Thursday, May 13, 2021

Real Estate

Real Estate Transactions for April 1


19 Beach Place: David M. Reed and Susan Blankenship to Sharon Redding, $90,000 on March 11

67 Elm Street: Richard H. and Rosemary J. Bourne to Nancy J. and Robert P. Bradley, $263,000 on March 8

11 Euclid Street: AHD Holdings LLC to Stephen and Patricia Malinowski, $450,500 on March 8

10 Hamre Lane Unit B: Barbara R. Stamler to Marybeth Alfone and Russell Mattern, $107,500 on March 9

8 Harbour Village Unit A: Oguz and Sema Sargin to Garrick and Susan A. Radoulovitch, $225,000 on March 9

427 Leetes Island Road: JM&GD LLC to Richard A. and Kim J. Healy, $220,000 on March 8

58 Manorwood Drive Unit 58: Joseph A. Rossi to Emily J. Ruggiero, $175,000 on March 9

131 North Main Street Unit 6: Justin L. Falango to Mishaal and Geeta Ahuja, $110,000 on March 8

38 Riverwalk: Bruce and Eileen Chips to Thomas F. Brennan, $585,000 on March 8

10 Russell Street Unit 10: Jill Beler to Peter A. and Patricia M. Concelmo, $80,000 on March 10


7 College Street: Randolf V. Ozolins to Jams Future Prop LLC, $287,500 on March 9

69 Kelseytown Road: Estate of Harold Keller Dolan and Scott Dolan to Dolan Tree Farm LLC, $275,000 on March 8

2 Nod Place: MJM Self Storage to John R. and Leslie Bubello, $1,400,000 on March 5

4 Nod Place: MJM Self Storage to John R. and Leslie Bubello, $1,400,000 on March 5

12 Settlers Lane: Elizabeth S. and Gregory T. Raleigh to Robin D. Schwartz, $395,000 on March 11

83 W Main Street: Christine S. Fappiano to Cauldron LLC, $363,000 on March 8

Deep River

17 River Lane: Olga and Robert R. Lucero to Dulcie S. and Mark J. Jensen, $290,000 on March 11

304 River Road: Randal D. and Renata B. Streck to Patrick J. and Rahcel Welch, $382,000 on March 9

95 Westbrook Road: Elizabeth Morgan to Eileen J. and Scott Monterville, $240,000 on March 12

303 Winthrop Road: David D. and Diane E. Recchia to Lois B. Bennett, $480,000 on March 8

East Haven

22 Burr Street: Gargano T and Mary A. Vassallo to Aleksander V. Kharlamov and Victirua Shantuk, $326,500 on March 9

109 Center Street Unit 3-1: Henry J. Villegas and Brenda E. Vazquez to Carlos Ortiz, $245,000 on March 9

48 Foxon Boulevard: Lawrence H. and Catherine A. Baker to Jesus C. Sachez, $205,000 on March 8

128 Hemingway Avenue: Victor and Anna Poschar to East Haven High LLC, $317,000 on March 11

1 Jamaica Court: Buonocore Family LLC to JCB Investments LLC, $465,000 on March 11

35 Liberty Avenue: Samantha Canfield to Syed Rahim, $275,000 on March 11

75 Redwood Drive Unit 1009: Amy L. Gagliardi and Debra Deluca to Lisa Turcio, $153,000 on March 12

275 Short Beach Road: Lesley Tamulevich to Stacie C. Hurley, $230,000 on March 10

551 Silver Sands Road: Jacob Manner to SXS Solutions LLC, $167,500 on March 11

551 Silver Sands Road: Estate of Christopher Manner and Jacob Manner to SXS Solutions LLC, $167,500 on March 11

25 Stevens Street: Nicole R. Amendola to Osama Kandalaft, $230,000 on March 9

31 Stoddard Road: Taylor M. and Paul P. Spadacenta to Justin Woodin, $243,000 on March 8

15 Summit Avenue: Kimberly Chomicz to Thomas M. Miskimins and Nicole C. Peterson, $240,000 on March 8


31 Hickory Lane: Deborah Lyga to Mary Costa-VonDeck, $240,000 on March 10

30 River Road Drive: Deborah Edelman to Gezo LT and Thomas A. Gezo, $1,080,000 on March 12


680 Boston Post Road: Mark and Kathleen Cricchi to Benny & Luca LLC, $550,000 on March 9

651 Clapboard Hill Road: Vango LLC to Mark A. and Julie A. Haight, $725,000 on March 8

458 Durham Road: Daniel M. Dunn to Leslie and Dean Irwin, $316,000 on March 9

985 Durham Road: Joseph M. and Lisa Simione to Matthew and Mary Migiano, $482,500 on March 5

293 East River Road: Meagan M. and Raymond Dejesus to Gary H. and Lori L. Geller, $425,000 on March 11

136 Glenwood Drive: John A. and Carole M. Mazzarella to Matthew C. and Shana F. Harris, $400,000 on March 5

340 Moose Hill Road: Pamela P. Stoddard to Julie C. and Mihai A. Stoian, $1,950,000 on March 5

348 Peddlers Road: Wells Fargo Bank NA Tr to Mark Russo, $276,000 on March 11

348 Peddlers Road: Mark Russo to Raymond and Meagan M. Dejesus, $550,000 on March 11

114 Sugarbush Drive: Richard S. Jablonski and Lisa E. Gorman to John and Susan Gildersleeve, $380,000 on March 10

95 Village Pond Road: Mary T Marszalek RET and Guy W. Marszalek to Gregory Tuers and Xu Cheng, $570,000 on March 12


94 Roast Meat Hill Road: Aris Lopez and Amanda E. Abbott to Nimrod Herzberg and Marta Nixon-Herzberg, $818,000 on March 9


72 Cherry Lane: Donald W. and Paul H. Bierkan to Toni J. Chahla and Monika Sidor, $725,000 on March 8

17 Hunters Trail: Lindsie and Seth Winetrout to Claudia D. Volano, $390,900 on March 8

30 Lawson Drive: Eric N. and Julie A. Bedell to Frank J. Vivolo and Lyle Fitch- Vivolo, $804,375 on March 8

18 Lee Way: Gregory G. and Marina Pappas to Ewelina Medade and Michelle Mcdade, $405,000 on March 12

269 Legend Hill Road Unit 269: Estate of Barbara Belschner and Lanese K. Boteilho to Barbara C. and Kenneth B. Cook, $435,000 on March 8

15 Mickley Lane: Sandra L. Edwards to Carissa and Justin Beam, $514,000 on March 8

28 Samantha Lane: Sebastian Mesci to Cameron T. Mesci and Danielle V. Polniak, $320,000 on March 9

84 Scenic Road: James E. and Sharon Coer to Danielle Marini and Thomas A. Capone, $435,000 on March 12

15 Windward Lane: Amanda and David A. Harriman to Helen Clark and John Lee, $885,000 on March 8

North Branford

64 Blue Trail Court: NRZ REO Inventory Corp to Santino P. Rubano, $93,800 on March 10

49 Fowler Road: Russ&Russ Realty LLC to Old Fowler Road LLC, $525,000 on March 12

51 Fowler Road: Russ&Russ Realty LLC to Old Fowler Road LLC, $525,000 on March 12

55 Fowler Road: Russ&Russ Realty LLC to New Fowler Road LLC, $1,200,000 on March 12

28 Maplewood Lane: USA HUD to Vincent A. Valentino, $200,000 on March 8

101 Sea Hill Road: Neca Construction LLC to Izabela K. Blackwood, $197,500 on March 9

127 Skylark Drive: Jack Libero to Nicholas and Lucia Dematteo, $345,000 on March 11

24 Whiting Court Unit 24: Anthony R. and Margaret P. Russo to Mark K. Lesage and Rosa Bonavena-Lesage, $400,000 on March 9

North Haven

8 Blakeslee Avenue: Jack McMorran to 144 Washington Avenue LLC, $360,000 on March 8

53 Cedar Avenue: John Z. Krizsan to Case Pikor, $219,000 on March 12

17 Franklin Street: Kristie L. Debridge to Adam H. Chess, $306,000 on March 8

114 Highland Park Road: David P. and Lesley V. Montano to Augustin Hadelich and Suxiao Yang, $525,000 on March 9

18 Marion Drive: Dineen Baldino to Carissa and Richard W. Hildebrandt, $281,000 on March 9

144 Montowese Avenue: Justin Nerreau to Esther and Maximilian D. Wegener, $345,000 on March 12

2015 Quinnipiac Avenue Unit 304: Virginia M. Lamarsh to John and Marylou Calamita, $89,900 on March 10

135 Upper State Street: Davis Development LLC to Mark and Leisa Pasquariello, $445,000 on March 10

28 Village Street: Khan Family LP to Michellin L. Jackson, $229,000 on March 9

128 Whitney Ridge Terrace: Evelyn C. Norman to Daniel and Emilia Benko, $270,000 on March 12

Old Saybrook

247 Main Street: New England Conservation to Indigo Properties LLC, $340,000 on March 10

468 Main Street: John S. Wisley to Valerie M. Aliano, $1,650,000 on March 10

45 Maple Avenue: Susan G. Pappas to Victor and Hortensia Velazquez, $1,600,000 on March 11

500 Maple Avenue: Valerie V. Alliano to Sumeet and Shikha S. Gandhi, $1,330,000 on March 8

12 Seabreeze Road: Desbina Zahariades to Jessica M. and Sean M. Keating, $400,000 on March 9


Boston Post Road: Just Clean Realty LLC to Rugene Chmiel, $225,000 on March 11

5 Fairway Lane: M Ferrara Development LLC to Ralf W. Henning, $165,000 on March 9

69 Johnson Pond Lane: Donald A. and Lynn P. Cyr to Kimberly N. Hodnett and David H. Miller, $557,500 on March 9

1156 Old Clinton Road: 23 Kelsey LLC to Tamani M. Howard, $230,000 on March 11

215 Old Salt Works Road: R C&A C Lucas 2000 IRT and Richard C. Lucas to Christopher Wanat, $950,000 on March 11

441 Toby Hill Road: Wayne and Georgia B. Sherman to John H. Freis and Jennifer Kelly, $643,000 on March 9

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