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Real Estate Transactions for March 18


159 Austin Ryer Lane Unit 159: Pauline J. Wischert to Ashley Kamal, $181,250 on Feb. 23

14 Berry Patch Road: Nicholas S. Weted to Dorothy & Richard Young LP, $375,000 on Feb. 23

52 Hopson Avenue: Pane FT and Louis Pane to Louis Gaetano-Pane, $337,000 on Feb. 23

4 Hotchkiss Grove Road: Robert J. Sachs to AHD Holdings, LLC, $200,000 on Feb. 24

11 Katie Joe Lane: Cheryl Ferrara to Matthew Malavenda and Keara A. McCrory, $410,000 on Feb. 25

Lockworks Square: Estate of Thomas M. Whalen and Michael T. Whalen to Andrea DiCerbo-DeTulio, $147,000 on Feb. 22


35 Beach Park Estates: Colby Morawski and Amanda Magleby to Sharon Tortora, $360,000 on Feb. 23

141 Beach Park Road: EP Property Holdings, LLC, to Paul Lucchina, $612,000 on Feb. 23

1-3 East Main Street: William M. Chittenden, Jr., Trust and W.M. Chittenden to Kavita Ahmed, $200,000 on Feb. 24

20 Houperts Landing: Claudia Bemis and Robert Weinstein to Kevin and Michele Call, $182,000 on Feb. 22

2 Medley Lane: Jason E. Auger to Andrea and James Grasso, $260,000 on Feb. 23

47 Nod Road: Francis T. Lepre to Joseph Astuti, $300,000 on Feb. 24

11 Pleasant Hill Lane: Estate of Patricia Heifetz and Heidi Heifetz to Michael F. Russo, $100,000 on Feb. 22

Deep River

37 Hemlock Drive: BP Investments, LLC, to Neil G. Obergefell and Cynthia A. Ott, $280,000 on Feb. 22

77 Scenic View Drive Unit 23: Khristine L. Carroll to Patricia E. Kirkwood, $92,000 on Feb. 22

28 Stanwoll Hill Road: Joseph J. and Joyce L. Ostering to Brittany D. Friel, $257,500 on Feb. 22

East Haven

1 Birch Lane Unit H: Estate of Giovannina Mancini and Mark Mancini to R&A Funding, LLC, $91,000 on Feb. 22

95 Bleeker Circle: Timberwood Construction, LLC, to Joseph and Lorene Youre, $434,900 on Feb. 24

570 Bradley Street: S&S Properties CT, LLC, to Melissa Mansi, $250,000 on Feb. 22

15 Cedar Court: Estate of Lydia A. Smith and Gita Roess to Crazy Horse CT, LLC, $105,000 on Feb. 25

20 Farm River Road: Steven DeCrosta to Ronald Demers, $110,200 on Feb. 24

4 Francis Street: Donald T. Jewell to Julie S. Dunham, $210,000 on Feb. 24

20 George Street: Lyndsey Woods to Justin and Noelle Smith, $223,000 on Feb. 22

139 Meadow Street: Edwin C. Hayden to Christopher and Cristina Laudano, $65,000 on Feb. 26

6 Pirot Circle: Chinda Bou and Vasil Eang to Ivan and Davon Ramos, $285,000 on Feb. 24


14 Essex Glen Drive Unit 9: Essex Glen, LLC, to Paul and Sandra H. Beckman, $484,900 on Feb. 26


56 Broad Hill Circle: Robert M. and Susan C. Levy to Robert W. and Heidi Outtrim, $577,000 on Feb. 22

173 Middle Road: William Rees to Cynthia L. Dorwin, $285,000 on Feb. 23

8 North Reeves Avenue: Ann M. Knab to Jeffrey and Lynda Carroll, $810,000 on Feb. 22

18 Wauwinet Court Unit 18: Patricia and William P. Scully to Jason Gamsby, $145,000 on Feb. 22

West Street: Julie S. Dunham to S&S Properties CT, LLC, $200,000 on Feb. 22

172 Whitfield Street: Clarence B. Demond to Mark M. Miller, $125,000 on Feb. 25


150 Schnoor Road: US Bank NA Trust to Brian R. and Claire M. Walsh, $245,000 on Feb. 26


885 Durham Road: David L. Coventry to Kristina A. Bicher RET and Kristina E. Anderson, $279,000 on Feb. 23

64 Opening Hill Road: Scott Presitileo and Victoria Prestileo to Francis T. Lepre, $325,000 on Feb. 22

54 Scenic Road: Jessica R. and Joseph A. Gorski to Brian D. Bergeron and Shannon K. Noonan, $425,000 on Feb. 23

74 Wall Street: Robert Casula to Timothy Clorite, $675,000 on Feb. 23

North Branford

101 Sea Hill Road: Benedetto Izzo and Lorenzo Coletta to Neca Construction, LLC, $145,000 on Feb. 25

44 Spruce Street: Suzanne M. Amendola to Robert McFarlane and Angelina Carnevale, $285,000 on Feb. 24

North Haven

95 Bleeker Circle: Timberwood Construction to Joseph and Lorene Youre, $434,900 on Feb. 24

33 Eaton Street: AS Sons Properties, LLC, to Jamal Gilliams, $260,000 on Feb. 26

18 Helen Drive: Maria Auriemma and Christopher Gerakelis to Debra L. and Liza Conte, $335,000 on Feb. 24

31 Moulthrop Street: Janet A. Perrotti to MDGM Moulthrop, LLC, $173,000 on Feb. 23

132 Mulholland Way Unit 132: Ral North Haven, LLC, to John P. and Janet Cacopardo, $411,804 on Feb. 26

132 Mulholland Way Unit 132: Ral North Haven, LLC, to John P. and Janet Cacopardo, $411,804 on Feb. 26

26 Sara Circle: Jennifer Boland to Michael Delvecchio and Rachael Torres, $405,000 on Feb. 23

310 Upper State Street: James M. Torello to Kimberlie D. Cole, $425,000 on Feb. 23

Old Saybrook

90 Bokum Road: Timothy and Stephany Kearney to Kyle J. Williams and Carly B. Stec, $352,000 on Feb. 24

25 Forest Glen Road: Wendy S. Isaacson to Michael D. Misenti, $368,000 on Feb. 22

367 Main Street Unit 42: Estate of Florence M. Coffey and Paul Mueller to Rthe Glynda F. Beeman RET and Glynda F. Beeman, $250,000 on Feb. 25

514 Main Street: David C. and Kathleen K. Smith to Robert T. and Penelope A. Rezendes, $1,275,000 on Feb. 23

8 Trask Road Unit A: Landmark Realty Group, LLC, to Noreen R. Czepiel, $248,000 on Feb. 22


17 Brookside Avenue: Justin and Tara Lawrie to Catherine M. and Jeffrey J. Infante, $307,000 on Feb. 22

378 Dennison Road: Noreen R. Czepiel to Catherine L. Key, $280,000 on Feb. 25

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