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Krause Puts Forth Solid Sophomore Year on the Court


Halle Krause earned a starting spot for the Guilford girls’ volleyball team as a sophomore and helped the club take home the SCC Division C title. Photo courtesy of Halle Krause

Halle Krause earned a starting spot for the Guilford girls’ volleyball team as a sophomore and helped the club take home the SCC Division C title. (Photo courtesy of Halle Krause )

Halle Krause is only a sophomore on the Guilford girls’ volleyball squad, but that didn’t stop her from obtaining a starting position with the senior-laden team this season. An outside hitter, Halle has been playing volleyball since she was in the 7th grade.

“What got me into the sport was always watching games and jokingly playing with my dad, until I had the chance to try it for real,” says Halle. “My dad also was a big part of it, because he played college and coached at both San Diego State University and Boston College. So, he had the experience to help me get better.”

Halle had traditionally been a setter on the volleyball court, so transitioning to outside hitter was a bit of a challenge for her. However, once she got through the adjustment phase, Halle became a top player for Head Coach Laura Anastasio’s squad as a sophomore this fall.

“We saw a huge improvement in Halle this past season. Last year, she was a freshman on our JV team and, this year as a sophomore, she earned a starting position,” Anastasio says. “Her serve was awesome. There would be some games she would serve 10 in a row with several aces. Having her serve first was a great spark to start the game. It is a big role for a sophomore to be on varsity, let alone start and play all around the rotation.”

Halle’s strong connection with her teammates allowed her make a smooth transition into Guilford’s starting lineup. Guilford’s chemistry grew stronger and stronger during the 2020 season, helping Halle and company win the Southern Connecticut Conference Division C Tournament with a perfect record of 14-0.

“Overall, my favorite aspects of volleyball is the connection the team makes when we play together. You get to know the girls on a different level since we always practice with the same group,” Halle says. “Volleyball is probably one of the biggest team sports there is and, if one person is slacking, the whole team will be affected. It teaches you how to work together and, with that, comes success.”

Coach Anastasio praises Halle for her work ethic and describes her as one of the more consistent players on Guilford’s roster. Anastasio sees Halle emerging as a leader for her team throughout the next two years.

“Halle was a very consistent outside hitter for us. She might not have always had the point-winning kills, but she plays really clean and aggressive volleyball, and her hits kept points going for us and took teams out of their systems,” says Anastasio. “Halle is also very solid on defense. It could be intimidating for a sophomore to dig seniors’ hits from the opposing side, but Halle never showed any nerves, and always kept her composure. It will be exciting to have Halle as a leader with a lot of playing experience next year.”

Halle recorded 50 digs to go with 32 kills, 27 assists, and 38 aces in her sophomore campaign. In addition to playing for Guilford, Halle competes for the CT Juniors Volleyball team during the offseason. Halle’s goal is to come an elite player in her junior and senior seasons of high school.

“To improve my game, I play and work out in the offseason with CT Juniors Volleyball. It allows me to get the experience of playing against different skill levels, while also being able to play different positions,” Halle says. “Playing against someone better than you makes you become a better player, and that has been something that has pushed me to keep improving.”

Guilford saw many notable moments on the court this year. One of Halle’s fondest memories came when the squad notched a 3-1 win versus perennial powerhouse Amity in a regular-season matchup on Oct. 22.

“My favorite moment from this season was our game against Amity. Amity was a team that gave us good competition, which made the game very fun,” says Halle. “We had to work harder than we had the whole season and, when we won, it felt so good, because we outplayed another top team.”

With Guilford having established itself as a powerhouse in its own right, Halle has high expectations about what the team can achieve next season. Halle wants to help Guilford carry on its winning tradition, while continuing to build bonds with her teammates.

“For next season, my expectations are to continue to play the best I can, as well as continue to build a strong connection with the team,” Halle says. “I expect that we will have another successful season, although most of our starters are graduating. The team is full of talented players who are committed to the team and committed to going far in our season.”

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