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The St. John School Difference


Photo by Maria Coffey

(Photo by Maria Coffey )

Selecting a school for your bundle of joy can be as important – and mind boggling – as deciding upon his or her name.  After all, both choices will impact every day for the rest of their life. No pressure.

The 170 students, who range from age 3 in Pre-Kindergarten to Eighth Graders, at St. John School in Old Saybrook are fortunate to get such a great start in life.  Along with excellent academics, St. John School prides itself on providing a nurturing, caring and extended family atmosphere.

Parents often credit that the nurturing environment enhances student development. Students thrive in this environment as they are comfortable and when encouraged to do and give their best, they perform. Mother Elaine Moorcroft, the St. John School Principal advocates that her students and faculty work together in this academic environment to touch hearts and change attitudes. The students are encouraged to excel and reach their potential best, all the while in an atmosphere of faith, respect and love.  The school is very proud of it's enrichment and after school clubs.

St. John is an affordable independent school and welcomes students from all cultures, faiths and ethnic groups.

Students from St. John School go onto local High Schools, independent High Schools and Catholic High Schools. They also mention the lifelong impact the school has had on their lives.  The extended family atmosphere coupled with small class sizes ensures a close bond between classmates


The school boasts a competitive athletic program with interscholastic and intramural Soccer, Cross Country and Basketball. Students can also enroll in Yoga, Ski and Golf Clubs.

While each Grade participates in music classes, if you would like to play an instrument, you can join the Band or Advanced Band.  Principal, Mother Elaine is proud of the Drama Club as it "provides student growth, self-discipline, teamwork and confidence".

Spanish is taught twice weekly in the Kindergarten program at St. John School. This increases to three times per week by 4th Grade. By 8th grade the students take Spanish daily.  This helps with their fluency, comprehension and overall mastering of the language.

The school is adjacent to St John Church on Main Street in Old Saybrook. The students participate in the liturgy and choir of the Mass each month. The school has an emphasis on public speaking at a young age.  Teachers and parents both note that this builds confidence and self esteem early.

St. John School students enjoy the diversification of technology in their school. In addition to having the students use Windows operating system in the computer lab, experience is gained with Mac IOS in their classrooms through the utilization of Apple Mac iPads. While many independent schools cannot boast a full service cafeteria, St. John School can. The cafeteria adheres to Connecticut nutritional standards.

Being a Sisters of Charity Roman Catholic School, the school places much emphasis on community outreach both near and far (for example, Haiti). The school participates through the student council and the mission club with food drives, blanket making and participation in local giving back events such as Comcast Cares Day.

If you are interested in seeing why St. John School is so special and loved by so many, please stop in and take a tour over the Summer Tours can be arranged by calling the school office.

We are at 42 Maynard Road in Old Saybrook. For more information or to schedule a tour, please call (860) 388-0849 or visit

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