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Page Hardware is Pro Pet


Among the happiest of Page Hardware & Appliance Co.'s customers are dogs and cats, and rightly so as Page not only carries pet products "to drool for" but also is completely welcoming to Fido and Fluffy. You and your furry friend can find everything from treats to toys to light-up accessories for safety and fashion.

Reneé DeGoursey, employed by Page as well as owning two dogs and two cats, says the store is "pro pet."   Dogs and their owners love walks on the Green, and dogs are welcome in the store.  There is a filled water dish near the front door for thirsty dogs and a big bucket of biscuits at the customer service desk, for a free treat.  Employees know many of their furry customers by name.  You'll find a pet wall with pictures of employees' pets and, now, customers' pets as well.

Page caters to both dogs and cats. Cat owners will find treats, litter, catnip and toys. Dog owners, DeGoursey says, tend to buy lots of treats – "dog biscuits and chew bones are always popular."  The store sells Nylabone Healthy Edibles, Greenies Dental Chews, and a variety of Milk Bone dog biscuits from the tiny originals to those for bigger customers.  They also carry Pet Expert brand (the True Value brand), which "is made in the USA, a nice feature."  And, for those who need to watch their cookie intake, there's the IAMS weight control option.

"Here on the Guilford Green, there are lots of people walking their dogs both day and night," DeGoursey says. Page carries a line of collars and leashes by Lupine Pet, which offers an  "Even if Chewed" guarantee, "so if your dog happens to chew through his leash or collar, they're going to replace it at no charge," she informs.

"We have great patterns and designs, with sizes ranging all the way from your toy dog to your German Shepherd or Rottweiler-size dog."

Glow-in-the-dark items are great for night walks. Says DeGoursey, "Some of the neatest things we have are collar covers. They work on your dog's existing collar, secured by a couple of Velcro pieces. You Velcro the cover around your dog's collar and it lights up.  We also have little clip-on lights with paws, fire hydrants or jewels; you just clip the light onto the collar, turn it on, and away you go!"

People, too, can wear the clip-ons. "We sell a lot of them at Halloween time because they can clip right onto any little thing, like a zipper," she says and admits, "I'm not really positive they're always buying for the dog because they're really a unique look. I think a lot of times they're buying for themselves... it's hard to tell."

One of the newest products is the Nite Ize NiteHowl Safety Necklace. "It's just a round tube that lights up. You just slip it over your dog's head before you go out for your walk and, when you're done, you just pop it back off."

To coordinate with your pet, there's the SlapLit bracelet. "You can slap it on like the old-fashioned bracelets that the kids used to wear. You can put it on your wrist, on your ankle ... anywhere so both the people and the pets can be glowing when they're walking."

Page also carries the Nite Ize TagLock. "If you have multiple collars, a little clip holds all of the IDS, town tags, and rabies tags together so you can switch instantly from collar to collar."

A discussion of dogs wouldn't be complete without the topic of, well, doo. Page carries waste bags, holders for the waste bags, and pooper scoopers.

Back to the fun side ... toys. "We carry Chuck It, basically it's an extension of your hand so you don't have to bend down and pick up the slobbery tennis ball. You reach down, snap the ball into the holder, and then you chuck it ... without touching the slobber."

There are Frisbees by Nerf, chew toys, and soft toys called Skinnies "for those who prefer to carry their toy around like it's their baby," she explains.

The selection changes around the holidays and with different True Value sales throughout the year. Says DeGoursey, "With sales flyers, customers will see all sorts of items that we don't carry on a day-to-day basis."  Special order products are available.  Page loves to offer selection and service to customers of all species.

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