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Why Not When Tying the Knot?


Ah, wedding season! Romance is in the air, people are registering for gifts and picking out presents, but at a hardware store? Absolutely!  What a great place for brides and grooms to get what they want and need, and gift registry is the way to match the perfect gifts to the couples who've found their perfect matches in each other.

Savannah Pereira of Page Hardware & Appliance estimates that between 80 and 90 percent of Connecticut couples register for wedding gifts.  The registry process almost guarantees that they get gifts they can use and ones that match their personal aesthetics.

"Buyers are looking for practical items to give as gifts, and many newlyweds are first-time home buyers. If they've bought a house, they need to outfit it with kitchen goods, accessories for entertaining, lawn care products, even paint.  We can help in all of these areas.  We have the option to put appliances on a gift registry and guests can buy a portion of the appliance as a gift."

Wedding registry, Pereira says, is not only more common than in previous generations, but also has changed dramatically. "While 20 years ago brides were registering for china and crystal, today it's stainless steel, it's energy conserving."

"Kitchens are the first room of the house brides think of when registering. At Page's, what's nice is that we have such a wide array of appliances. Our biggest section is in housewares – we have all sorts of pots and pans, small appliances, vacuums, gadgets, dish towels. They're all great items to put on the registry. For the guys we have power tools, wheelbarrows, leaf blowers, trimmers and pressure washers. There are even rakes, shovels and gardening tools found on some registries. If the groom wants a toolbox filled with tools we can add one to the registry!"  After the wedding, the couple can come back to Page's for advice on using any of their new gifts for projects around the house.

Page's just started offering the All-Clad d5 series cookware, which Pereira highly recommends for the registry.  "It's a higher end, high quality cookware with great brand recognition."  Registries provide great opportunities to invest in products that will last.  "We want couples celebrating their 20th anniversary to look around their house and see wedding gifts that they are still using.  All-Clad is a brand that will evoke the happy memories of your wedding day every time you cook, for years to come."

How much will guests spend on a wedding gift?  Pereira says, "The parents and grandparents will spend a lot more but, on average, people spend $50 to $100 on a gift."  Then, there's the shower. "It's personal preference but if you want to spend $50 on the wedding gift and $50 on the shower gift, that's absolutely reasonable.  Some people feel they should spend more, perhaps $100 to $200 in total."

Couples should not let individual spending limits deter them from adding high-priced items to their registries, like a gas grill or stand mixer.  Pereira points out, "Many times a group of friends or co-workers pool their money for a joint gift.  Guests love making a splash by giving a big-ticket item."

Registering at Page's is a great way to incorporate "shop local" values into your wedding.  Out-of-town guests can access the gift list online, through  "You just type in the bride or groom's name and you can see everything requested and what products are still available for purchase off the registry."  Purchases can be made in the store or over the phone.

Typically, Pereira says, "brides take charge when registering because they know what they want, but in most cases the groom also participates. The bride usually grabs the scanner and heads for the housewares department first and then the guy heads towards the power tools. She gets her way in the beginning but it equals out in the end."

Fortunately, there has never been a fight while registering ... at least at Page's. "I think it's because we have so much to offer and have something for everybody. And, if we don't have something, we can get it for you.  Registering at Page's is like going on a shopping spree with your best friend.  And that should make everyone smile."

Click here to start your own gift registry.

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