Monday, May 17, 2021


Advanced Foot & Ankle Care now at a Community Orthopedic Center


Orthopedic Associates of Middletown (OAM), with facilities in Westbrook, Marlborough and Middletown can hardly be called a conventional outpatient orthopedic practice.  Evident in the 2016 addition of advanced foot and ankle care, OAM is unique because of its consistent role as an innovative healthcare facility. An essential part of its mission is to identify and serve the needs of the local communities by providing the best comprehensive orthopedic care. With the addition of Podiatry, OAM is now better serving those needs with the most contemporary methods to treat all orthopedic and rheumatologic conditions for the foot and ankle.
Dr. Tee Adeleke, D.P.M a foot & ankle/advanced reconstruction & trauma specialist, is the newest addition to the distinguished specialists who give OAM its place of prominence in central Connecticut's healthcare community. He's had eight years of training at many top medical institutions, including Western Pennsylvania Hospital, and New Mexico's preeminent American Foundation of Lower Extremity Surgery & Research. The conditions he treats include foot and ankle trauma, plantar fasciitis, joint degeneration, flat feet, bunions, ankle instability, tendon deformities, bone spurs, charcot deformity, shin splints, osteochondral lesions and more - quite a large sphere of sub-specialties for an outpatient practice, which, of course, is OAM's notable differentiating factor. Dr. Adeleke, D.P.M. also specializes in bunion surgery, foot and ankle trauma repair, total joint replacements, flat foot reconstruction, joint fusions, ankle arthroscopy and more.
With OAM right around the corner, patients with serious foot and ankle issues who live in and near Westbrook, Marlborough or Middletown can streamline their decisions about where to seek the best care. Although options include primary care physicians, podiatrists, and hospitals, the answer is now more evident than ever before.
"The best regional care for any kind of orthopedic issue is right here at OAM—and that's by design," says Dan Neal, Practice Administrator. "For thirty years we have strived to be all encompassing, to be able to treat the entire body from head to toe. That makes it easier for the community at large. And that's why we are so excited to welcome specialists of Dr. Adeleke's caliber."
Adeleke says it was mutual interest, and good timing, that brought him together with OAM. "I was looking for an orthopedic group that would allow me to use my training and reach my potential as a podiatrist—without the red tape typically associated with hospitals. Meanwhile, OAM knew that a community-centered orthopedic group would benefit greatly from a specialist dedicated to all foot and ankle ailments and disorders. We found each other at the right time!"
In one respect, being an OAM patient is almost like being admitted to a cutting-edge hospital with a renowned faculty—without having to go to the hospital. For most people, the prospect of foot or ankle surgery is always a bit frightening.  They want assurances of a safe, comfortable, and highly efficient experience. That's precisely the reputation of OAM, where patient-centered care has been perfected—evident daily in the sensitive and personalized way in which everyone is treated by medical and non-medical staff, from initial phone calls through follow-up appointments. What's more, everything at OAM from parking to promptness is a decisive notch above the rest.
Patients in and around Westbrook, Marlborough or Middletown have a reassuring option with OAM when it comes to foot and ankle problems, and all other orthopedic and rheumatologic problems. If you are experiencing foot and ankle or other musculoskeletal discomfort, call OAM for a consultation. The staff is always ready to help people on their road to recovery.

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