Monday, May 10, 2021

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Real Estate Transactions for April 8


41 Burban Drive: 41 Burban Drive Assoc LLC to Deborah A. Sorrentino, $375,000 on March 15

25 Florence Road Unit 48: Matthew Romanoski to Jennifer Adams, $145,000 on March 17

11 Harbour Village Unit B: Lawrence J. and Marie A. Carfora to Justin Carfora, $275,000 on March 15

51 Hilltop Drive: Thomas F. and Maria R. Brennan to Kyle Charron and Marla Kratzer, $449,900 on March 17

148-172 Main Street: Tracey Milles to Philip J. Cammarano, $425,000 on March 16

255 Monticello Drive Unit 255: Jennifer Reilly to Eagappanath Thiruppathi and Akshayaa Meenashisundaram, $71,000 on March 17

363 Monticello Drive Unit 363: Lois E. Sabo to Krista Lage, $199,000 on March 16

24 Old New England Road: Patricia E. Montagnino LT and P.E. Montagnino to Patricia and John Ceneri, $67,500 on March 17

17 Pineview Drive Unit 17: Janet F. Hansen to Lauren N. Jones, $205,000 on March 15

605 Plymouth Colony Unit 605: Stuart J. Sokol to Donald and Paula Murphy, $222,250 on March 17

72 Sunset Beach Road: Nancy E. Thim FT and Colby P. Thim to Richard Spotlow, $47,500 on March 16


74 Turkey Hill Road: Thomas A. Warner to Tage N. and Celeste Wright, $399,000 on March 16


147 Beach Park Road: Daniel F. and Caryl A. Coraluzzi to EP Property Holding LLC, $393,750 on March 17

26 Brush Hill Road: Kelly and Maureen L. Rogers to Stephanie and Edward J. Kacik, $430,000 on March 17

12 Heritage Circle: Robert H. and Jane E. McLeod to Anna L. Fischer, $445,000 on March 17

9 Houperts Way: Robert R. and Janet Klepacki to Dominick and Margaret Statile, $610,000 on March 18

24 John Street: Charlene Denhardt RET and Tracey Froehlich to Judy A. Rasmuson, $230,000 on March 18

4 Mary Mac Loop: Joseph R. Celone to Andrea Antonucci and Carolyn Reiss, $320,000 on March 17

18 Oak Ridge Drive: Philip D. and Marilyn T. White to Syed M. and Maryann Hussaini, $340,000 on March 19

59 Old Post Road Unit F1: John C. Feeney to Kathleen M. Guinan, $192,000 on March 15

15 Sols Point Road: Christopher Hynes to Jonathan Boulware, $520,000 on March 18

Deep River

Hoopole Hill Road Lot 9: BMC Land Development LLC to Frances E. Pattavina, $115,000 on March 15

33 Prospect Street: Donna H. and Lloyd E. Scott to Edward Fast, $270,000 on March 18

East Haven

108 Coe Avenue: John P. and Susan T. Gildersleeve to Joseph D. Fazzino and Russell W. Musante, $240,000 on March 16

9 Ellis Road: Anthony J. and Sara N. Erba to Douglas Smith, $260,000 on March 17

33 Florence Street: Premier Specialty Foods to Michael Brainerd and Iris Cruz, $265,000 on March 17

72 Green Street: Mill City Mortgage Loan T to Italo Zuniga, $175,300 on March 17

92 Hughes Street: Frank Martone and Petrina Yoxall to Gary Doyens, $165,000 on March 18

58 Lenox Street: Thomas J. Lavery to Jose A. Morales, $238,000 on March 18

130 Mulholland Way Unit 61: RAL North Haven LLC to Joseph J. and Susan M. Quagliaroli, $392,255 on March 16

56 Osmond Street: U.S. Bank NA to Automated Technologies, $163,000 on March 18

173 Russo Avenue Unit 202: Kevin Smith to David Shaw, $212,000 on March 15

330 Short Beach Road Unit A8: Carol Angelico to Bellhop Home Services 2 LLC, $99,000 on March 16

156 Vista Drive: Christopher Sanchez to Sarah Hendon, $215,000 on March 16


3 Pratt Street: Reverse Mortgage Solutions Inc. to Bushnell Management LLC, $605,000 on March 18

26 River Road Drive: John and Emily S. Lombardi to Lawrence V. Court and Cynthia Leung, $1,050,000 on March 19

17 Scholes Lane: Craig J. Leach to James G. Galli, $1,175,000 on March 17

66 Woodland Drive: Joseph A Heller IRT and Monique L. Heller to Lynn M. and Steven M. Patarini, $325,096 on March 17


140 Dunk Rock Road: Kevin Discepolo to Francisco J. Mira and Amanda A. Rottier, $410,000 on March 19

76 Glenwood Drive: Adam J. and Jeffrey M. White to Daniel M. and Susan L. Moss, $413,000 on March 15

50 Hahn Road: Christina A. Herrick to Susan McCullough and Matthew A. Rohrer, $210,000 on March 16

4 Joyce Street: James Derken T and Mary A. Gaskill to Ronald Jost and Christa Kuhnis, $147,500 on March 17

4 Joyce Street: Estate of Julianne Derken and Michael Derken to Ronald Jost and Christa Kuhnis, $147,500 on March 17

378 Long Hill Road: 387 Long Hill LLC to FJ Corsini 2 LLC, $247,500 on March 18

386 Long Hill Road: Timothy A. and James L. Pacileo to FJ Corsini 2 LLC, $350,000 on March 18

N/A: Sakae Igarashi to Marijane Theriault, $178,450 on March 18


38 Country Way: Allison MacLeod and Douglas E. MacLeod to Anna R. and Clifford A. Merin, $388,500 on March 16

15 Hull Road: Holly Johnson to Caroline M. and Michael Ferrarone, $399,000 on March 15

17 Salem Road: Laurence F. and Patricia Brundrett to Amanda M. and Mark Palumbo, $340,000 on March 15

69 Sylvan Road: Norma S. Bellemare to Titanz LLC, $330,000 on March 17

North Branford

85 Clear Lake Road: William Twyford to Danielle D. Ludovico, $339,500 on March 18

117 Clintonville Road: Henry C. Cosenza to Titanium Properties LLC, $235,000 on March 15

69 Old Post Road: USA HUD to Anthony J. Morale, $236,500 on March 15

15-A Olson Road: William Twyford to Danielle D. Ludovico, $339,500 on March 18

North Haven

116 Blakeslee Avenue: Antoinette A. Bourgeois and Barbara Savino to James V. Daniele, $250,000 on March 17

26 Carolyn Court: Irene O. Grous and Laura A. Marando to William R. Grous, $320,000 on March 16

East Cottontail Lane: Philip W. and Lisa D. Brudz to Black Rock Homes LLC, $243,750 on March 17

1199 Hartford Turnpike: Ramiro and Leonisa Calderon to Steven Williams, $353,000 on March 17

320 Kings Highway: Minola A. Sincavage to Kyle Craven, $320,000 on March 16

47 Lexington Gardens Unit 47: Victorine Hennessey to Changqing Yuan, $390,000 on March 16

52 Lexington Gardens Unit 52: Margaret F. Simmons and Wendy DeFrancesco to Peter Badra, $315,000 on March 19

196 Mill Road: Brad H. Giguere to Lukasz Nosol, $539,000 on March 16

130 Mulholland Way Unit 130: RAL North Haven LLC to Joseph J. and Susan M. Quagliaroli, $392,255 on March 15

6 Philip Place: Blue Sky Realty LLC to Akila R. Arachige-Don, $220,000 on March 17

65 Round Hill Road: Design Build CT LLC to Ellyn S. Nolan, $405,000 on March 16

70 Stoddard Avenue: Labonia Ferraiolo Realty to 70 Stoddard LLC, $929,575 on March 17

80 Stoddard Avenue: Elizabeth A. Labonia to 70 Stoddard LLC, $48,925 on March 17

Old Saybrook

42 Attawanhood Trail: Leigh and Jill Brezenoff to Jason Fekete and Valery A. Danilakc, $565,000 on March 19

1 Captains Lane: Marcelo Cordova to Valentino J. Ferraro, $476,000 on March 19

25 Fenwood Grove Road: Patricia R. and William P. Cotter to John Novelli and Geraldine Johnson, $520,000 on March 15

9 Mallard Drive: Estate of John J. Torrenti Jr. and Richard J. Torrenti to Kyle Arthur and Julie P. Jennings, $670,000 on March 19

99 Neptune Avenue: Ketchikan LLC to Anthony Mastroianni and Nancy K. Fitzgibbon, $760,000 on March 12

Post Road: USA HUD to Marcelo Cordova, $289,600 on March 19

7 Roberts Street: Russell R. Becker to Jeremy and Andrea Berman, $431,000 on March 16


20 Chapman Beach Road: Robert T. & Lynn S. Glynn LT and Robert T. Glynn to Peter B. Loening, $380,000 on March 18

Connecticut Avenue: Darcey J. Parker to Mabel Wong and Jennifer Spencer, $701,000 on March 16

Leeway Drive: Matthew and Shelly Perry to Cristy Osgood and Charles Fendt, $375,000 on March 18

64 Meadow Point Road: Stuart Gilman to Patrick Howes, $275,000 on March 16

193 Old Mail Trial: 193 Westbrook LLC to Your Vacation Dreams LLC, $700,000 on March 15

88 Tarpon Avenue: Diane L. Impronto to Bryan and Shannon Kane, $230,000 on March 17

Toby Hill Road: 1251 Essex Road LLC to Heriberto Flores and Grace M. Taylor, $445,000 on March 15

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