Friday, May 14, 2021

Real Estate

Real Estate Transactions for April 15


3 Damien Road: Damian Investment LLC to Josh Godek, $355,000 on March 25

121 Florence Road Unit 1a: Yolanda P. Solimine and Angela M. Higgins to Shayne Escher, $125,000 on March 23

121 Florence Road Unit 2c: Katie S. Western to Olga L. Vargas, $119,900 on March 24

22-c Harbor Village: Bellhop Home Services 2 LLC to Marisa A. Pepe, $335,000 on March 19

6 O’Brien Road: Megan E. Bozzuto and Robert A. Falcigno to Vanessa A. Quintero, $350,000 on March 23

385 Old Rock Road Unit 385: Marc S. and Eleanor M. Ritchie to Laura A. Stilson, $220,000 on March 25

33 Orchard Hill Road: Tamara Petro and Newrez LLC to Newrez LLC, $221,520 on March 25

210 Plymouth Colony Unit 210: Laura B. Kozma to Urania Rappo, $208,000 on March 24

16 Prospect Street: Elin J. Nilsen to Judah and Asher Butler, $278,000 on March 18

16 Tanglewood Drive: Marisa A. Pepe to Michael and Alison M. Gillotti, $459,000 on March 19


15-17 Baxter Road: Margaret Cosker and Mark R. Sadoski to Wilson and Scott Santiago, $172,000 on March 22

23 Country Village Lane: Delise E. Murphy to John Galayda and April E. Ita, $330,000 on March 26

49 Killingworth Turnpike: John A. Hutchins to Casey L. DiSotell and James L. Betulia, $235,000 on March 23

5 Oakwood Lane: Haya Doleh to Veronica E. Muriel, $185,000 on March 25

17 South Parkway: Estate of Joseph A. Bruno, Jr., and Joseph F. Bruno to Rupert W. and Jennifer W. Murray, $456,000 on March 22

Deep River

92 Main Street Unit 412: Sejal Odedra to Michael W. Quinn, $200,000 on March 26

39 Merriwold Lane: Lorraine M. Hartnett and Elyehu R. Levy to Lisa J. Claveloux, $350,000 on March 22

37 Sylvan Terrace: Bernard F. Watrous to Richard E. LaChappelle, $190,000 on March 22

East Haven

14 Cedar Court Unit D: Mark Viveiros to Aurrie Banks, $110,000 on March 22

40 Foxon Hill Road Unit 57: Jessica Herrington to Michael King, $165,000 on March 25

32 Gene Street: Dolores C. Falanga to Lizette Cortez, $350,000 on March 25

29 Harwich Street: Rosemarie Fuchs to Nina Leyner and Anna Tereshchenko, $208,500 on March 23

365 Hemingway Avenue: Karen Noccioletti to Hemingway Rental Assoc, $650,000 on March 25

77 Morgan Avenue: Tina Valaouras to Colleen M. Keyes and Bilal W. Ansari, $500,000 on March 25

950 North High Street: Kyle S. and Caitlyn E. Prince to Lilia P. Bautista, $207,400 on March 25

NE Frontage Road: State of Connecticut to EH653 LLC, $51,000 on March 26

7 NW Charnes Drive: Joseph V. Tyler and Meghan Prendergast to Sarah G. and John A. DeCaprio, $29,200 on March 23

560 Silver Sands Road Unit 804: Colleen M. Keyes to Sara and David Laurello, $270,000 on March 23

243 Strong Street: Andrew J. Cafiero and Andrea J. Cappiello to Ines Rivera, $311,000 on March 26

6 Zolan Drive: Edward J. and Phyllis C. Emielita to Merrill Cotrina and Matthew Serina, $320,000 on March 22


16 Blake Street: Steven H. Fischbach to Thomas G. Ryan and Amy E. Solomon, $322,000 on March 23

33 Prospect Street: Estate of Frederick G.E. Clarke and Janet M. Clarke to Donald M. Davis and Lindsay B. Randolph, $1,050,000 on March 23


218 Bluff View Drive: Joseph A. Delong to Fay Q. Wong and David S. Moy, $608,000 on March 24

351 Colonial Road: Santora LT and Venisa Riebe to Jacob Sandmann and Emily V. Anderson, $650,000 on March 23

89 George Street: Lauren D. and Ryan S. Knight to Justin A. Proto, $335,000 on March 22

99 Greystone Way: Carol S. Zuppardi to Tracy and Robert Vanderbilt, $740,000 on March 24

36 Walden Hill Road: D W&B W Fisher T and Andrew W. Fisher to Barbara A Fisher RET and Barbara A. Fisher, $230,000 on March 23


34 Running Brook Drive: James and Donna Cole to Christopher and Nicole Maciejak, $599,000 on March 25

N/A: Cranberry Meadows Development to Kim M. and William G. Fitzner, $80,000 on March 22


414 Bartlett Drive: Darryl and Susan McCann to Kyra and Matthew Luciani, $645,000 on March 25

911 Boston Post Road: Jonathan T. Howey to Alexandra and Anthony Longhini, $1,000,000 on March 24

54 Concord Drive: John T. and Shari S. Collins to Caitlyn and Patrick McStay, $540,000 on March 22

389 County Road: Karen E. Vecchiarino to Drive Development LLC, $200,000 on March 23

40 Edinburgh Lane: Dena M. and Raymond S. Thelen to Karen T. Marx, $590,000 on March 25

25 Harkness Drive: Estate of Jack Musler and Jill M. Disston to Jennifer Hastinghs-Berman and Berman J. Hastings, $500,000 on March 22

21 Pepperwood Court: Edward M. and Elizabeth A. Dowd to Christopher P. and Kara L. Kinback, $450,000 on March 25

117 Randi Drive: Alexander and Laura Delvecchio to Mark E. Lustberg and Maryam Beheshti-Lustberg, $880,000 on March 23

35 Twilight Drive: Jennifer DeRosa to John E. and Nancy Frano, $457,000 on March 24

13 West Sussex Place Unit 13: Gary and Pamela Nelson to Maria and Richard Santello, $318,000 on March 23

187 Wildcat Road: John E. Fox and Linda Townsend-Fox to Asiye K. and Francis Underhill, $587,000 on March 22

109 Woodsvale Road: Harold and Melissa Hartmann to Alix and Stephen Elkin, $412,000 on March 25

North Branford

46 Ashley Park Drive: Cedric and Brittany Ndabian to Mary A. Babinksi and Mark E. Datillo, $415,000 on March 22

10 Bailey Drive: Maria T. Woodward to Matthew Loucks, $340,000 on March 23

5 Judith Court: Rachele and Carmine B. Malangone to Jennifer Fuina and Shamus Finney, $480,000 on March 26

108 Old Post Road: Estate of Edith C. Koproski and Katie M. Mattice to 108 Old Post Road LLC, $285,000 on March 23

22 Salem Street: Robert M. Kellerman to Kevin Fowler, $340,000 on March 24

16 Whiting Court Unit 16: Andrew J. Fezza to Rebecca Brown, $375,000 on March 22

North Haven

46 Bassett Road: Jeanne Reid to John and Dawnelle Padua, $311,000 on March 25

511 Elm Street Unit 12-3: John L. and Losa Proto to Margaret and David White, $297,500 on March 25

18 Fieldstone Court Unit 18: Caldwell FT and Samuel P. Caldwell to Josephine A. DiSantis, $310,000 on March 26

88 Frost Drive: Laura and Joseph Santino to Sumit and Julia Sharma, $292,500 on March 23

105 Frost Drive: Shirley L. Asid to Miguel Cartagena, $200,000 on March 26

1965 Hartford Turnpike: Brian G. and Lindsey A. Acampora to Ralph Manacchio and Jaime Dower, $287,000 on March 22

36 Kent Drive: Michelle C. Serlin and Adam B. Hittelman to Kerry and Scott Simon, $630,000 on March 26

7 Southgate Lane: David and Margaret White to Alicia and Edwin Mulvihill, $420,000 on March 26

16 State Street: Sam 7 LLC to Kevin R. O’Donnell, $250,000 on March 23

341 Washington Avenue: Tech 1 Automotive LLC to Peace&Love Realty Co, $225,000 on March 22

600 Washington Avenue Unit C4: Carmen J. and Elinor C. Pedalino to Genevieve Martinez, $235,000 on March 25

45 Wayland Street: Kristine Lindsay to Jacob and Lore Rosekopf, $250,000 on March 22

Old Saybrook

1057 Boston Post Road: Edward R. Maynard to BFC LLC, $325,000 on March 26

10 Christy Heights: Amber L. Cox and Kyle A. Hudson to Robert J. and Kimberly A. Whitty, $505,000 on March 22

15 Cove Street: Cove Rebuilt LLC to Patricia L. Toner, $893,000 on March 22

16 Half Penny Lane: Estate of Kristen G. Woodmansee and Paul Gerthoffer to Joseph and Kristin Sanford, $435,000 on March 23

23 Park Avenue: Ryan S. Onofrio-Sansone to Todd J. and Nicholle McKiernan, $455,000 on March 22

145 Sandy Point Road Unit 145: Codeanne FT and Virginia D. Codeanne to Neil F. Murphy, $316,500 on March 24

44 Willard Avenue: Patrick A. and Anita P. Lasala to Matthew J. and Cathlyn D. O’Keefe, $790,000 on March 23


34 Windy Hill Road: Caroline J. Lawrie to Justin J. and Tara Lawrie, $257,500 on March 23

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