of Trofimena Fraulo and Frank B. Fraulo to Tierra Rivera, $190,000 on Feb. 10

198 Foxon Road: Alma L. Lacourciere Trust and James Prota to Linda A. Prota, $20,000 on Feb. 11

198 Foxon Road: Linda A. Prota to Daniel C. Prota, $200,000 on Feb. 11

317 Foxon Road: 5 Dees, LLC, to 317 Foxon Road, LLC, $2,500,000 on Feb. 10

19 Hartman Avenue: Katrona Gianfredi to Dorothy Piselli, $205,000 on Feb. 11

252 Hemingway Avenue: Maria B. Orellana to Lina Astudillo, $165,000 on Feb. 10

794 North High Street: Ambrogio Trust and Charles Ambrogio to Ericka Strong and David Jackson, $300,000 on Feb. 10

1031 North High Street: Henry J. and Renee L. Butler to Jorge C. Saeteros, $269,000 on Feb. 11

65 Savoy Street: Patrick C. Wilcox to Danielle Apuzzo and Ricky Oakes, $200,000 on Feb. 10

330 Short Beach Road Unit B5: Richard D. Louis to Mohamad Ramadan, $150,000 on Feb. 10

279 Strong Street: John V. Ferrigno to Edgar Quispe, $205,000 on Feb. 10

23 Summit Avenue: Christopher Norwood to Kate Paul, $220,000 on Feb. 11


92 Bushy Hill Road: Robert A. Brown to Kerry N. Murtagh, $474,900 on Feb. 9

38 Grove Street: Charles L. and Susan B. Purdum to Jonathan and Lee Ewert, $710,000 on Feb. 9

30 Laurel Road: Dana M. Radukescu to Colby J. Morawski and Amanda L. Magleby, $585,000 on Feb. 9


90 Dunk Rock Road: Joseph and Katherine V. Canipelli to Fabrizio Zilibotti and Maria P. Marti, $1,010,000 on Feb. 8

23 Saw Pit Road: Ronald and Cynthia Finocchio to David C. White and Crystal A. Gaudio, $220,000 on Feb. 10

21 Village Victoria Unit 21: Nationstar Mortgage, LLC, to Bellhop Home Services 2, LLC, $316,000 on Feb. 12


106 Chittenden Road: Buy Or Sell Realty, LLC, to Spencer Koch and Ganyachad Wichaidit, $415,000 on Feb. 8

Pond Meadow Road: Elaine F. Wettemann RET and Elaine F. Wettemann to Preston and Ryan Roth, $165,000 on Feb. 10


2 Dourt Road: Sheryl S. and William P. Fenn to Sean M. Harris, $444,000 on Feb. 8

17 Glenn Road: Laurie Bussmann and Nije Bussman to Richard and Kristen Peck, $50,000 on Feb. 11

148 Legend Hill Road: Mary Ann Tracey RET and Jennifer T. Caplo to Lorraine and Wayne A. Tyrdik, $319,000 on Feb. 8

22 Markham Place: Car Wash Realty, LLC, and DeMartino Dominick to David and Jamie Prinz, $825,000 on Feb. 8

North Branford

58 Ashley Park Drive: Mary and David Vitola to Kaitlin Mallison and Gregory Ostner, $370,000 on Feb. 8

1535 Middletown Avenue: Lenore L. Hansen to ASD Properties, LLC, $600,000 on Feb. 11

North Haven

222 Blue Hills Road: Corey F. and Elizabeth E. Glynn to Anton and Elizabeth Ciotta, $470,000 on Feb. 8

45 Buell Street: James G. and Lisa B. Gentile to Carol A. Martin, $320,000 on Feb. 8

8 Jones Farm Road: US Bank NA Trust to Yun Zhang and Yan L. Yu, $290,000 on Feb. 5

Lawncrest Drive: William D. Planz to Haley Dunning, $255,000 on Feb. 5

164 Montowese Avenue: Arthur P. Thornton to Thomas Hunsicker, $180,000 on Feb. 5

161 North Hill Road: Richard D. and Maryann P. DiPalma to Alicia Fraenza, $385,000 on Feb. 8

532 Pool Road: Steven T. and Margaret M. Tobey to Nerio Tello, $275,000 on Feb. 5

270 State Street: Rose C. Kenney RET and Rose C. Kenney to Gennaro J. Marino, $350,000 on Feb. 5

37-a Upper State Street: Anita T. and Kenneth Rupley to Anthony Diana, $85,000 on Feb. 5

37-b Upper State Street: Anita T. and Kenneth Rupley to Anthony Diana, $85,000 on Feb. 5

20 Village Street: Khan Panico Tannoia Realty to Joseph A. Ferrucci, $319,900 on Feb. 8

600 Washington Avenue Unit C6: Cynthia Koczak to Peter E. and Mirsini N. Simos, $226,800 on Feb. 5

1945 Whitney Avenue: 1945 Whitney, LLC, to Nicole Valenzuela, $315,000 on Feb. 5

Old Saybrook

5 Barnes Road: Virginia C. Riley to Jennifer L. Good, $815,000 on Feb. 5

1 Blueberry Lane: Pamela and Steven Leibow to John F. and Marlene A. Beyers, $425,000 on Feb. 9

9 Briarwood Drive: Brian Schaller to Lisa A. Yanoti, $415,000 on Feb. 8

4 Leada Woods Road: Peter D. and Mary J. Walsh to Charles D. and Denise M. Caballero, $475,000 on Feb. 11


128 Menunketesuck Road: Ashkan Samadzadeh to Leigh H. and Betty L. Standish, $442,000 on Feb. 12

29 Pointina Road: Keith T. and Lori Rich to Alexander D. and Janis B. Puziak, $718,750 on Feb. 10

17 Striper Avenue: Joseph G. Burk to Cold Harbor Seafood, Inc., $250,000 on Feb. 12

288 West Pond Meadow Road: S&K Real Estate, LLC, to Jessica A. and Michael F. Lecza, $310,000 on Feb. 10

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