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Real Estate Transactions for March 25


168 Austin Ryer Lane Unit 168: Santosh and Jyoti Lama to Shankar Shrestha and Jyoti Shreshtha, $170,000 on Feb. 26

95 Beckett Avenue: Pamela M. Knapp and Robert L. Schwall to Peter Syrett and Eric Kath, $360,000 on March 1

26 Cedar Knolls Drive Unit 26: Sheila B. Shapiro to Steven Beresner, $181,000 on March 3

22 Crescent Bluff Avenue: Seth and Elma Hershman to Nancy S Cunningham RET and Nancy S. Cunningham, $610,000 on March 4

22 Elizabeth Street: Marc J. and Bonnie A. Fafard to Mark Stout and Nicholas Fradiani, $580,000 on March 5

33 Elm Street: 33 Elm Street LLC to 9 Elm Street LLC, $27,500 on March 5

4 Garden Street: Estate of Donald E. McCarthy and Robin B. Sandler to Miles C. Conlin, $205,000 on March 4

31 Hampton Park Unit 31: Alexander G Stamatien RET and James Stamatien to Timothy C. Bock, $155,000 on Feb. 26

9 Indian Neck Avenue: Paul H Stoddard IRT and Paul H. Stoddard to 9 Indian Neck Marine LLC, $425,000 on Feb. 26

25 Indian Neck Avenue: Ceferino A. and Milagros Martinez to Hassan Gebril, $500,000 on March 1

9 Jacob Lane: Terry H. Sun and Hang T. Du to Shofee Yonjan, $372,500 on March 2

45 Jefferson Road Unit 1-7: Victor and Nevart R. Hayrapetian to Mobiland LLC, $75,000 on March 3

24 Midwood Road: Bruno and Flora Cabanes to Chad M. and Stacey D. Groshart, $354,000 on March 2

16 Pine Orchard Road Unit 37: Kevin S. O’Neill to Gregory Robbins and Rhonda Young, $120,000 on March 2

12 Pineview Drive Unit C: David L. Butler and Carol A. Brown to Marc Castiello, $142,500 on March 1

30 Pineview Drive Unit 30: Daniel M. and Patricia A. Bruton to Amy N. Libby, $200,000 on March 2

14 Plant Road: Ray Jordan LLC and Jean G. Wood to Sabin Basnet, $250,000 on March 1

15 Research Drive: A Sure Thing Storage LLC to 15 Research LLC, $750,000 on March 1

123 Village Lane Unit 123: Paul J. Cohen to Nhu T. Ngo, $130,000 on March 2


16 Ridge Road: Elizabeth M. Sullivan to Debra C. Stearns and Harry M. Pylypiw, $337,500 on March 5

64 West Main Street: Charles D. and Kathleen T. Gephart to Emily T. and Benjamin A. Brewer, $415,000 on March 1


37 Groveway: Estate of Walter A. Evilia and Marna A. Evilia to Steven S. Salerno and Adrianne C. Seiler, $825,000 on March 2

56 Maplewood Drive: Mark A. and Geraldine M. Giomblanco to Jeffrey B. and Laura A. Marron, $889,000 on March 1

7 Thrush Cross Road: Geraldine Faherty to Stephen Cataldo, $390,000 on March 1

Deep River

181 Kelsey Hill Road: Ralph S. Mucha to Samuel W. Redway, $250,000 on March 2

61 Main Street: Carole Seluke to Kevin Teskey, $248,000 on March 1

92 Main Street Unit 205: Carolyn E. Janis to Molly Flueckiger and Richard J. Resnick, $179,900 on March 1

N/A: Dodds Hart LLC to K&A Pickers LLC, $440,000 on March 2

East Haven

27 Branhaven Drive: Lori J. Delsole to Carissa Larock, $242,000 on March 1

224-c Cosey Beach Avenue: Charles Wright and Jason Chapman to Martin F. and Damien E. Gugliotti, $45,000 on March 5

242 Cosey Beach Avenue: Eric C. Palluotto to Joseph and Lauri Kikosicki, $510,000 on March 1

2 David Drive: Estate of Richard S. Bowery and Winifred K. Bowery to Johanna Nunez, $230,000 on March 5

15 Erico Drive: Phyllis T. Tinari to Diane Leonardi, $285,000 on March 1

105 George Street: John J. Mills to Frank M. Papa, $245,000 on March 1

36 Hilton Avenue: Pane T. and Louis Pane to Louis Pane, $80,000 on March 5

36 Hilton Avenue: Carmelo and Mary A. Rivera to Lee Tavella, $80,000 on March 5

226 Laurel Street Unit 3: Pancrasia M. Fabio to Hilario Sanchez, $120,000 on March 3

901 North High Street: Kevin J. Koehr to Giacomo Severino, $241,000 on March 1

15 Oregon Avenue: Kristine S. Tonski to Israel and Maria Cruz, $270,000 on March 4

64 Pinehurst Drive: Statewide Construction Inc to Vally P. and John C. Coggshall, $29,000 on March 5

75 Redwood Drive Unit 705: Andrea Collingwood to Anna M. Greenwood, $155,000 on March 1

146 Saint Andrew Avenue: Anna Serio T. and Ralph A. Sero to St. Andrews Street LLC, $232,500 on March 2

Silver Sands Road: Gaetano Vuolo to Pamela Knapp and Robert Schwell, $179,000 on March 2

415 Strong Street: Richard Ellison to Antonio Delarosa, $334,000 on March 3

55 Thompson Street Unit 4e: John Coughlin to Antonio Sodaro and Jennifer Bauer, $139,000 on March 1

140 Thompson Street Unit 20e: Estate of John D. Martino and Katherine Sweet to Tara Bonito and Anthony T. Torello, $150,000 on March 4


14 Essex Glen Drive Unit 4: Essex Glen LLC to William E. Aneshensel, $474,900 on March 2

22 North Main Street: Steven Babjak to Robert and Susan Cornell, $815,000 on March 2

43 North Main Street: Jennifer E. Wilcox to Michael Bolduc, $106,200 on March 5

85 River Road Unit E4: William A. Albro to Lovisa Johnsson, $237,000 on March 5


36 Barker Hill Drive: Frank Rosenberg and Alice Cashman-Rosenberg to Ryan M. and Samantha Dundon, $310,000 on March 1

11 Beech Road: Karen M. Weil to Christina A. Herrick, $494,000 on March 2

652 Boston Post Road Unit 7: Aaron N. Tessler to Koegler Properties LLC, $53,000 on March 3

1795 Boston Post Road Unit D1: RCR Enterprises LLC to Lloyd Forensique & Assn, $134,000 on March 3

423 Durham Road: Estate of Charlotte Giovanelli and Glen Giovanelli to Daniel and Aniko Mitar, $339,000 on March 4

22 Pilgrim Lane: Robert R. Hoberman to Glenn R. and Lina Proto, $472,000 on March 1

41 Streamview Circle: Paul & Stephanie Double T. and Paul A. Double to Christopher Kiertz and Alexandra Furbush, $495,000 on March 1


19 Bear Path Lane: Shawn M. Langer to Jonathan and Eileen K. Andrews, $660,000 on March 1

10 Town Clerk Road: John A. and Kelly Brown to Sheila Blomquist and David Rufo, $635,000 on March 1


130 Beach Avenue: Michelle A. Bies to Eric and Julie Bedell, $1,035,000 on March 5

141 Bishop Lane: Evelyn M. Pegnataro to Daniel W. and Diana L. Colcord, $750,000 on March 1

395 Boston Post Road: Nancy L Non-Marital Trust and John P. Marano to Andrea and William H. Creaser, $703,000 on Feb. 26

34 Fairview Avenue: Gail and Paul Taylor to Kaymen Yopes FT and Amelia Hewitt-Kaymen, $2,575,000 on Feb. 25

83 Legend Hill Road Unit 83: Barbara Libretti to Harold H. and Melissa Hartmann, $210,000 on March 1

128 Neck Road: Monica P. Neligon to Christopher Neligon, $425,000 on March 4

186 Nortontown Road: Lance Forest to Paige and Richard Zschoche, $157,762 on March 2

37 Pent Road Unit 4: Cardillo Richard Sr RET and Richard Cardillo to Kevin Billingsley and Jennifer Yarbrough, $275,000 on March 2

25 Williamsburg Circle: George C. and Marie Reeve to Paul and Stephanie L. Double, $575,000 on March 1

178 Yankee Peddler Path: Tiede R. Duke and Mark K. Tiede to Kostiantyn and Zinayida Mishyn, $977,000 on March 4

North Branford

12 Arthur Court: Richard Frank to Raisa I. Merle, $270,000 on March 1

29 Clintonville Road: Mark C. Puzone to Craig J. Miller and Janet E. Jeddry, $275,500 on March 4

15 Gail Drive: Estate of Esther F. Miluso and Lori R. Hammell to Nicholas R. Whited, $309,000 on March 1

26 Miller Road: Victoria Ahern to Gordon Doheny and Gina Dohney, $235,000 on March 1

219 Twin Lakes Road Unit D: Sharren C. Saludares to Joseph P. Zichichi, $230,000 on March 5

North Haven

18 Grove Road: Omar Dixon to Richard P. and Amy L. Landino, $405,500 on March 1

8 Hunting Lane: Sherif I. Assaad and Caroline A. Haddadin to Shawn Roby, $705,000 on March 2

170 Maple Avenue: Dain Yong-Jiang to Kyle and Chelsey Jeppesen, $459,000 on March 3

168 Montowese Avenue: Charles M. and Donna L. Barbarotta to XLM 1 LLC, $193,000 on March 3

17 Moulthrop Street: Charlotte and Paul Ciccarelli to Nancy Benevides, $160,000 on March 1

147 Summer Lane: George E. and Patricia A. Zdanis to Joshua and Christina Fontaine, $470,000 on March 1

Old Saybrook

19 Barley Hill Road: Estate of Diane E. McMahon and Meghan R. McMahon to Michael and Donna Mullan, $530,000 on March 5

5 Day Drive: Eric Treece and Veronica Smyth to Katrina Furey, $465,000 on March 2

164 Ferry Road: Kenneth H. and Karen J. Loveland to Steven and Helen Yates, $441,600 on March 5

172 Ferry Road: Kenneth H. and Karen J. Loveland to Steven and Helen Yates, $441,600 on March 5

3-A James Court: Martin J. Barrett to John D. Marth, $610,000 on March 1

3 Mohican Trail: M&F Realty LLC to Michael and Suzanne Nero, $965,000 on March 4

3 Old Fenwick Road: John Gagne and Elizebeth Plonka to Louis J. and Marla Esposito, $1,600,000 on March 1

10 Orchard Lane: Kathy A. Townsend to Diane Burnat, $321,000 on March 1

94 Sandy Point Road Unit 94: Noelle J Bishon T and Peter D. Graeb to Michael and Mary R. Rottblatt, $172,500 on March 1

94 Sandy Point Road Unit 94: Noelle J Bishon T and Peter D. Graeb to Michael and Mary R. Rottblatt, $172,500 on March 1

25 Sheffield Street Unit 2: Village Center Residence to 25 Sheffield St 2 LLC, $579,900 on March 2

25 Sheffield Street Unit 5: Village Centre Res LLC to Nancy and Garrett A. Schultz, $579,900 on March 1

N/A Lot 7-17: Marvin Wolman to JDZ Marine LLC, $15,000 on March 5


Toby Hill Road: 1251 Essex Road LLC to Heriberto Flores and Grace M. Taylor, $445,000 on March 1

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